syukur alhamdulillah =)

result xde r seteruk mane yg aku bygkan..
naseb bekkk..
result paper len tarik lek pointer aku ...
walaupon overall turun pointer kali ni..
but ..
im happy enough
atleast tak below target aku..

tapi dat doesnt mean aku leyh senang hati..
overall result aku ttp trn semester ni..
org len nek n maintain
but aku trn..

but cool..
stress2 wat pe..
lgi tak best nk study nt..

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im back! =)

well apart from all those stupids things that happen this sem
that just makes me wanna cry my heart out loud..

on my damn birthday..
my result came out..
n damn..
it just makes my life worst..
cam r tak cukup worst dah..
for the first time..
im going for kscp this june..
wuu..physical pharmacy I = P*
ngeng.. dah agak..hohoho
x cukup ngn itu..coming sem physical pharmacy II
soo..xkn nk kantoi gak kot.???
not that i am sad..
its just..
damn it!
i knew it!
how the hell i cant understand that subject pon tak tau r

so enough is enough..
im done..
im not going to let those silly things get me
for the next coming sem
cewahhh ayt tak leyh bla..ngehehhe =p

coz damn
i hate my self rite now
for being stupid..

tu lah tgk cite byk sgt..pastu tmbh2 ngn fikiran yang agak ting tong
so the conclusion is..

im BACK!
the crazy,happy go lucky, n a fighter elyana yazmin is back~
(not the rajen elyana yazmin..tak pernh rajen study pon)


on this same damn birthday
when all my silly life for last sem
seems to reminisce
infront of my eyes
im DONE!
n im back.

melompat2 kegembiraan
i get my damn perfect life back.

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gabungan.. ;p


Middle of the night

It’s getting so hard to breath

Cant sleep

Can’t think

Can’t hardly dream

Spent a lifetime hoping it would come to me

Getting lost in the lies I believed

Covered by a mask that we think is our sin

Never realize that the truth is within.

Opening up again

Just makes me want to shut everything out


It’s crazy how something never work out

But I hoped that time goes right

Cause i've tried so hard


It’s gone so fast

And all it took was one night back

To crash it all into the ground

Now two gone deep

In a predictable last scene

I never thought it will be the end


You and me..=)

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semua tak stabil..

ape lagi tak stable??
busan ke ek?
gi kelas busan..
rumah busan..
jalan2 busan coz xde duet..
tepon umah kuantan? ayh buzy..
so ape yg tak bsn?

mnde yg tak bosn..

where is the fulus??


last2 kt blog gak aku bising..
thanks blog!
naseb ekau ade..
if tak..
aku tak tau nk jerit kt mane!

coz if cte kt org len pon..
org len pon takkn phmm
sbb aku sndri tak phm pe kebende aku tgh lalui ni..
bosan+xde mood+senyum fake+tensen


p/s: cepat r exam beh..aku nak cuti! aku just nk duk umah or gi keje rotiboy lagi..
i wanna stay occupied on somethng..oh! jgn srh aku occupied study..that will never be done !
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busan tahap dewa (o_0")...

aduii..busan gile..
aku dah tak tau nk tgk drama ape pulak..

smilling pasta
it started with a kiss
why why love
devil besides you
invicible shan bao mei
frog prince

public enemy
the ugly truth
college trip


currently aku streaming marmalade boy kt youtube..
tapinye cte die ca x besh jerh..x hensem hero die..hahahaha

list kt atas sme cte yg aku duk tgk spjg bulan ni la..haah..
mule2 tgk satu episode..
tbe2 tgk2 smbg22222 teros
byk sgt tgk cte smpai aku dah tak tau nk tgk pe..
bukan sme cte aku nk tgk sng nk cri..


hmmphhh..marah tul aku
aku tak kire..
aku nk tgk gak series len!!

ape? dekat exam?
aku takleyh rrrr
ngadap buku je spjg hari..
nk gi kelas..sgt malas..
duk umah bsn gak
nk kuar hujan..

p/s: x sbr nk cuti r cni..nk rewangggg!!!

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after that incidence..
being angry n really2 angry..
i learn to understand the situation better..
but then..
i know..
there is a big change..
i dun know what i thought from what had happen is correct or not..
i wanted to tell everything..
wanted to clarify..
but i'm afraid of everything..
afraid of loosing..
afraid of the reality..
afraid that i loose my trust..
afraid that he probably wont make anything to gain my trust..
afraid to be hate..
although..every reality i had foreseen it..
just i was so afraid to face it..
my ego just wont let me.

i was never the first..n will never be..
so its not a big deal for him..
but then..
that scares me the most..

the changes also include..
the feelings that i had..
slowly fading..
i dun wanna let go..
but i guess..
when the time comes..
letting go is better..
n i know i am more open up to others this time..

we never really started as friends or couples..
both were looking for someone..
im looking for starlight..
he was looking for a fren to console..
ended up this way..
will friendship be the best solution..??
perhaps after sometimes..
we can..
but ..

there is no relationship without trust..

with or without..both brings pain..

but then..
what should we do?

i guess..
i need to start a search for the next starlight..
it will be damn hard..
to gain my trust ..
for more than friend..
it is just so hard..

i know that there will be a day i will find the one..

what i know..i want the best..

for the next two years..just enjoy my college life i guess..

there are a lot of stars..
there can be many starlights for the whole life..
but only one will remain n be the sunshine of my life~

p/s: for am deeply in LOVE with JIMMY LIN..=p
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the end of all presentations..

fuhh.. due minggu ni..buzy tol ngn presentation ape kebenda ntah..
today last..

now ade 3 kuiz lagi kot..


final exam!!

2hb NOVEMBER 2009

pastu CUTI!!! hooreyy!

today i realize..why i can easily learn to love n then learn to forget in just in a short time..
coz..its not my first love(it took me years b4 i really am over him)..well first love is the best..but..he is just not the one for me..but his the first..which make a very big diff..hahaha
n today i learnt..that..someone yg dah pernh overcome first love die..can easily decide what they one..but someone that still hanging with their first love dun really know to make big decission..wahhahaha~

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the outcome of the gamble..


We've run out of words we've run out of time
We've run out of reasons really why we together
We both know it's over baby bottom line
It's best we don't even talk at all

Don't call me even if I should cross your mind
Hard enough I don't need to hear your voice on my messages
Let's just call it quits it's probably better
So if I'm not returning your calls it's 'cause

'Cause I'm not comin' back I'm closing the door
I used to be trippin' over missin' you but I'm not anymore
I got the picture phone but baby your picture's gone
Couldn't stand to see your smile every time you dialed

'Cause it's over
Girl you know it's over this time
So when you call I'm pressin' seven
Don't wanna hear your messages messages
I'm tryna erase you from my mind
'Cause it's over
I swear Girl it's over this time
So don't keep callin' leavin' messages
Don't wanna know where you been
Baby 'cause it's over

I still wake up every morning quarter to ten
I still eat my cereal right at the kitchen table
I can't even remember how long it's been
No trouble stayin' occupied

Oh I ask about you whenever I come around
I do what I can not to put my business in the streets
Last thing I need's another episode
Keep conversation short and sweet because

'Cause I'm not comin' back I'm closing the door
I used to be trippin' over missin' you but I'm not anymore
I got the picture phone baby your picture's gone
Couldn't stand to see your smile every time you dialed

'Cause it's over
Girl you know it's over this time
So when you call I'm pressin' seven
Don't wanna hear your messages messages
I'm tryna erase you from my mind
'Cause baby it's over
I swear Girl it's over this time
So don't keep callin' leavin' messages
Don't wanna know where you been
Baby 'cause it's over

You know that it's over when the burnin'
And the yearnin' inside your heart ain't there anymore
And you know that you're through when she don't do to you
And move you like the way she moved ya before

And you wanna pull her close
But your heart has froze
You kiss her but her eyes don't close
Then she goes out of your heart forever
And it hurts you but you know that it's better

