Journey to the South of Germany.

Just got back from the journey to the south of germany last night and i have lots of stories to share but im gonna take it slow ;p only left few days before i leave this beautiful country.

I have been in Germany for almost 5 weeks now. As i mention in my previous entry, i am living with the pharmacist’s family in Stadtoldendorf. It is more to the north of Germany. It is nearer to Berlin instead of Munchen or Stuttgart.

The only place i really want to see in Germany is Bayern Munich or they call it here Munchen. Munchen is located in the district of Bayern and it is the main city for Bayern region. The other place i really want to be is in Stuttgart but not because of the city , its because the National Social Programme is in Stuttgart. Tomeet up with new friends from different part of the world had always been my interest.In order to travel around Germany in any direction,south, north , east or west all you have to do is take the train. It is easy and comfortable.

It is expensive if you travel with the fast train but they have lots of offers and what you need to do is just search for it and buy the ticket early. At first according to the budget i only can travel to one place. Its either Stuttgart or Munich. To be in Munich is my choice but luckily i got to travel to both. If i buy ticket without offer and i buy it on the spot, it will cost me 200 euro (~RM800+) to travel to Munchen and return. Since i bought the ticket earlier and i take some slow train; i manage to cut the travel cost to 162euro  and i can travel from Stadtoldendorf-stuttgart-Deggendorf.

Stadtoldendorf – Stuttgart                71,50 euro (fast train:IC)

Stuttgart – Deggendorf                       49,00 euro (fast train:ICE)

Deggendort- Stadtoldendort            42, 00 euro (slow train, offer tickets)

The price for the fast train is actually offers price cause i bought the ticket early.If not it will be more expensive. If you really read what i wrote here you might be wondering why the cost is a lot more cheaper when i travel back to Stadtoldendorf from Deggendorf. This is because i used the Quer-durchs-land ticket. This ticket is valid for the whole day from 9am-3am and you can travel anywhere in Germany using slow/region trains and busses. The downside of this ticket is, you will be in the train for the whole day and you will change train frequently. Check here for more information:

Thanks to my dear aunt :)


PHOTO: this is how the ticket bought from Fahrkarten looks like.

Hey wait.. where is Munich? LOL.

Lets back up a little bit. My friend Faiq is living in Deggendorf which is one hour away from Munich by car. So the reason why  i really want to be in Munchen is that, i able to visit my friend in Deggendorf and also go to my favourite city in Germany.I’m killing two birds with one stone people!

Since Deggendorf is in the Bayern district, i can travel to Munchen using group tickets which cost us 29,00 euro. We were lucky cause we don’t have to split the ticket cost into 2, cause on the way to Munchen and old man wanted to travel together with us and he paid 10 euro for the ticket. At first we wanted to travel by car but since Munchen is a big city, we might caught up in the traffic. So we took the train which is better.

I will tell the details more with a specific entry. This entry will only give brief overview of the whole 6 days of travel in the south of Germany.

22nd –24th July 2011 – National Social Programme in Stuttgart.

24th – 27th July 2011 – Deggendorf, Munchen

Actually i don’t just stop at Munchen, we travelled further south by car and that is the best place within the 6 days of journey to the south of Germany. Its like a fairy tale land. I will let you know what that place is in the next entry.

So stay tune cause photos will be in the next entry.

Bye for now!