Holiday Schedule..=)

well.. what do we do during holidays?? Chris will be spending her holidays in europe n uk.. adham helping his father besides getting some pocket money..adelin watching tv.. feriz enjoy with his new bike..member lame lak ade yg keje ade yg x cuti ade yg dah beh cuti... borink ler nk dikatekan.. how about me??..i guess im boring too..sometimes ler..xdeler every second n minute.. few things what i think keep my mind from boringness..

  1. watching tv (rahsia pelangi, mutiara,kumilik mu)
  2. finish my driving test which now ended already
  3. Playing with my younger brother
  4. tmbh ilmu masak2..=p
  5. kuar ngan my senior..tgk twilight=)
  6. kuar ngan adek.. bwk adek makan haha..
  7. tgk dvd ( camp rock, the mummy, 21, the happening, another cinderella story, narnia prince caspian..etc)
  8. kuar ngan kazen kat one utama
  9. helping my aunt n uncle doing their accounts for the shoe shop n nursery
  10. family trip to kuala gandah n deerland
  11. helping with kenduri for raye korban

thats apart of thing yg i guess keep my mind occupied from boringness which some xley dah nk buat dah ended pon =(..without it, cam nk pecah je pale.. cant wait to be back in penang n enjoy my studies as a student..

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The 'P' Word =p

guess what?? just got my license hooreyyyy!! so happy..seksa tau enggak tunggu dpt that P..oppsss cop2..jgn ingat i had failed so many times.. sekali je tau dah pass..cme sbb blaja sane blaja cni tu yg asek tangguh my jpj test..hehe.. im excited about now dah ley sewa kereta!! lalalalala~ huhu...guess what ramai gile fail.. time bukit cuak bangat sih.. road test ok ja.. dpt jpj relak..huhu..tapi parking lak ai garang nk mati pegawai yg jge tu.. huh..ade satu org tu..die dah masuk parking..elok je..then die kuar r dr parking side n nk wat u turn..alamak aih..tibe2 pegawai tu marah.." eh..saya x nampak awak masuk side parking pon.. nape kuar n x angkat tgn. dah2 awak buat semula..mase berjalan..cepat" yg student tu aku phm r gile cuak kan.kne jerkah camtu..adui..panik nye pasal die kuar terus..slack tul terus fail..sian seyh..then ade swg agy student ni..die masuk parking cun2 jew..tibe2 alamak goyang sket satu tiang.. tarek handbreak!! awak kuar jap" pe ntah die ckp kat dak tu..terus dak tu berlalu meninggalkan kwsn test smbil nanges2..siankan..ingt murah ke nk repeat test..?? aku phm bangat r weyh..aku dah r lak tak turn tok test agy time tu..tgk sme tu cuak gile.. adui..tibe-tibe..!! "elyana yazmin!!" terus ler aku bgn dgn dup dap dup dap jantung aku.. aku dah r tak ingt jln test mati la aku.. cuak nye pasal ,lupe aku nk turun handbreak patut kete x jalan..hehe..sengal kan aku..naseb tester bek..haha..xpe2 jalan gak r kete tu..jalan?? smooth..aha..mybe aku se tester frendly hilang gemuruh..hahaha.. selesai je road test.. bukit lak..adusy.nampak je muke pegawai tu..cuak semuler aku.. seram sejuk aku..turn aku no 3..depan aku de due.. adui..bile start test je..first lepas..second fail..coz berundur..turn aku.... adeh... cuak !! takpe jln jer..tawakal..cantek dah naek..benti pon cantek..bile nk jalan sme ok..tapi aku x tahu r pe nk terundur..adui..handbreak tu toek tul.. senye r pasal handbreak..kalo sekali xpe ni nk mauk tige kali jd ctu..aku se dah 3 kali r aku..pehal r aku cuak sgt..aku raup muke..aku pndg tester.. mke aku cam nk kate turun r tu.. adui..baru je nk buke kete.. pegawai tu senyum n gelak.. " yang awak takut sgt tu kenape..x fail lagi la..selagi tak berundur dr line kuning n mase 5 minit tak habis x fail..dah start kete balik..saye bukan mkn org.." eceyh..terase cam lega..aku pon bace bismillah..jalan semule..hahaha..lepas!!!! hooreyyy.. alhamdulillah =) hehe.. huhu.. tapi parking lak..tapikan sebab happy bangat n dah tak takut..cantek je tul r kate uncle robert..pompuan satu je..cepat sgt cuak..haha..bukan x ley bwk..tapi se takut tu lebeh2 aku pass r lesen P hahahaha...bahagie..=) tu lah cte nye aku amek test ..haha..aku se bace buku agy senang hahaha.. pepon now aku dah de Lesen P aku bersyukur!! hehe..syukran..~
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The End of First Semester..