Girl you know it's over
Girl you know it's over this time
So when you call I'm pressin' seven
Don't wanna hear your messages messages
I'm tryna erase you from my mind
'Cause it's over
I swear Girl it's over this time
So don't keep callin' leavin' messages
Don't wanna know where you been
Baby 'cause it's over
'Cause it's over
Girl you know it's over this time
So when you call I'm pressin' seven
Don't wanna hear your messages messages
I'm tryna erase you from my mind
'Cause it's over
I swear Girl it's over this time
So don't keep callin' leavin' messages
Don't wanna know where you been
Baby 'cause it's over

p/s: u never know to make decision..even this painfull decision.. i need to say it to you..this time..its really not turning back..thanks for all the memory..thanks for all the sympathy..i dun need it anymore..bye~

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the gamble, ive taken I


I shouldn't love you but I want to
I just can't turn away
I shouldn't see you but I can't move
I can't look away

I shouldn't love you but I want to
I just can't turn away
I shouldn't see you but I can't move
I can't look away

And I don't know
How to be fine when I'm not
'Cause I don't know
How to make a feeling stop

Just so you know
This feeling's takin' control
Of me and I can't help it
I won't sit around
I can't let him win now

Thought you should know
I've tried my best to let go
Of you but I don't want to
I just gotta say it all before I go
Just so you know

It's gettin' hard to be around you
There's so much I can't say
Do you want me to hide the feelings
And look the other away

And I don't know
How to be fine when I'm not
'Cause I don't know
How to make a feeling stop

Just so you know
This feeling's takin' control
Of me and I can't help it
I won't sit around
I can't let him win now

Thought you should know
I've tried my best to let go
Of you but I don't want to
I just gotta say it all before I go
Just so you know

This emptiness is killin' me
And I'm wonderin' why I've waited so long
Lookin' back I realize it was always there
Just never spoken

I'm waitin' here
Been waitin' here

Just so you know
This feeling's takin' control
Of me and I can't help it
I won't sit around
I can't let him win now

Thought you should know
I've tried my best to let go
Of you but I don't want to
Just gotta say it all before I go
Just so you know, just so you know

Thought you should know
I've tried my best to let go
Of you but I don't want to
Just gotta say it all before I go
Just so you know, just so you know

p/s: outcome of the gamble..
its over-jesse mc cartney or when you look me in the eyes-jonas brothers.
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ari nie..kelegaan sedikit..
coz..separuh dr esaiman n kuiz dah selesai..
isnin ni..last ngn presentation n kuiz..
than leh rht dah..
final is just around the corner..
bajet risau..
pdhl otak duk pk nk rehat je..

ade org kate..
aku dah mule cerie balik..
r u sure?

aku mmg CERIA!
bile mase aku tak cerie.??

bz keje dowh..
srbt kuiz yg HANCUS..
tapi!..aku OK je..
just time2 cni..
x ske duk kt org ramai..
coz..i will get annoyed..
nt kesian org kene mrh..
sorry la if ade sape2 cube..
bergurau senda ngn aku..
aku nye respon sgt dingin..

tapi rini..terover happy lak..
smpai png kepale lak ha..
agaknye lepas tensen..
gi QB beli mknn byk2..


so..aku normal la kan..
ade sdh, ade cerie, ade mrh, ade grm..
xkn nk sowh aku ni happy je selalu..
x adventure lnsung..


ade certain kate,..
aku dah lupe org sejak dah dpt DIE..
wei aku single OK!
single mingle lagi ni..
bile aku dpt DIE?? bile???
x pernah OK!
sile masuk dlm kepale masing2..
sejak bile lakkkkk aku berpunye n dipunyeeee?????

i am happy
i am not in a special relationship!
n i dun forget people OK..
keje byk..
serabut tahu enggak..

aku nk kate..

warghhh..ngantuk dah..

sbb tu entri xde title..

pdhl if ade title pon..
cam la title menarik aku letakk..
merepek je ade r..

ok dah ngntuk..


mantok daaaaa~

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ohoiiiiiiiii!! =p

enth nape..
aku rase..
aku dah mule..
berhenti berharap..KOT
enth nape..
se empty..KOT
aku se aku dah mule bngkit semulaaaa.!!!
aku tak tau same ade ini positif atau negatif..(0_o")
tapi yg pasti..
aku dah x mengharap..KOT
dah mule tidak peduli..
ape ni???
aku tak phmm..
adekah aku sudah.........
phase 1 cam dah selesai..ngee
ni masuk phase di mane aku menggilai artis semula..

kali ni aku suke

n aku gile jatuhhh222222 jutaaaa ulang22222 kali ngn HERO ni hahahaha

aku mahu dia!

aku dah pnt sdh2 kot..

pesal proses die cam lebh krg same je ni..
predictable tul life aku negh!

now..aku nk tak tau nk kate..
aku tak sbr nk masuk phase baru atau tak..
coz aku cam tkut nk ulang balik phase 1 ..
phase pas gile artis..
ialah phase..
aku opened up balik..
which is..
aku dah fedup n MALAS..

x lrt laaaa..
cam roda tul hidup ni..ngeh3x..masuk phase 1.. se cam lmbt je gerak..
n geram je asek duk kt bwh

tpi now..aku dah mule se..
"movie, drama, makanan n aku.."

n angan2 tak henti2 sal HERO DEVIL BESIDES YOU tu..

saye hanye mahu mimpi ini ditemani beliau!
gelimatttt22222 ayat..

tu lebih bahagie aku rase..

saye mahu hua da (devil boy)
hua yan (10th guy) boleyh gak!!

asal hensem je pelakon sme aku nak..haha..tpi aku ske watak die snrnye..ngeh3x=p
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just a dream..can i do this?

Baby, I know you're hurting
Right now you feel like you could never
Love again
Now all I ask is for a chance
To prove that I love you

From the first day
That I saw your smiling face
Honey, I knew that we would
Be together forever
Ooh when I asked you out
You said no but I found out
Darling that you'd been hurt
You felt like you'd never love again
I deserve a try honey just once
Give me a chance and I'll prove this all wrong
You walked in, you were so quick to judge
But honey he' s nothing like me

I'll never break your heart
I'll never make you cry
I'd rather die than live without you
I'll give you all of me
Honey, that's no lie

As time goes by
You will get to know me
A little more better
Girl that's the way love goes baby, baby
And I (I) know you're afraid (know you're afraid)
To let your feelings show (feelings show)
And I understand
Girl, it's time to let go (girl, it's time to let go because)
I deserve a try (try) honey
Just once (once)
Give me a chance (chance) and I'll prove this all wrong (wrong you walked)
You walked in, you were so quick to judge (quick to judge)
But honey he's nothing like me
Darling why can't you see

[Chorus (2x)]

No way, no how (I'll never break your heart girl, I'll never make you cry)
I swear (Oh I, oh I, I swear)
No way, no how (I'll never break your heart girl, I'll never make you cry)

[Chorus (3x)]

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the reality that i wanted to change.

