Holiday Schedule..=)

well.. what do we do during holidays?? Chris will be spending her holidays in europe n uk.. adham helping his father besides getting some pocket money..adelin watching tv.. feriz enjoy with his new bike..member lame lak ade yg keje ade yg x cuti ade yg dah beh cuti... borink ler nk dikatekan.. how about me??..i guess im boring too..sometimes ler..xdeler every second n minute.. few things what i think keep my mind from boringness..

  1. watching tv (rahsia pelangi, mutiara,kumilik mu)
  2. finish my driving test which now ended already
  3. Playing with my younger brother
  4. tmbh ilmu masak2..=p
  5. kuar ngan my senior..tgk twilight=)
  6. kuar ngan adek.. bwk adek makan haha..
  7. tgk dvd ( camp rock, the mummy, 21, the happening, another cinderella story, narnia prince caspian..etc)
  8. kuar ngan kazen kat one utama
  9. helping my aunt n uncle doing their accounts for the shoe shop n nursery
  10. family trip to kuala gandah n deerland
  11. helping with kenduri for raye korban

thats apart of thing yg i guess keep my mind occupied from boringness which some xley dah nk buat dah ended pon =(..without it, cam nk pecah je pale.. cant wait to be back in penang n enjoy my studies as a student..