Europe Again: Recap


It was on the 21st of June 2011 that i left Malaysia for Europe. It was my second time. The first time i took the flight from KLIA to Heathrow, London and took another flight to Belgium. I think it was in 2007 after my matriculation. This time i took a flight from KLIA to Amsterdam and for the first time i experienced traveling with fast-train in the Europe from Amsterdam, Holland to Brussels, Belgium. It was the Thalys. I was on my own. I don’t know how to speak dutch. Basically im clueless and i was rushing and not fully prepared for this trip but Alhamdulillah at last everything went smoothly :)

So basically i did wrote about my journey in a few different entry, but here is a summary of the whole trip:

  • I was in Belgium for the first week.
  • Next 4 weeks i was in Germany doing my SEP.
    • Work in Stadtoldendor
    • National Social Programme (NSP) in Stuttgart 2011
    • Journey to the South of Germany for a week , visiting my friend Faiq in Deggendorf and travel to Munich togethe
  • Back in Belgium and travel to the United Kingdom (UK) for a week or two. I cant really remember.I think it was 1 week.Yeah definitely for a week.
  • Travel to Gent, Koln and Amsterdam with my cousin, David and a little bit of Brussels.
  • Back in Malaysia in August. It was like the third week of Ramadhan at that time.

So that was the summary of the whole journey. Stop by few other places but i hardly remember the names of the places but i’ll share everything that comes to my mind.

Anyway here are some of the links to the entries that i already written relating to my second visit to Europe;

  1. Europe Again!
  2. Departing!
  3. Language!
  4. Markt Apotheke!
  5. Simple day in Stadtoldendorf!
  6. Rewind: Preparation for Europe (in Bahasa Malaysia)
  7. Special thank you note!
  8. Trainstation: Bahnhof!
  9. Journey to the South of Germany

  10. National Social Programme 2011 in Stuttgart

  11. Warm welcome in Deggendorf

  12. Munich, Part I

  13. Munich, Part II

  14. Munich, Part III

  15. Munich, Part IV

  16. Neuschwanstein Castle

  17. Partnackklamm

  18. Back in Malaysia!


I kinda done with the Germany think so. During the NSP in Stuttgart i made an entry of the whole event but now i am thinking to take out some of the places that i visit during that time and make it into individual entry especially the Mercedes Benz Museum. It depends on my mood i guess.

Coming up next: United Kingdom!

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The end of the trip to the South of Germany :)


Ok before i begin i think i should include the links to previous entries related to this post as i promised.


As i promised in the previous entry; Partnachklamm-Garmische.. I stop by at a place called.. Allianz Arena, Munich. Well actually i was excited cause i am kinda a football fan.. so it was definitely something which i will never forget. Germany was hosting Audi Cup 2011 at that time and i took a picture of me and the stadium which is the Allianz Arena while Barcelona and Bayern Munich having their match. The stadium turns red since their home team is playing. Supposedly they will change colour 4 times i guess, i could not remember but you can google it and read more about it. Im lazy. I know.

Being vein.. so here is another snap of me infront of it. Ok stop being so excited will you!


Well that was it. I know it is not such a big deal but then i actually wanted to visit that stadium so bad and i thought i can’t see it but on the way back Faiq stopped by and i was so happy. Not to mention Bayern Munich was playing together with Barcelona and i actually just bought something like token to remind me of Bayern Munuch team. So yeah a bit jakun there for awhile. LOL. So that was the end of my journey to the south of Germany and the next day i was on my way back to Stadtoldendorf for a week before heading back to Belgium. Time flies.



That was about one week journey. Thanks Mr Wendt for giving me some time off from work and thanks Aunty Anne for everything and of course thank you to my parents for their endless support :)

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Partnachklamm is actually a gorge or in simple words a deep narrow passage, with the mountain stream flow through it. It is located on the south of Germany near the Garmische. We went there directly after we are done visiting Neuschwanstein (refer to my previous entry).


Photos above shows the parts of the road we taken to get to partnachklamm. Faiq told me to pay attention to the alps and as you can see in the photo you can see the great-white-alps. Oh i wish i was there during winter i bet it would be more beautiful.

I cant remember how long it was to get there from Neuschwanstein but we finally reached our destination. We can’t park our car right in front of the gorge so we have to walk there. Again. I could still remember that i was really tired and i was like ‘Faiq! you are killing me’ coz i just walked miles to reach my favourite castle and now i need to walk again but it was worth it. Faiq thanks a lot for the trip ye :)


Yeah finally! we reached our intended destination after walking for a bit. We bought 2 bottles of water. It was getting dark. I am not sure what time it was but it was not supposed to be dark after 9pm at that time. Or maybe perhaps it was raining and this place is actually a forest area so its kinda dark.