Dalam lelapku ini
Terbayang wajah seakan puteri
Dalam lelapku ini
Munculnya dia bagai bidadari

Dalam renungku ini
Sepenuhnya ku ingin mendekati
Dalam hatiku ini
Sepenuhnya ku ingin memiliki

Dan bila
Cuba bangun dari lelapku
Dan bila
Ku cuba buka kan mataku

Dan hilang
Segala rupa yang telah ku bayang
Dan hilang
Segala rasa yang telah ku rasa
Dan hilang
Segala semua harapanku
Dan hilang
Cerita indah dalam tidurku

Dalam renungku ini
Sepenuhnya ku ingin mendekati
Dalam hatiku ini
Sepenuhnya ku ingin memiliki

Dan bila
Cuba bangun dari lelapku
Dan bila
Ku cuba buka kan mataku

Dan hilang
Segala rupa yang telah ku bayang
Dan hilang
Segala rasa yang telah ku rasa

Nyatalah dia hanya dalam mimpiku
Dan kisah aku memilik cinta hati
Nyatalah dia hanya kekasih pelukku
Sampai sini kisah aku dengan nya
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tenteram sudah...=)

byk je lagi..
tapi pas berfikir secara waras..
now aku slowly siap kn keje tnpe rase presure..
aku wat bese2 suda..
sudh tak tertekan
buat saje pe aku se ok..
malas wat terbaek
bese2 sudah
slh pon xpe..
bese r student sape tak wt slh..

mari tgk why2 love!
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balik pulau?

yup aku dah balik pulau.....pinang..
n now..aku di balik pulauu..
banyakkk keje..
banyak kuizzzzzz...
semua tak stadyyyy lagi...
aku tensen..
tensen ni buat aku jd lgi malaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssss...
n wat aku gile sket..
aku fedup ngn keje..
die wat aku tak leyh nk enjoy time cuti..
sbb ganggu minda n jiwa aku..
aku buat dah part aku..
except yg compile nye part..
cozzzzz...aku tak tau la nk kte peee....
aku se cammmm...
now moood akuu..
aku nak abaikan je sme keje...
aku nk compile cincai2...
nape aku je perlu risauuuuu
same ade sme keje ok ke takkk..
aku nk jd cam org len..
lepak n cool je walau tau kerja sme cincaiii!

aku nk jd ignorant r pasniiiii
seyeslyyy aku sdhh mlssss thp pe je dahh niiii
aku se seolah2..
hidup ni mmg nk men2 kan aku laaaaa,..
now ubah jd new el..
new me..
new attitude..
no more baek2..
aku nak jadi JAHAT!

aku nk tgk cne keadaan bile jg ignorant..
tgk sme cincai..
best kot wat gtuuu..
well xdela cincai..
just xde lansg usaha nk berfikir sndri tuk wat kejeeeeee..

oh ye safuan..aku x dpt la nk ikot nsht ko jgn pk sal keje..
sbb kannnnn...
aku bukan jenis cmtuuu
sooo..silee ajar aku yeh..
bg aku jd ignorant!


p/s: aku dah gile!
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its sooo obvioussssss~

CIntA ..
layaknya sepert rama-rama..
semakin kalian mengejarnya..
semakin jauh ia meninggalkan kalian..
Biarkan rama-ramamu terbang kemana saja ia suka..
siapa tahubila ia lelah dan tidak sedar akan kewujudanmu..
ia bakal mengibaskan sayapnya kearahmu..
menumpang teduh dari panas dan badai duniawi..
dalam keadaan kau tidak sangka..
mungkin saja rama-rama yang kau kejar itu..
bukan rama-rama yang Allah peruntukkan..

p/s: yep! thats life ~

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EntahLa SAfuan!

cam bese..bace blog org len bru reti nk update..
tertarik ngn entri safuan

sejujurnye..aku phm benar pe safuan cube smpaikan..
n i agree with it mostly..

perkare ni xmudah nk di bincang kan..
hati kite..
punye banyak bahase..
hati kite ..
bukan sng nk difahami..
kite selalu rase kita x bertuah..
n rase cam smenye x adil dlm hidup..
x rase ke kita lari dr tujuan sbnr hidup kite?

tuhan bg kita akal pk..
buat keputusan yg terbaek tuk diri kita sndri..
untuk disayangi atau menyayangi..

setiap manusia..
punye kedue2..bukan slh satu shj..
kalau tak takkn timbul isu untuk pilih disayangi dan menyayangi..

kite syg org len, org tu syg org len, ade org len syg kite dan seterusnya..
cycle ni berterusan..
smpai lah one day.. dengan izin thn..
kite keluar dr cycle tu..
rase syg kepade manusia..
tu anugerah tuhan..
kalau tuan tak cambahkn rase syg tu kt hati..
x jadi gak..

kenape nk rumitkan perkare..
kenape perlu pilih
untuk menyayangi atau disayangi?
akhirnye ape tujuan kite dlm hidup?
adekah selame2nye perlu confius..

aku pon png..
manusia biasalah..
penuh ngn emosi yg bermacam2..
kalau tak.. x normal la kan..

berguna ape yg sani sharekan:

"barangsiapa yg tidak menyayangi, dia tidak akan disayangi"~hadis

"barangsiapa yg menjaga hubungannya dgn Allah, Allah akan menjaga hubungannya dgn sesama manusia"~hadis

kita sebagai manusia..
cuba lah ape yg terdaye..
sedih, gembira..
ape pon perlu teruskan hidup..
dan x sia2kan kehidupan yg tuhan kurniakan kt kite..
bersyukur ngn ape yg ade..

memang tak nafi..
kadang2 rase x adil sgt..

semua perkare ade hikmah..

mungkin sekarang kita tak tahu..
tapi kemudian?
ape yg kita perlu lakukan..
jgn lah abaikan tanggungjwb kita sebagai hamba..
segala nya akan dipermudahkan..

Kadang2, Allah sembunyikan MATAHARI… Dia berikan kita HUJAN dan PETIR. Kita tertanya-tanya, mana perginya MATAHARI. Rupanya Allah berikan kita PELANGI.


p/s: entahlaa..just hope everything will fall to it place.... =)

parts of the song particularly listening to;

"To build me up and tear me down

"You took a hammer to these walls,

Dragged the memories down the hall

"I let you get the best of me"

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x tercapai akal~

sungguh tak paham..
nape ek?
dalam hidup..
kite diwarnai (
cewahh ayt skema)
mcm2 jenis perasaan..
marah, sedih,geram,gembira,kagum,sayang,CINTA?
wujud ke ek?
n ade ape ngn cinta..
wawawa =0
hoh..bukan tu aku nk bincang..
dalam sehari macam2 jenis perasaan leyh ade..
nape if happy..xley nk happy jee..
or if sdh biar lntak sdh je..
haha..camtu sme org buleh jd gile..
so bile kite rase mcm2 jns rase one day..
normal la..
jadi kite bukan lah spesis len..
curiga, sangsi n xpercaye?
tu pon perasaan gak..
bese la tu..
tpi bg aku better jgn dilyn sgt setiap perasaan yg ade.. if se curiga..
uih jgn lyn sgt..
bukan x buleh nk curiga..
tpi pndai2 r..
bijak kawal perasaan.
mende aku merepek niiii..

org kate..ikut hati mati, ikut rase binase..
btol la kan..
kalo duk ikot hati n rase tk guna akal..
sme pon masuk hospital bahagia kot..
tpi bkn sng..
aku tau gak.
aku pon x pndai pon nk control2 ni..
kdg2 wengong gak jdnye..
namun x slh usaha..
so aku ske nk rase happy..
aku usaha lah tuk happy..
aku rase sme org nk happy..
tapi plg ptg..
if aku nk usaha la kan..
aku usahakan tuk sme perasaan yg positif..
bru aman sket..

so sape yg tgh tak hepy, sangsi, geram, n yg penuh rase negatif dlm jiwa


Nidji – Laskar Pelangi

mimpi adalah kunci
untuk kita menaklukkan dunia
berlarilah tanpa lelah
sampai engkau meraihnya

laskar pelangi takkan terikat waktu
bebaskan mimpimu di angkasa
warna bintang di jiwa

menarilah dan terus tertawa
walau dunia tak seindah surga
bersyukurlah pada Yang Kuasa
cinta kita di dunia selamanya

cinta kepada hidup
memberikan senyuman abadi
walau hidup kadang tak adil
tapi cinta lengkapi kita

laskar pelangi takkan terikat waktu
jangan berhenti mewarnai
jutaan mimpi di bumi

repeat reff [2x]

laskar pelangi takkan terikat waktu

p/s: aku dah tanda2..emosi tak terkawal..hahahaha~
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im okay!

