Short update: Ramadhan

Wow its already Ramadhan. And its already the 3rd day.


A fasting month to all Muslims.

Been busy with something, done the writing part for the Munich entry just that i need a very peace-time-to-myself to put up and patch interesting photos for the entry.Its been delayed for 2 days now. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

My head is spinning and for almost 2 days i didn’t on my laptop.. I just on it today. I did not watch any series on my laptop as well for the past 2 days. Weird.

I don’t know where my mood is, but luckily now i finally on my laptop. Matter of time before i update on the next entry for the trip to germany.

Anyway making mee curry today for ‘buka puasa’ or break-the-fast.. oh what ever you it.

So most probably gonna work on the entry tonight.

The problem is i will be sleepy at 10 pm and between 4-10pm i will be busy doing something else.

Anyway Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims all over the world :)

Hope this Ramadhan bring a new meaning to our life.



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elyana yazmin said...

Mario! lama tak nampak :) salam Ramadhan gak :)