Well anyway let me walk you through the gorge ….

DSC02252This is the entrance..

DSC02259Come on in and explore! Enjoy the view from within!


partnachklamm_2Above shows the view from inside the gorge. Amazing and beautiful isn’t it. Praise to Allah the creator for such beautiful and peaceful scenery.



You know what i think its not fair to put it in the frame coz you cant see how beautiful the place is. I’ll put in some of the best photos (the best for me) in solo mode. Have a peak!





Yeah i thinks that should be enough. I got lots more but hey more photos means more time needed to load the entry so you guys probably gonna be annoyed with it.

So that was inside the gorge. Now i am gonna show you the other end of the gorge. We walked for like 1 hour in gorge if i am not mistaken before we find the other end of the gorge. Hmm actually i kinda forget how long it was we were in there but here are the photos…


Above is the view from the other side of the gorge..



That’s me and you can actually see the pathway where we came from,the little road on your right



… and finally this is Faiq the best tour guide ever! Thanks Faiq! I hope we can do this again someday.

Sad that was the end of my journey that they before i go back to Deggendorf with Faiq and on the very next day i need to leave Deggendorf and head back to Stadtoldendorf to Mr Wendt’s house. He is my boss in the pharmacy i worked with during my stay in Germany. I bet you can find more about him in my previous entry last year?

Dont worry i will provide all the links related to Germany on the next entry.

Next entry i will show you what where we stop by on the way back to Deggendorf  ! Thanks again to Faiq for making my dreams come true.

Anyway until then! bye!


Its killing me to write this entry and the previous entry. Browsing through the pictures and select some of it to show in this blog it brings back good memory and yeah of course i am badly missing Germany now. Sob sob..

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Neuschwanstein Castle: Inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty Castle



Source: Google Image

In part I – IV, my friend Faiq showed me the city part of the Bavaria state which is Munich. On the very next day, we rent a car and start off our journey towards the southwest of Bavaria, Germany. I can’t recall how long the journey takes from Deggendorf but what i know for sure is that we tried to avoid taking the road through Munich and if i am not mistaken we took the road around Munich. Hmm i not sure of the details.

We are going to visit Neuschwanstein castle which apparently in the same place as Hohenschwangau castle. It germany, castle is known as Schloss. So basically the castle is actually Schloss Neuschwanstein. I think this castle was built with the concept of love or romance or both im not sure but you can google it up. I enjoy the view. I love the history but i am bad when it comes to remembering facts. Neuschwanstein is a castle built by King Ludwig II in the 19th century and it was used as Inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty Castle by Disney.So i bought a book about the place to remind me. I wanted to read it before i write this entry but then i am busy with something else..

i am babbling again .. shut up..

Anyway if anybody wants to get there my advise is to GET A CAR!

There is no way you can get there with public transport , well you can work it out but trust me its gonna take a lot of your time, energy and money. Hey Germany is big, this is only the Bavaria and trust me time is really valuable if you happen to have a short visit to Germany. I was there for one month and i didn’t get the chance to go to Berlin. Sad! but i will someday.

So basically, rent a car and enjoy the view while you were driving towards the destination.


The photos above are some of the views we encountered while we were on the road towards Neuschwanstein castle. The third photo on your right you can see the castle from a far. The background is actually the alps. If you go there during winter i bet you gonna love the magnificent view of it. I just bought postcards with the view on it since i was there during summer.



yeah that is Faiq. My ex-schoolmate in high school. He is currently in Germany doing Mechatronic. He was like the best tour guide ever. If im not mistaken it is his 3rd or 4th times visiting Neuschwanstein. Thanks to him i can have beautiful pictures taken :p

The third photo shows something which in Malaysia we most probably gonna think it is a mosque but hey its not. It is actually a church. Amazing architecture can be righ?! As you can see in the picture we almost reach our destination! yeah baby!

Anyway welcome! to Neuschwanstein people! tadaaaa!


Anyway, when i was there i thought i was only going to see only one castle build during King Ludwig’s era but lucky me, they also have another castle which is the Hohenschwangau which is much older than Neuschwanstein. I think the latest castle was built by the son and the old castle was build by the father. I already forgot about it but what i can tell you that King Ludwig’s family has lots of castle all over Germany. Amazing!