I am OKAY!
hahaha..saye ok lah..
btol..x tipu..
hahaha..when something happens..
we just need time before we can get back to buisness rite..


if kite buat buisness..
pastu bankrupt..

xkn tnpa analisis..
tanpe siasat punca2..
tnpe kite nsht diri balik pe kite perlu buat..
tanpe kite btol2 bersedia ..

kite tros nk buke buisness balik..
nnt gagal gak cm dulu balik..
kot la kite pk ..
mybe kite ubah buisness len ke..
takpon still buisness lame tpi ngn strategy yg bgs2..

same r cam hidup..
so give time to it..
jgn gelojoh..or terburu2..
xkemane pon..
tkdir hidup kite dah ade..
take it slow n easy..
n doa la yg terbaek..
in mean time hidup happy2..
n plan ur life wisely!

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stupid.such a fool.shame.ego.sad.angry.frustrated.selfdestruction

yup..thats rite..



all the negative thinking is starting to build up again in my head..
this time..its not less than before..
this time its worst..
last time epul help me to think back positively..
it just get worst..
due to certain circumstances..
and this time..
its really hard to make me think positive again..
coz all the trust..
just seem to vanish..
and i know this is damn bad..
what i feel is HATRED!
and yes!
i hate it..

p/s: hate trying..hate trusting..hate doesnt seems to go the way i wanted..ends up making a fool out of myself~

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Hey Girl
Is he everything you wanted in a man?
You know I gave you the world
You had me in the palm of your hand
So why your love went away
I just can't seem to understand
Thought it was me and you, baby (baby)
Me and you until the end
But I guess I was wrong

Don't wanna think about it (uh)
Don't wanna talk about it (uh)
I'm just so sick about it
I can't believe it's ending this way
Just so confused about it (uh)
Feeling the blues about it (yeah)
I just can't do without ya
Tell me is this fair

Is the way it's really going down?
Is this how we say goodbye?
Shoulda known better when you came around
That you were gonna make me cry
It's breaking my heart to watch you run around
Cause I know that you're living a lie
But that's ok, baby, cause in time you will find

What goes around, goes around, goes around, comes all the way back around(4x)

Now Girl
I remember everything that you claimed
You said that you were moving on now (on now)
Maybe I should do the same (maybe I should do the same)
The funny thing about that is
I was ready to give you my name
Thought it was me and you baby (baby)
And now, it's all just a shame
That I guess I was wrong

What goes around, goes around, goes around, comes all the way back around(4x)

What goes around comes around
What goes around comes around
You should know that

What goes around, goes around, goes around, comes all the way back around(4x)

(let me paint this picture for ya, baby)

You spend your nights alone
And he never comes home
And everytime you call him, all you get is a busy tone
I heard you found out
That he's doing to you
What you did to me
Ain't that the way it goes
When you cheated, girl
My heart bleeded, girl
So it go without saying that should let the feeling hurt
Just a classic case scenario
Tale as old as time
Girl, you got what you deserved
And now you want somebody
To cure the lonely nights
You wish you had somebody
That could come and make it right
But girl, I ain't somebody
I'm out of sympathy

What goes around comes back around
I thought I told ya
Hey (hey)

You shoulda listened to me, baby
What goes around comes back around

p/s: huhu... ;p

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wow =o

tak sangka dah ramadhan..
nt tgk2..eh2..dah syawal..
baju raya?
mama srh tmph kt png..
tpi anak die ni malas nk gi buat baju raya..
enth kenape..
aku ni laki ke pompuan??
biasanye laki lah yg buat tak kesah sal baju raya ni..
ni aku pon cam endah tak endah je..
enth aku baju bru sme ni..xptg..
yg ptg raye nt..dpt balik kg n spent time ngn family..
tu je pon..

kenape fikiran aku mkn lame..
mcm..aku rase free..x brt..
aku rase cam..

haha..ape aku merepek ni..
aku rase mybe sbb tgh busan ni..

menarik lak rase nk tgk..ape ending sem 3..
pe lah peristiwa2 yg bakal berlaku lepas saat ni..
ape jadi ngn kisah hidup aku..
bile pk balik..haah..bru 20 je umur aku..


ok2..dah mereng..

ok better aku gi start tgk2 lab manual physical pharm..
enth kenape..
aku rase..
ape mnde subjek ni??

p/s: budak2 farmasi..kalau time wat report yg susah2 bese lah..akan jadi mereng..ki3x~
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apesal la sme mnde cam berkaitan??(-_-")

"lagu2 di radio seolah2 memerli aku, pabila..kau bersama yg laen"

haha..tu lagu je weh..
tpi btol la kan..
sme pon cam nk perli..
ni lagi satu mnde aku dpt kt blog safuan..

aku se translation lagu korea..
eh yeke safuan???
dulu tu safuan la kan..
tpi now die dah hepy..
tu history dah for him..
now turn aku lak post entri tu..
well situasi die diff la..
but theres still some word or line..
just remind me of somethng..

She is passing me by, getting further away
The girl that I liked so much
With her back turned, she looks back at me
This miserable feeling is like…
But I force it down
Is the man next to you better looking than me?
Even the way you look is so different now

She passes me by, tightly holding his hand
Getting further away, wearing more makeup
There was never a time, since the beginning
I was only ever a convenient friend

I was only ever a comfortable person
My love was only a passing thought

She is passing me by, getting further away
The girl that has become much more beautiful
I can’t even get mad, I’m completely numb
This miserable feeling is like…
But I force it down
Is the man next to you richer than me?
Even the way you look is so different now

What the hell is the difference
between that person and me?
Maybe then, her eyes and her movements
might want me too.
Caught up in my own thoughts
Because her image has become like air and passed me by, my tears fall
Have you tried thinking about me?
Given any thought about me?
The times we stayed together like lovers flying free
I still love you
Seems like I should forget you but when I see the picture that we took together, I can’t ever forget you

What is it I lack that your man has?
I could have been better to you than anyone

She passes me by, tightly holding his hand
Getting further away, wearing more makeup
There was never a time, since the beginning
I was only ever a convenient friend

sape2 nk tgk kt blog safuan..sile tgk lagi cun~

click je kt link ni...SAFUAN

credit 4 safuan!!

p/s: there are moments when, i just want everythng to be erased from my mind when i wake up in the morning..but still..i know..i treasure what is in the past n also whats in the future..

so no biggie..

ok selamat bersahur~

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%#$%^$^.. grrrrr

pe menda la graph neghh!!
pesal scale die pyh tolll!!
tpi tak give up!!
sbb lagi satu jepp!!
ok sambung wat graph..!

jgn tiru aksi ini dirumah..
tarek2 rmbut cam org gile..
eyh2..aku tak wat..
aku waras!
cme aku cmpk pen dan pensel kt meja..
sbb gerammmmmmm
then aku baring2..
sambung balik..

ok now dah wat the last graph!
cmon elyanayazmin!!!

p/s: thanks sani di atas entri ini!!!
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pandaiiinyeeee!!! ki3x~

ade kwn aku bg lagu ni..

inteam kot tak silap nyanyi lagu ni..

