Europe Again!

Excited? at first yes but now..not really.. maybe cause I’m not really prepared. 


“What the hell that you need to prepare besides your luggage?”

i wish i could just prepare my luggage and set off for Europe. Unfortunately, I’m going to Europe again but this time it is for Student Exchange Programme and. I just wont go there without preparing myself with proper information especially on drugs (medicines). I’m a future pharmacist and suppose to be the experts on drugs. Shame on me if I’m not well equipped with drugs information. Especially when i need to spent time (around 1 month) in Stadtoldendorf, Germany in an ‘Apotheke’ or known as pharmacy for attachment under the supervision of Mr Wendt, the pharmacist. He was kind enough to let me stay with his family and gonna support my food while I’m with them. Sweet!

So how could i just go there and have fun when he is supporting me, so I’m gonna repay him by being a good intern and help him around in his pharmacy as much as i could. With his help i already save thousands of ringgit Malaysia . Even USM wont spent that on me cause I’m USM’s stepdaughter. LOL. Luckily, Mr Wendt supported me, so I will repay him back lor ;p

Anyway, i will be in Germany for a month and another 3weeks++ to visit my relatives in UK and to jalan2 a bit.. Well this time, I’m gonna make sure my face in every damn photos. Cause the last time i went, I’m hardly in any of those photos. This is the problem when you are not the ‘cam-whoring’ type and traveling alone. This time pun alone jugak pfft but i know some tricks now ;p wait for it ya!

So, im not sure yet where i wanna go but got something in my mind, STAMFORD BRIDGE and CHERRIES ;p hahahahaha

fuhhh in a few days and i will be off to Europe for the second time, I’m so gonna make sure its gonna be Awesome than before ;p

I’m actually worried about my research and the research of the Postgrad student that I’m helping. I hope we can manage it. I hope Kak Yanti will stay strong.

Fuuhhh next semester , already gonna enter my final year. This semester was awesome! I’m so happy with everything. As i said there will always be a rainbow after rain in sun.

But i know it wont last long, somehow i know i will need to face another stormy rain and freaking hot sunshine. I hope that time i will have a proper umbrella ;p a big one lol..

take care my dear blog and who ever reading it.


i think my blog would be active for awhile during this holiday. will update when i have the time ;p


mario said...


elyana yazmin said...

mario! apesal tak tinggal link? lama tak jengah pangkinrest..nanti anak murid nyusul kesane yeh ;p

Ariff Shah said...

lepas ni stay sana je. xyah balik malaysia.

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