There were lots of people and i don’t think i am gonna waste time waiting to go inside the castle, so our aim was to take photo of the whole neuschwanstein castle.

Iwas more interested in Neuschwanstein so most of the photos gonna be about that castle, the time was short so we don’t have enough time to visit the other castle but we manage to take photo from far :)

In order to reach the Neuschwanstein castle we need to hike few kilometres up and few more kilometres to see the whole castle from top. Excited? Lets take a peak of the photos aite :p



We bought something and i already forgotten the name of  it. The guy with the cap actually preparing it and Faiq is holding it as you can see in the first photo. Anyway that was on the way to the castle, now let me show you around the castle area, sorry i cant bring you guys inside. i guess you gonna have to go there for yourself or just google it ya.


Next we hiked up to the bridge where you can see the whole castle. It was kinda scary but it was worth it! The view just oh just.. i dont know.. i cant even describe it. It is beautiful and never seen this kind of view in Malaysia. I can’t stop taking photos but hey who am i kidding? Photos can’t show you what exactly i see with my own eyes. Anyway cut it short lets see the pictures …


So that is the bridge and we are on it and we could see the whole castle. At first i was like Faiq why the hell didn’t you tell me we gonna hike this far. I was so tired but as i step onto the bridge and saw the castle i went on smiling like no body business. It was stunning! More photos of both castle from top, Hohenschwangau (yellow castle) and Neuschwanstein.


So then we walked down and take more photos as you can see below….


The first photo actually showing you the lake which i forgot to mention earlier. Yeah from the castle you can see a huge clear-blue-green-looking-lake and i just fall in love with the place all over again. Just remembering it makes my heart beats faster. Oh i wanna be there again. I wanna live there. Oh stop dreaming will ya!

Moving on…

Oppss i forgot to mention about the guy next to me. Look at the costumes he’s wearing. It is the traditional attire for people of Bavaria during the old time he says. Well it is kinda cool.

ok now we can finally continue to one of the best part of this place which is the lake. We rent a boat or should i say a canoe? sampan? i dont what it is called. Damned my head stop working now. Anyway lets see the photos….


So as we walked down from the top, we reach to the lake where i can’t stop touching and put my hands in it. I even recorded the sound of the water splashing showing how bad i wanna keep the memory alive. Silly me. If only i got a bottle i might even to the unthinkable which is to bring back that bottle of lake-water to Malaysia. Crazy isn’t it! Gosh i lost my mind for a while back there. Anyway there was this handsome guy which approach both of us and asked if we were from Malaysia and he says that he’s been to Malaysia and he loves it. He even offer to take a picture of both of us with the swan. Sweet!  Finally we come to the part where we rent a boat/canoe/sampan or whatever it is called and we row it towards the centre of the lake (actually Faiq the one who does the row-ing part) …


We called Ahmad Ibrahim (Abby) while we were in the boat to wish him happy birthday all the way from Germany in this magnificent view. Abby almost cry his heart out back in Malaysia.

Pfft i was just making it up. Abby if you read this please don’t kill me but surely you were touch aren’t you.

I think it cost us 6 Euros per hour? Nah i can’t remember but i think it was roughly around that and definitely below 10 Euro.

That was actually the last part and yeah i will be there again someday with my other half. Aminn..

So i guess thats all. Next i will take you to another place in the Bavaria. So stay tune.



Finally a dream come true for me to visit a castle in the Europe. I just love the architecture of it. Especially Neuschwanstein which if you live there you gonna wake up with a view of a beautiful lake, alps and fresh air . I finally got to go into a boat and row it to the centre of the lake and my wish was partly granted since i was hoping to do that with my other half.. Berangan!

Gonna stop now. Peace!

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Short update: Ramadhan

Wow its already Ramadhan. And its already the 3rd day.


A fasting month to all Muslims.

Been busy with something, done the writing part for the Munich entry just that i need a very peace-time-to-myself to put up and patch interesting photos for the entry.Its been delayed for 2 days now. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

My head is spinning and for almost 2 days i didn’t on my laptop.. I just on it today. I did not watch any series on my laptop as well for the past 2 days. Weird.

I don’t know where my mood is, but luckily now i finally on my laptop. Matter of time before i update on the next entry for the trip to germany.

Anyway making mee curry today for ‘buka puasa’ or break-the-fast.. oh what ever you it.

So most probably gonna work on the entry tonight.

The problem is i will be sleepy at 10 pm and between 4-10pm i will be busy doing something else.