Oh Tuhan, seandainya telah Kau catatkan
Dia milikku, tercipta untuk diriku
Satukanlah hatinya dengan hatiku
Titipkanlah kebahagiaan

Ya Allah, ku mohon
Apa yang telah Kau takdirkan
Ku harap dia adalah yang terbaik buatku
Kerana Engkau tahu segala isi hatiku
Pelihara daku dari kemurkaanMu

Ya Tuhanku, yang Maha Pemurah
Beri kekuatan jua harapan
Membina diri yang lesu tak bermaya
Semaikan setulus kasih di jiwa

Ku pasrah kepadaMu
Kurniakanlah aku
Pasangan yang beriman
Bisa menemani aku
Supaya ku dan dia
Dapat melayar bahtera
Ke muara cinta yang Engkau redhai

Ya Tuhanku, yang Maha Pengasih
Engkau sahaja pemeliharaku
Dengarkan rintihan hambaMu ini
Jangan Engkau biarkan ku sendiri

Agarku bisa bahagia
Walau tanpa bersamanya
Gantikanlah yang hilang
Tumbuhkan yang telah patah
Ku inginkan bahagia
Di dunia dan akhirat
PadaMu Tuhan ku mohon segala

hmm..dan.. thanks to him..
nmpknye die phmmm hahaha~
bijak2..minom susu nespray kot kecik2 dulu beliau..
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nak tau tak???

moving on..
moving on aku bkn cam dak2 sekolah dulu..
dulu pon aku move on cam dak2 skola nye style la..
pk ikot perasaan x pkai akal..
asal nk mrh..kite mrh je..
asal nk sdh..sdh cam pe dunia nk tamat..
se cam mnde sesimple itu..
tpi now..

moving on..

bg aku..bkn setakat ko ganti kesah lame dgn baru shj dalam sekelip mate..
sbb tu dulu personaliti ubah2..
kejap cam nk cmni..
kejap nk camni,,
x tetap pendirian..
sme ikot swing moood je..

asal rase mrh..ok kite benci..
asal se sdh..kite gv up..tpi otak duk men2 lagi pk..
asal kite se tak puas hati mule nk bls dendam la pe la..
bese la zaman sekola..maseh tercari2 pe kite nak..

tapi now..
dah tue kot..
uih muda lagi pdhl..
20 bru..even x smpai 20 lagi nw..ki3x..
nak gak jdi muda tu..
cme cre pk dah berubh la..
xde la emo je..
emo kejap sdh..
dah leyh pk..
pe yg patut kite wat..

moving on..
teruskan hidup seperti biase..
jdkn mslh sbgai pembngkit semangat..
dan kukuhkn matlamat kite..
x perlu nk png2 pk cne ni??..eyhh cne klo cmtu??..
senye kita x perlu mulakan semuanye semula...
pastu nyesal n png balik..
now move on cam bese..
jgn ikot perasaan..

ikot perasaan x bg pe2 kebaikan pon..
bg saye skrg..
jika dah ditakdirkn "A"..
mcm mane pusingnye kesah kite skrg..
kejap "A", kejap "Z"..kejap "C"..
pasti nt kembali ke A..

tpi jika takdir kita bukan "A" tpi "B"
make bukan "A" lah gak..
tpi mse tu mesti kite pon dah menju pade "B"
btol tak..

ape ni??
aku phm jep..

so terus je la hidup mcm biase..
hrpn now jika tkdir kita "A"..
tpi jika tkdir kita "B" sekali pon nt..
pasti itulah yg terbaek tuk kita..


jdi now..fokus je la pe yg ptut..
buat pe nk bsg2 or png2 sal tkdir..
sure tuhan akan lead kite nye nt..
penghujung nya dah pon ade..
cme kite je kne pk n plh jln kite nk pegi ke destinasi tu..
same ade penuh ngn sdh.. atau kegembiraan..
bg saye..saye pilih nk gembire byk pd sdh sehinggala smpai destinasi tu..
jd..gembira la yg sy akan usahakn..
harapan msh ade..x brubh..skit pon x brubh..
tpi biarla mase dan yg kat atas sane yg tentukan..
saya hanye teruskan kehidupan ..
supaye hari2 saya sentiasa heppy..

xsemudah itu nk lupekn semuanye..
x smudah itu nk kite tolak ketepi semuanye..
x semudah itu tuk berhenti berhrp..
tapi biarlah guna akal bkn emosi jepp..
kenape kite nk png2 or sdh2 memanjang..

stady x beh lagi wei!
berangan nak jadi kaye !
dah tu pe lagi..!
stady la!
esaimen siapkn la!
pe kesusah??
jgn nk pk ke len jep..

hishyh elyana yazmin..

selesai sdh..

p/s: nk hlg ngntuk..jd kene bebel kt diri sndri..hahaha..
ki3x.. hidup mesti cerie yep!

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saya mesti kuat..
i must be strong..
saye org kuat..
xde sape lagi kuat dr saye..
saye la plg cerie..
yeah ell..u can do it girl!!..(ayt adham)
sme2 la..
relaks el..coollll..
hidup mesti cerie!

x memberi kesan sgt pon..

ok sudah!
buat lab report!
tu lah ko wat pe keje lagi bek..(ayt feriz)
gile mrh aku dgr die kate..
keje aku jln gak r..!


ok tammat..


bek saye nk wat keje..nt feriz kate saye x wat keje..

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AkaL fIkiRaN..

someone told me once..
obachan gata i ta..(eyh btol ke aku eja ni wei??)

hidup ni kite perlu ade impian atau we need to have dreams..
then only bru kite work out to achieve that dreams..
tapi dalam perjalanan nk mengejar impian tu..
kdg2..tuhan bg kita macam2 ujian..
sbnrnye sedikit sbyk ujian tu mampu wat kite nilai balik diri kita, ujian itu tanda kita mempunyai peluang untuk memperbaiki diri, dengan adenya ujian tanda tuhan masih sayang pade kita..
cek hezrin kate.."tuhan beri kita kebebasan dalam memilih"..
sbb itu die kur
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saye tak tahu nk kate ape..ki3x=)

saye pegi melake..
dengan satu tujuan..
ade beberape objektif..
tapi objektif utama..
nk jupe cek starlight..
tpi kan saye ckp ade objektif2 len..
ade satu je objektif yg sukses..iaitu jupe pijus tengin..
maaf piju..
aku gurau jep..
then objektif yg utama tu cam tercapai la ..jupe tu mmg jupe si starlight..
tpi saye x wat impact yg bgs kot..
make objektif yg len sme x tercapai..
mule2 saye sdh..
now pon sdh snrnye..
saye dah bese,,
hidup ni cam roda..
5 buln lepas saye hepy..
tpi now sye sdh..
tapi sdh2 pon..
kan kate cam roda..
saye pasti saya akan happy nt..
jadi now..
saye hanye perlu kuatkn semangat..
n doakan..
saye akan heppiiii gileee pasniii..
lagipon kwn2 saye ade,.
x ske diorng mrh..
tpi saye tau mereka syg sye..hahahha

i wish n dreams will come true..lalaala

kepade adek(ce), ajis, ain, nini, piju,arm, sani , mas,ilham,adelin, krys,adam,apis besar, is, sme2 la...wahhhhh aku syg korang..wei2..mane x sbt jgn marah ha!aku x tersebut sape sowh ramai sgt kwn2 aku ki3x..

kepade starlight.. sibuk jerh nk bace..xyh bace la..ki3x..

amiiinn..saye hrp puase n raye thn saye semangat bru..ngeh3x~
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confusion or unlucky..

hmm.. confuse? unlucky?..mybe both..
i know what i want..but what i want usually hard to get..
i want somethng that not meant for me..
but something that i dun want.. sometimes there..but sometimes they come n go..
cause i dun let them stay..

when i found the one..
the others start coming too..
when the one starts fade..
the others faded too..

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starlight hati sayewwww~

hehehe.. i luv this song...
thanks starlight..
soooo sweeetttttttttt..