haih..first sem dah waiting for the next sem to come.. during this holiday nothing much yg interesting ler.. tgk drama pon.. nt blik penang dah xley nk ikut cam no used gak.. but semate2 nk ilang busan..layan je r drama.. abeh dah sme movie yg bru ayh aku beli aku tgk.. so.. nk tgk ape lgi ni?? haha..well last nite i saw Camp Rock..wowww..sgt best!! Now im fallin in love with Jonas Brotheras semule.. the story line is cool. the music is awesome.. wahhh..practically now downloading all the songs in that movie..lalalala~.. i miss Penang, classes n frens too. atleast im bz with something.. actually aku buhsan working on this blog now.. im actually going to prepare interesting post.. about the most memorable holiday in my life n also some kenangan di batu involve cam i need tyme to fit everything for the new post..but im just so lazy typing the story out let it be in my head first..hahaha...lucky i join the pogramme at Queensbay for health screening. atleast i will be back in penang early n enjoy the next sem..haha..bile kelas se nk cuti..dah cuti se nk pi kelas..haih..normal la pun i am a homosapiens kan.. thats all for now i guess..need to work on the ultimate holidays post!! huhu..tata=o
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rexienerra?? =p

Well.. for the next topic.. rexienerra..?? haha..many wonder where I got that name from..well I actually created it.. REXIENERRA is my invention..well many pronounciation dat I heard .. haha .. sometimes its just to damn funny listening people tryin to pronounce it.. hey!! Btw..can I actually make it a copyright of mine?? Coz I dun want anybody to take it.. or should I just don’t use that people don’t noe..herm.. any idea? Well what ever it is..this rexienerra name gv a lot of meaning in my life.. what do you guys think? Is it a symbol of happiness or sadness?? Well for me it involve both..its actually something to do with my personal life.. which I actually do not mind if people knew about it either.. am I to open?? Well.. im actually in dilemma wether to blog bout it or not.. but I guess.. I could tell a bit.. its about the end of an era of keeping a feeling for the first ever boy that I liked..which at the moment his the only one that I had ever liked n cared bout more than fren.. he was never more than fren in reality.. well its not a name dat I created to show a sadness of breakin’ up coz theres nothing for breakin’ up when its actually never been started in the first place (couple).. but I appreciate the frenship that I had with him.. mybe some of u guys know who on earth is this boy.. but if anyone ask about it.. I dun mind telling them.. coz that is the truth.. no used hiding it.. but once I start to talk or write about this.. i just dunnoe how to stop.. eventhough I had completely moved on.. it’s a memory that I will never ever forget.. I had kept it secret for 2 years except Kaleem n Pnut.. before I finally have the guts to mention about him to anyoneelse.. do I look pathetic..coz if I do..please tell so I guess I better stop before u guys start died of boredness and annoyed with it.. so that’s roughly about REXIENERRA.. =)..
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my first tyme bloggin' =) starting my own blog for the first tyme.. I just don’t know what the hell am I goin’ to blog.. is it okay if I blog about my life? Or should I blog bout’ something on education? Or should I blog about my fav artist? I just don’t have any idea what am I goin to blog..but im now blogging already..haha.. so might as well just blog what ever I think I enjoy typing it in my notebook.. i guess that can help me improve my writing skills or perhaps worsen it more..coz a lot of short forms this moment I am actually freakin’ bored of this semester break of mine.. maybe that is why im into blogging.. so for my first tyme bloggin ever.. lets get started..let me introduce nur elyana yazmin bt mohd redhuan shah Edwin..phew ..thats long..haha..i was born on 11 dec 1989..that makes me 19teen now..haha,.few days younger than 19teen I guess since the date of today is still before 11 dec.. hometown is Kuantan.. I was in Sek Keb Clifford, Sek Men Clifford, Sek Men Sri Kuantan, Sek Men Sains Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah.. then after tired n bored of schoolin’ which now I miss so studied in Pahang Matriculation College and Management & Science University.. and now.. im in Univeristy Science Malaysia.. ;p haha..actually im in Island College Of Technology doin’ Bachelor Degree of Pharmacy USM.. its kind of USM thing but its an external degree..well that is the best choice that I had. Well I do have lectures by the USM what actually differ us from the ine in usm student for pharmacy is the place where we no big deal still USM’s haha..wat ever..what is important is my study.. so enough with my education history and details of it.. what else do I want to include in my very 1st time bloggin’.. hello!!?? Gv me idea man..haha..orite.. so im a frenly person I guess..but I do look snobbish if at first sight..haha..thats what people say..i dunnoe..haha..oowwhh btw, FYI im known by the name.. ell.. well there are few other names but I love people call me ‘ell’..but doesn’t matter act.. u can call me elly as all the eskian’s called me or yana as all cliffordian;s call me..or even yazmin as all ustaz n ustazah call me..well I kept wondering why they used my last name..hurm.. okay enuf…haha.. bf?? None at the moment.. single but just not ready yet I guess.. but im not GAY a.k.a homosexual..well but im still a homosapiens please pay attention to that!! Awww.. I love prince william hahahhaha.. GELIMAT!! Huhu.. well thanks for readin’ please do comment okay..well if there is someone read about ,my first tyme bloggin.. I’ll try to rite more later with better skills and better topic.. I guess..haha..thanks a all my fellow frens..i guess u know how borin I am.. when I act start to blog.. lol..until next tyme..c ya =)
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