Anyway Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims all over the world :)

Hope this Ramadhan bring a new meaning to our life.


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München (Munich),capital city of Bavaria, Germany IV



What is your dream car? Mine is BMW. If you are in Germany you must not miss the chance to visit the auto museum (car museum). They have Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, BMW, Audi Museum and many more. While i was in Germany i manage to visit two museum which are the Mercedes Benz and BMW.

There are 3 main sites of the BMW building here. The BMW-Welt, BMW-Museum and BMW Plant. The BMW-welt is actually the show-room for the cars and where the customers or visitors could actually experience the BMW brand. They often have showcase and exhibition on their latest products and holds the prototype engine of certain BMW cars. As for the museum it brings the visitors through the years of the history of the BMW company. Lastly is the BMW-plant or in other words the factory and the vital part for the BMW branded production.

To be exact, i cant enter the BMW museum since its already close but guess what i still can snap pictures with their car in the show room (BMW-Welt). I guess the museum concept is the same as the Mercedes-benz Museum that i went in Stuttgart. Anyway all it all it was awesome!

As i told you in the previous entry:

München (Munich),capital city of Bavaria, Germany III

… the museum is located near, very near to the Olympia Park.

Check the photos out aite!


page 5

page2Can you see the bowl-shape-looking-building located right next to the tall building with the BMW logo on it? Yeah that is actually the Museum.


There are more but i guess thats enough for a sneak few of the place!

Remember i was just entering the show-house but not the museum since its already closed and i believe there are more to explore there.

If you happen to go there someday, please do check it out for me ya!

More info, please visit:



What should i write next hmm?

Basically part I,II, III and IV covers the city part of Munich. So for the next entry i will show the country side of Munich and the view is absolutely-i-wish-i-live-there.

Well atleast thats what i felt :p

till later~

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München (Munich),capital city of Bavaria, Germany III

Gosh it has been a while since the last i updated on my trip to Germany. I am not sure if i could remember some of the details but i’ll try anyway. So for those who feels like wanna go back to the past 2 post i wrote on my trip to Munich, Germany. Click the link below will ya! :p 

Part I

Part II

Now let us continue to the next part of my trip in Munich, Germany.

Olympia Park


Photo taken from Wikipedia

Basically me and my friend, Faiq wanted to go to the park above and also to visit my favourite car museum which is of course BMW. It was late so all of the shops and museum was already closed. Nevertheless, the view was just breath-taking although i do recalled that the weather was kinda like as if a storm is coming.

Anyway not much that i know about the park apart from it was build for the summer olympics game in the 70’s if i’m not mistaken. It holds lots of facilities such as swim hall, ice-rink,tennis, running tracks and many more. I do remember that it has this tower and if i am not mistaken it is the communication tower in the park.

Overall what i could say about this place is that ; it is HUGE!

I like the design of the roof though. I think it was some kind of a pavillion-roof and according to my friend you can actually walk through the roof. If only i could go up there. I bet it has a better view. When i was there i can’t see the view as whole as shown in the picture above but trust me it would be great for you to just sit back and relax and enjoy the view of the park. Not much that i can describe with words. I guess pictures can speaks a thousand more words. The photos that i am going to show later is not a professional-photographer-high-quality pictures but that the only thing that i can capture and dear to me while i was there.

Anyway no more talking,


DSC02115DSC09169BMW museum at the back and the tower that i mention earlier


DSC02122The map to the whole place



DSC02126The lake; they are setting up a stage for a small concert later that night




That’s it i guess.

Not much, but the next entry i think it would be more interesting because it is the BMW Museum! Ahha yeah Ahha :p Ok im out..

Kids love this place!

I love this place!

It is an awesome place to jog ( i wish i could live near the area but i can’t )



If you are planning to have a holiday in Munich, i guess it would be a great place to visit but please be there early so that you would not miss the entrance to the some of the cool places in it. Not to forget the Olympia Park is next to the BMW museum, so i guess you wont regret it :)

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Tanam Anggur : Makaroni Bakar


Sebelum korang baca, janganlah tertipu ingat aku nak bagi resipi yang gempak utk makaroni bakar ni huhuhu..  kalau nak baca gak ..suke hati korang la (macam la ada org nak baca dah blog aku sekarang wakakaka)… eden tak larang..

So basically inilah antara perkara yang aku buat bila aku duk menganggur atau ‘tanam-anggur’ ni

Aku actually tak reti wat makaroni bakar, tapi masa pergi Germany jadi reti thanks to mende dalam gambar bawah ni..