Semua tahu kamu cantik
Semua tahu kau menarik
Kau bidadari terhebat
Membuat cintaku makin kuat

Kadangkala ku cemburu buta
Saat ramai mata terpesona
Terlebih saat ku mahu pergi
Di saat itu kau ada di sini

Please please please
Kamu jangan nakal
Ku pergi sebentar
Bukan untuk curang
Please please please
Kamu jangan nakal
Nanti aku datang
Bawa yang kau pesan

Diriku untukmu

Semua tahu kau milikku
Semua tahu ku cintamu
Ada pun yang memandangku
Betapa beruntungnya aku

Kadangkala ku cemburu buta
Saat ramai mata terpesona
Terlebih saat ku mahu pergi
Di saat itu kau ada di sini

Ulang Chorus

Bukan aku terlalu
Mengawal sikapmu
Ku hanya terlalu
Terlalu sayangi kamu
Ampunkan aku terlebih-lebih
Jagakan kamu
Ku cintamu
Kau cintaku

Ulang Chorus 3X

Diriku untukmu
Diriku untuk

aliff oiam-jangan nakal!

sayeeewwww sgttt ki3x..
hopee...dreams do come true.. starlight~
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gossipp VS starlight..???

ape ke merepek daaa..
aku ngn tut.........
tpi aku phm je if nape perkare ni jadi isuuuuu..
yela kan..haihhh..
aku lak sme pon lynnnnnnn jeeeeeee..
kawan je ponn relakzz sudepp..
tpi not lyn more than frens kk..ngn speciall cre aku len sgt222222...
sayeww dah ade not looking for any other starlight..
well..a bit takut starlight hilang..
actually bukan a bit la..
mybe if hlg starlight ni..2 thn akan dtg bru jpe starlight len.. xmauu=(
ingt sng nk cri starligt heh??
do you think its easy to replace something that is already perfect for me..

  • finish degree-mech engine (automotif)
  • baek!
  • setie
  • matured yg ok..not too childish..nott too matured..
  • he's cute!
  • im his angel..he said that ok! not mee=p
  • keimanan yg ok-certain laki sgt dasttt..uishh
  • he wants what i want..-same mind level about certain stuffs
  • independent-can surviveee
  • so00 sweet cam guleee -only with me..=p
the one main reason is...
  • he wishes things that i really wish for in my future..
i dun think that this can be easily beat by others..
its very hard to replace a starlight that i had choose..
kalau kite nak pilih permata dlm kace..
kite dah amek usehe yg sgttttt la byk ..tgn drh2..snggup amek risiko..
bile dah dpt permate tu..
ko rase aku nk sng2 je ke gi search balik dlm kace tu nk cri permate laen..
nak2 kalo aku dah rase permate tu perfect tuk akuu..
its not that easy..
if aku rase permate tu bukan tuk aku..
ko ingt aku leyh terus rush2 gi cri dlm timbunan kace tu balik ke..
sakett wooo..
it takes timeee lerrr..

dun judge me tooo early..
but x slh pon kalo org pk gtu..
just renung2kn lerrr..
do you really know sape elyanayazmin nii..
n do you know how to differentiate the way i treat special person in my life compared to my frenz??

muchh22222 better than i treat my frenzz la..but aku lyn kwn aku cam adek beradek pee..ok la kan..=p

now special tol2 xdeee..
starlight is just something yg blom tentu future nye..
we are just frens at the moment..
but he is an option which i dun wanna let goo..
if i coulf..
just one word asking me to stay..ill make him the most special personnn in my life..
mr starlight~
tpiii lmbt lagy jd special pon takpe..
bru 20..sape kte aku nk ade hubungn perkapalan tu..
just a promise to wait sdh..
beh stadyy luuu..ngam2 die stable his life..
then we see la what god arrange for my future..
i just wait..
although there tons of fish in the sea..
i will test the sea first..

sankiuu mr starlight..we gonna keep movin on n see what life have for us..
what ever it is in the future..i dun regret knowing you n make you a starlight..
all i wanna say is..just pray for the best~

p/s: comparison is easily done once you had a taste of perfection~
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5 a.m =)

its 5 a.m in the morning..when i started typing diz etri..nothing much to say..just i couldnt sleep..
which annoys me aaaa LOOOTTT..huhu..
im suppose to have SHE101-Hubungan Etnik early 9.a.m later..sooo..if i sleep..i might over slept i decided not to sleep for today..
I cant sleep..a lot of things in my head..n it annoys me the most when i kept thinking of it..its like a rotation of events thats in the past,future n now..
head to be 20's where need to be thinking most of the time..
why cant i just be a baby or what..??
damn..suddenly my eyes starts to feel sleepy..
i think i should go to bed..but need to iron my baju kurung for tomorrow..
oooo..sleepy eyes..please wake up~
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Semakin Menarik!!..wahhh. hebat..WOW.=0

huhu..sem ni mcm makin menarik..walaupun keje bertimbun2..namun dgn adenye rakan2 yg sempoi lagi keanak2kan.. hidup semakin terhibur..tiap2 minggu ade je aktiviti..lalallala~..
ha! tak lupe gak ngn junior2 yg uih..mesraaaa..huhuhu..bgs..inilah yg kita mahukan..generasi yg happy gooo lucky..

now ptg2..dpn rumah port tmpt dak farmasi lepak..lalalla..
penuh sungguh area itu dgn bakal2 pemegang lesen farmasi..
dulu kami batch 2008/2009 je yg duk lepak ctu..nowwww..wahhh..
ade lak batch bwh kami..lagi la meriah..hahaha..ceh..pdhl tego pon sket2 je..lalalla..

ape aku merepek ni??
actually aku tgl sowang2 ni kt umah..
sme pon kuar..
starlight kuar (bz x dpt msg..die kol kejap je..)..
adelin n krys kuar..=(
wahhh..rumah ini aku yg punya..hohohoho..

arini..aku bace blog apiz besar..
jadi care aku taip ni pon dah cam gaye die..
antare penceria di ict beliau ni..

xtau nk tulis pe dah..

keje byk tpi maleh buat...

macam mane ini??

sem ni nk target 4.0 lah..
ayh aku kte..kalo dpt 4.0 die beli kete..
cis..tau2 je aku tkkn dpt..tu berani jnji...

sedeyh =(

hahahhaa..pdhl x sdh pon..
hidup mcm bese sdh..
x stress..

walaupon aku png ngn byk perkare..
tpiii...aku ade kwn2 serta keluarge..yg sentiase ade je leyh ceriekan akuuu

jadi..sem ni..insyaAllah semua akn OK!

saye berdoa..
semua sentiase gumbireeee
saye juga berdoa..
saye tak perlu cari starlight laenn..
saye juge berdoa..walao x dpt 4.0..ayh saye nt belikan saye kete..
saye nak ronda2! bersame kwn2 tercintus..
saye mahu kereta manual ya anak2..sbbbbbb...
saye x mau kmhrn manual yg pernah saye belajar lapuk di telan autooo..ki3x
arghh..aku dah merepek..



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life is not easy as it seems~

diz taking..

physical pharmacy
medicinal chemistry
dosage form
hubungan etnik
pharmacy management
antimicrobial therapy

interesting subjects but un fortunately..
almost every subjects..have its own assignments..

biochemistry -
forever with the tonnes of lab reports to be done..n the worst part is!.. the counterpart from USM.. damn strict about marking our course work..(think about it i didnt do my lab report yet..DAMN!)..what im worried now is Pn Ariesma seems tak larat already to teach as she is pregnant now..hmm pity her thats why i attend her class this sem =p..

