A Simple Day in Stadtoldendorf

Today was much better since I’m slowly picking more and more words. I can read and understand some of the words in a sentence. In fact i can read a sentence but might not fully understand every words. I can understand few words and try guessing what’s the whole meaning through expression and body language featured from their body languages.

Learned new things today in the Apotheke (pharmacy). Documentation and recording. Well you guys might say “nahh its just documentation, what’s the deal?”  It is a big deal when you are dealing system which is totally in a different language. You will feel like you are lost somewhere that you never been before.

Well its not that tough as i picked up some words along the way. Now at least i can operate those system better compared from the first time i was exposed to it. I was clueless when i first saw it. Even the keyboard is different from those in Malaysia (i cant show of my speed in typing LOL). Let alone the system which totally in Deutsch. Nahh but thanks to Ricarda she tried her best to help me. Both of us keep on looking into the dictionary. I was translating English to Deutsch and she search the other way around.

As usual making creams and ointments. At least i can get the hang of weighing the stoff (substance). Look i starting to spell it in German. Doink! But I’m still no good in compounding. I got a feeling working with DNA and extraction from blood plasma is much more easier. I dont know maybe because its something that I’m really interested in or i understand what Kak Yanti is teaching me. Its my fault cause cant be able to talk in German. Doink me again! Ya but anyway,I’m regretting for not taking dosage form seriously. Here, the faster you make the creams, ointments or any other preparation it means money. Although we don’t need this skill in Malaysian’s community pharmacy but I’m happy to learn it. In German or any other country that are still practicing extemporaneous preparation, the skills and speed in compounding is highly needed.

Well above all, today i learn more and more and i understand better cause I’m picking up words. Atleast now when Ricarda tell me something, from 5 words in a sentence i can understand 3-4 words. Well that if only i come across that word before through reading and listening and guessing. Thanks to Mary and Angelika for teaching me some of the words.

Bought myself a book today. Its in Deutsch. Well its actually from one of my favourite author, Nora Roberts. I was amazed to see its in Deutsch. Later, im gonna grab myself one which published in French. I learn faster through this way. Oh its not easy. Trust me. yeah but nothing is easy in life so just gonna figure it out how to understand the whole book. Learning from a book, you will know how to use the words in context (rather than depending on dictionary all the time). Watching and listening to TV or music it helps you to pronounce and learn the slang and how your tone should be when you say it.

That is how i pick up my English. Well don’t ask me about Grammar. I’m lost. It is like a jungle to me. I made up my sentence based on what i feel correct (in other words sounds correct).

Well I’m babbling  again.

Lets get back to the main reason i wrote this entry today.

I was going to show you guys some pictures of today.


Markt Apotheke, place i work in the morning.


area where i scan the items that arrive in the morning.


5.00pm: went to a coffee house and trying to translate the book that i just bought ;p


party preparation: Herr & Frau (Mr. and Mrs) Wendt : Mr wendt & Marry



Klaus making a Tandoori ;p


Seyma and Hope


Vincent and Roman

It actually more than this. I’m not gonna tell everything here. Doink. I’m lazy to update cause its bedtime. I gotta work tomorrow and gosh i wanna be early cause i wanna do as much work as i can and ofcourse to play with Die Katze (the cat) downstairs.

Tadaaa! Meet my muchkin – this cat keep me going everyday!

OH Shit i forgot to take a picture of him!

Show you guys later.

Nite peeps! Gute Nacth!

Guten Morgen to Malaysians!

Its 12.15am in German (oh ya guten morgen too LOL) and 6.10am in Malaysia!



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