Photo Jul 16, 5 08 27 PM

Gambar: Ni lah perencah yang aku bawak balik dari germany, dah nak tamat tarikh and sebab tu jugak aku buat makaroni bakar ni ahahahaha:p

So firstly ko buat la kuah dia dengan guna perencah di atas:

  • Add 400mL of water + 100mL of fresh milk atas api kecik and then masukkan perencah dekat atas and kacau about 1-2 minutes.
  • Lepas tu, letak around 125g (ada dalam 3-4 genggam uncooked ‘elbow’ atau makaroni) dalam bekas yang tahan masuk oven (mak korang sure pakai pyrex wakakaka), letak le ayam kisar jename ramly atau jenama lain asalkan halal or korang nak masuk sausage ikot suke hati le :p
  • Dah siap tu ko tuang la semua kuah ko buat dekat step pertama dalam bekas jadi rupe cam bwh ni'; kalau suka cheese korang tabur la cheese dekat atas tu banyak2 or ko masuk dalam kuah awal2 and kacau, so bila ko makan dlm pon rase cheese..

Photo Jul 16, 4 13 20 PM

  • Lepas tu ko isi la semua tu dalam oven pada suhu 200 darjah celcius selama 30 minit.

Photo Jul 16, 4 16 22 PM

Hah siap! ok gambar dekat bawah tak hangit..tapi sbb aku gi amek pakai instagram tu nampak gtu gaye..

Photo Jul 16, 5 06 08 PM

Pfft sonang..

Hek eleh..gitu je ? mana aku nak cari paket tu, takkna nak pergi Germany!?


lek lu derr! dengar luh!

Aku rasa kalau korang pergi cold storage boleh je jupe mende alah ni yang dalam English/BM.. (Paket atas tu bahasa german)

Paket tu aku seludup bawak masuk Malaysia masa balik dari Germany, resipi dekat blakang je der:p ahahaha

Hebat aku dapat paham bahasa depa! hebat dok aku?! ok ngarot.. tu antara cara aku nak blaja bahasa german dengan cepat melalui baca resipi masa aku dekat sana.. so skrg baca gtu2 pon blh agak meaning :) heee suka baq hang!


Sebenarnya aku ni tak minat main masak-masak ni, masa kecik-kecik masa main ‘masak-masak’ watak aku slalu jadi abang or ayah pergi pasar.. hana kawan aku yang jadi mak:p

ganaz aku ni.. tapi since kene jaga adik-adik and menjaga kemandirian spesis (aik??) makanya terpaksalah..


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Finally i got to feel the feeling of ‘ Tanam Anggur’




Gambar: Itu tipu, aku tak grad lagi, aku grad bulan 9 ni, jemputle datang.. itu jubah senior last ye

Alhamdulillah syukur ke hadrat Illahi …

Aku sekarang sudah tamat pengajian dalam Ijazah Sarjana Muda Farmasi..

Lama juga telah aku tinggalkan blog ni, almaklumlah sibuk dengan kehidupan di alam nyata..

Bila sudah tamat final exam baru ni, baru lah ada masa nak tengok-tengok dunia blog sekarang..

Banyak yang sudah berubah, dunia blog semakin hebat siap dengan function tersendiri seperti blogpolis anjuran nuffnang kalau tak silap, Dig award ke ape entah..

Perkara ni pun mostly aku dapat update sebab ikut blog kalau tak tengok blog dia memang haram la nak tau perkembangan dunia blog sekarang..

Blogging sekarang jauh berbeza dari zaman aku mula-mula blogging dulu, mase tu paling aktif pun gengblogger..

Anyway, blog aku ni tak berubah.. bila aku tak busy boleh la nak jengah.. banyak perkara terbengkalai dalam blog ni dan sebagai contoh;

  • Cerita bersiri XX + XY
  • Entri Lawatan ke Eropah untuk ‘Student Exchange Programme’
  • Entri Lawatan ke Eropah selepas matrikulasi

Wahahha, pendek cerita banyak dah aku tak buat, bila ada masa mungkin boleh resume balik :p

MUNGKIN kalau aku rajin.

Lama tak blogging rase kelakar plak bercakap dengan blog sendiri.

I guess thats all kot for now.Ini ape mimpi aku update pon tak tau le :p


p/s: Fazley menang masterchefcelebrity!

….and inilah rasa menanam anggur.. bosan.. tapi naseb banyak mende dekat rumah kene setel.. so takdela sasau sangat dibuatnye :)

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