physical pharmacy-
pity our lecturer Mr amir which afraid to gives us lecture due to our passiveness(which indeed not true at all coz he never saw us during cik hezrin class..i bet he wont have a chance to talk..ki3x)..however..physical pharm is also a subject which involve alot of labs (i hate labs...i need to where shoes..waaaa)

medicinal chemistry-
wohoooo..our lecturer..Mr Belal Omar Al Najjar..ki3x..he's cute..tettt!! dun get me wrong..ki3x..
its just during first year i thought he was the student from Arab that will be studying with us..but it turns out he is our lecturer n the student was mahmoud..haih..$#^%$&%^.. diz misunderstanding happened bec..Mr Belal is small in size n have baby sorry mr belal..ki3x..but..uik.get to the point back! well medicinal chemistry is tough..labs, heavy notes, projects n research..which when we need to do research means.. a hell of works to be done..hah!! but i finally got my group members Adelin,syafuan and Adham had agreed to stude about the discovery and development of METHADONE.. methadone is a narcotic analgesic drug..its kind of a morphine..the best can be addictive but it also can help to solve the problems of patient which addict to Heroin (Diamorphine)..wooo! i talk like a student of pharmacy at last..if not i wont know a damn about drugs..even i dun noe the dose for panadol..hahaha~

dosage form..
waaaaaaaa!! we dun have lecturer too teach us..our counterpart from USM had come..but our own lecturer are not here with us now..we didnt start an inch at all..damn..its an important subject..we even have practical exams..the college seems not doing anything about it..i hope by the end of this week we can have our lectures for dosage form..its not a mickey mouse subject.
hmmphh..(cam la pegi kelas sgt if ade kelas pon..ki3x)

hubungan etnik-
SHE 101..interesting subject..but wrong timing,.,it increase the load of work for us..proposal, report,video presentation,
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ama! aku dah jwb tag hang~

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
= what goes around, comes arou..but if i really do love him..sdh gak..but lntk la..ade yg lebeyh baek untuk daku..xde jdh la tu~ki3x

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
= being rich,being a wife to daniel wuu?? naaa..just hope that can live hepily ever after~

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?
= xde sape2..x ske gado2 ni..x ayu..kahkahkah~

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
= set up a buisness n make more billion dollars n than make a living out of it~

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
= hmm so far nope~

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
= dunno..loving someone is kind of guess loving someone la kot ptt di blessed..ki3x~

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
= enth depends..smpai lebam kot..ki3x..waited b4..3-4 yrs..last2 nothing..but i dun have someone that i love how??

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
= cari laen da..wat pe rebut2..unless die jdh aku but till then let him be~

9. If you like to act with someone, who will it be? Your gf/bf or an actress/actor?
= actor pon xdak=p

10. What takes you down the fastest?
= bile tkde mknn..ki3x~

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time?
=,honda accord kt garage umah..with happy family~

12. What’s your fear?
= enth..takut pe eyh? x kawen kot..hahahahaha~

13.What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
= ama?? enth gile2 kot~

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
=aku xmo due2..aku nk option n married happy~

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
= gi bilik air gosok gigi..~

16. Would you give all in a relationship?
= depends on the guy lor..but still menurut syarak touching2..ki3x~

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
= boleh ke 2 org dlm satu mase?? nope i dun think it will ever just for one la kan..~

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing someone has done?
= forgive but not forget..just being aware~

19. Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?
= hmmm...sometimes nk single..sometimes nk relationship..dunno just wait~

20. List 20 people to tag:
= sat r..ki3x..nk pi mkn~
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seriusly boring =l

well..first day in penang...hmmm
speechless tul la..
nothing interesting lak..
well kelas esok dah start..
which will be more difficult from last semester..
duit byk beh kt yuran..
well byk la gak beh kt tmpt len...
haih..why ha??
dah tu busan lak..
balik pulau...
gile bosan aku balik cni..xde pe pon..
well as time goes nt dah lepak ngn member...hlg la busan..
terpk lak cne aku survive tmpt yg busan cni..
start stady nt ok la kot..adeyh...
nk buat pe pon tak tau..
dah bese cam brg xde mende nk wat..
nk start blaja pon cam alahai...malas thp dewa dah..

nk ikut dak2 ni kuar aku ade lagi..tkkn nk tgl lak kan..
hope tomorrow gonna be better lak..
kalo x mati busan aku cni..
otak..sile berfungsi..coz kelas dah start esok!!!!
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pe tajuk nak letak ni?hmm..

ngantuk banget...
tpii...still depan lappie gak kan..
so dah ngantuk gi tido la..
aduiii..rini nothing much pon kot..
just nk off day la next week..
nak jenjalan..tgk org len jln2 x keje best pulak..
tpi kalo aku x keje gi starbucks..x dpt lak discount 20percent..alah...
x kesa la..demi starbucks akn ku harung jua..ki3x..
boring tul time break diz week..tak tau nk gi ane..nk shoping xde sales dah..
so shopping x guna akal la if tgh tak sales ni kan..
jadi duk la aku goyang kaki kt starbucks bersame si nash n saiful..
due ekor barista toek tu..

cakap sal tu..
waaaaaa..awal2 nk keje kt starbucks..nk blaja wat minuman fav aku ni.tpinyeeeee..
alahai..pesal aku stady kt balik pulau..da pyh nk wat part time..bengongs..ade kete xpe gak..kalo tak kompem2 aku partimer tuk starbucks untill beh blaja..

kalo blaja kuantan..kompem2 dah aku keje sane..arghhhhh...

balik png ssh dah nk gi lepak starbucks..gile bodo pyh nk kuar dr balik pulao tu.. tu time jimat2 then balik ktn..starbucks again aku serang..
antara kuantan ngn penang....aku ske png..coz jauh pde family...
ha?? pesal lak gitu..haha..aku xleyh duk ngn family lame2..x masyuk la..
aku ske idup indi..hahahaha..

sah2 aku keje nt aku cri umah sndri..

angan2..nak duk apartmen...
bilik pergh aku hias sepertimane aku nak selame ni..
dapur yg canggih gilos n sgt la lengkap..
living room yg ade home teater n sofa yg sgt la masyuk tuk duduk n tido..
window kt balkoni ngadap view pantai/bangunan yg cun/ taman permainan/ taman..

pastu siap keta BMW lagi..tpi awal2 keje x mampu la kan nk beli..
make kete myvi pon jadi la..hahhaahhahahahahaha..

gile la angan2..

balik keje ..
ade umah yg tercinta tunggu,,,
mlm2 amek keta BMW jenjalan ngn kwn2..
minom kt starbucks everyday..
wahahha..if mmg aku kaye gileeee...akunye almari..fuhhh..penuh la ngn baju2 n kasut2 n jeans2..whahahahahha..


angan2 je tu..
if tul la aku kaye gitu..
xyh kesah dh..
bahagie dah aku se idup aku ..
tpi kompem xde laki berani dekat..
coz kaye sgt..
lntkla..jnji aku epy..

tpi reality..aku dah pon terime hidup yg sederhane..tu hanye angan2 je pon..ade duit lebeyh.leyh la nk mewh2..hahahahhaaaha.. ntah aku merepek..hahhaa

pesal berangan je otk aku ni..ha! kompem mimpi best mlm ni..

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untitled story...

cis2..emosi tul2 terganggu..jiwa kacau tul la.. nk ngadu kt mr starlight..die x die tido awl..x awal mane la..coz aku blk keje lmbt la aku ngadu kt die..KIV lu..other option??adeyh..ngadu kt mak ayh??..hmmm..xpernah hayat aku wat =( pelik lak r kan..buang tebiat namenye..
so.!!!!..ha! pdn muke ko blog.. jadi tmpt aku nk lepas geram..bergune gak penye ko ni kan..diari?? haha..aku x ske nulis..taip ok..aku taip laju dr tulis tgn..ki3x..aku ngntuk dah ni..tpi nk clear minda n hati dulu kang ssh tido..diz week everything se cam tak kene..well last week the best la..coz SALES..wahaha..padini n converse aku serang..yes!!!..ha cerie sket bile teringt semula kunjungan ke padini n converse..owhh tak lupew juge the body shop..huargh3x..ha..amek kau..ketawa x eclass lnsng..btw coz aku tension sgt this week..everyday pon gi starbucks..wahaha..tmpt plg aku ske..damn it..kalo kaye..24-7 aku duk kt starbucks..bru hatiku gumbira..starbucks bgaikn tmpt pelarian mase aku tensen...the workers..the area..the air..the DRINKS especially buat aku sng hati sket...x lupe jugak special discount yg diowng gune jd customer yg setie..wahahaha..damn it..tensen!!! pesal aku tensen?? enthlah..nk cite ke kt cni?? pendek cite..just mind ur own buisness la..aku nye ske la aku nk wat pe..n jgn ganggu aku..just stay out of my life..stay out of my way..stay out of my everything..argh!!!!

one thing bout me..
i know what i do..
i know my limit..
n if ive done wrong..i'll take what it takes and admit it n learn from it..coz i know im at wrong..
if i do something..i know what the risk..aku dah pk la sblm aku wat pe2..
damn it ..
aku tau la pe aku wat..
jgn masuk cmpur..
unless if i ask..n if u know the correct way to talk to me..
if i said just shut up shut up je la..jgn la bsg2 agy..aku dah amek kire pe ko ckp tu..xyh ckp byk2 kali..bising tau enggak.. n u make me hate u..
ade st kes ni..
aku bukn nk kate aku pndai sgt la..
tpi aku jenis wat keje aku wat tol2..
ade sekor ni..keje die mende len..sibuk kt keje aku..
bajet pndai sgt..
pdhl pemalas cm ape je..
dengki sungguh beliau ngn aku..
pntg aku lebeyh seket..dah nk sibuk2..
kalo sibuk kt keje aku x nyerabutkn aku wat slh lak tu..arghhhhh..

tuju kt sape??
enth..sape2 la..
byk situation snrnye..n not involve one person..tpi kes diatas plg wat hati aku terbakar sungguh..
satu mende aku leyh bangge..

whatever it is.. that person thinks shes damn good but im sooooo soooooryyyy..she wont last long with that damn attitude.. pemalas gile..bile keadaan bz arah2 org,, otak pk nk dimiliki someone ala2 VIP..blah r..

"if u jadi manager bru i nak kawen ngn u..xyh wat keje teruk2..leyh gyang kaki.." -pergh pemals gitu xde sape nak la weiiii..

"el, org tak smpt la nk lap ni tlg lap..customer ramai..tlg lap bla3x"-klo mmg dri td bz xpe..aku phm la..leyh r time x bz x reti lak nk buat keje die tu..termenung cam bodo..bajet aku xde keje len..

"eh nape el ptg roti ni..el pndai ke..bla3x" -ko off due hari..manager dah ajar aku smenye..dah ratus roti aku slice...sold out pon..yg aku geram aku tgh ptg roti tu..kang silap aku sowh ko byr..bodo..bebel x beh2..

"kok nak ptg roti la..npe u tak ajr i..i lagi lame keje"-bongok dah keje ko cashier x yh sibuk2 la nk ptg roti..pastu slh..ha pdn muke..

"el ni letak cmni..cmni2..bla3x.."-ajaran sesat..pastu nyempit tmpt keje aku..dah lah slh..kan kene fire ngn aku..pastu tgl counter..customer pon mrh pdn mke

ni ayt aku tgh panas..

"akak, mende ni x leyh ltk cni..nt xleyh ptg..tu la kene ltk cm mule2 td..yg ni kak farah yg ajar.. n akak..tlg ketepi sikit...sye nk wat keje....sempit..kang lambt customer tu dpt sandwich die"- ayt cam bek..nada aku ade nada geram dah snrnyeeeeee.

ade manusia cni..aku ingt dlm tv je..cis~



amek kau.

puas hati...

P/s: actually sme org tau n sdr kebengongan beliau..n sependapat ngn aku..mlh geram lebeyh2 lagi..tu pon dah legakn aku..coz not only me..tpi aku geram gakkk..coz..i really hate that attitude..bile die cmpr keje aku n kucar kacir kn smenye..arghhhhhh...if not..mampus ko la nk wat pe..bkn ade kene ngena n nyusahkn aku pon... tu lah mksudnye bile aku kate stay out of my way..jgn kaco aku la..aku duk diam2 elok2..jgn bangkitkn kemarahan aku..aku pntang tul la...
x kesa r sape2..adek2 or kawan2..if aku gelak2 tibe2 diam ..ha diam la bile aku tak jwb or respon..aku ngah pk la tu..if tnye gak byk2 kali ..n pas aku kate bek ko diam..tu last warning la tu..kang x psal aku ngamuk kt situ.. ckp sekali sudep..bukn aku pekak n bodo sgt x phm.

so jgn srbtkn otak aku n nyushkn aku..n involve kan aku dlm something that is nothing to do with me..

ni bru satu situasi je ni..actually byk gile nk ikot situasi ala2 gini dlm idup aku..cme aku mls je nk buke cite..

yg ni special case coz..arini aku pnt..ngantuk..geram..

aku dah tak thn...dak tu lak tido..balik keje lak kene kemas

aku terpkse gak ngadu kt ko blog....


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part time.=) or =(..hmmm

nonthing much to say..
guess im too tired..
first day at work,.
sblm ni keje ofis wat akaun..
now keje kt roti boy..
rase r penat..blom keje mcd..
warghhh..tpi penat tu x sgt,.,
pinggang aku ni je lenguh gile berdiri x duduk..
best ...
hahhaha..x sbr nk gi keje lagi esok..
hmm..tpi satu r gi keje ni..wat aku x dpt msg/kol ..
berkorban la sbulan ni..ki3x..
hope nt dah adapt ngn jadual..
xdela miss timing ...
yeah baby,..
cek mau tidoq!!
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StoP bLogGinG..???

huhu patut ke stop blog? tpi nt buhsan nk wat pe? men game pon aku cepat yg aku tak pernh bosan???!!!...ha..budak2..kui3x..aku leyh duk ngn budak kecik seharian..siap berat hati nk balik umah...haha...kanak2 di nursery sungguh comel..perangai mereka cute2 belake..ki3x..ade je yg nakal..tpi bdk..bese la kan..ki3x..if kite pndai..jd geng r ngn depa..huhuhu..ceh bajet pro r ngn dak2..kehkehkeh..
mls nk blog? ade je se nk blog..tpi kali ni balik umah xde peluang nk on internet sgt cam mase mule2 aku wat blog ni..mase sng nk on line ..keje pon mule duk umah bosan dah terpengaruh tuk wat blog..tpi now..xde lak mase nk blog..aku ibarat kerja on call..hahaa...pagi2 bgn dah sibuk setle breakfast sme..then gegas2 buke nursery kul 7.30..tpi 7 dah bertlk dr umah..yela..dengan jam nye jln pg2..adoi..tpi aku x kesa..kerana..ade budak2 akn dtg kul 7.30 tu..warghh..tgk muke cute mereka dtg pgi2..ngn ngntuk2..hehe..buat aku smngt nk gi buke nursery esok harinye..ki3x..then dlm kul 10.30 kene lak gi bank la..byr bil2..cam2 la..then smpai umah dah lapar dah..tpi kene setel adek aku yg kecik tu nk gi sekolah..hadui..mkn bersuap ..pdhl darjah satu dah..cis..ki3x..then..die gi skewl..aku kene gi amek kazen n adek2 aku tu dri sekolah...sekolah if masg2 same len2..aduii...kdg2..ade lak yg balik lewat la pe die kol bru boleyh gi amek..kdg2..bru je masuk umah..tbe dah kol srg lagi sowh amek..warghhh bile aku leyh online atau enjoy...cube bilang sama aku sih..bila kok akan ku dpt relaks??!!! bese la..dah tensen2 kite gi r nursery bile dah ptg sket dlm 4.30..
huhu..ubat ade di situ..knk2 yg wat hidup aku sentiase cerie...ki3x.. bile kerje cni..demam pon terpkse gak demam aku seminggu pon x bek2 lagi..die cam x puas demam..yela..x rest kan.mlm pon ade gak keje aku nk online..?? ki3x..hri ahad la..tu pon kdg2 x la bru dpt..kehkehkeh...tgk naseb ade blog ni..leyh r aku meluah rase..pdhl..ade je org len aku ngadu..hehe.. thank you kt die...ki3x..tu pon antare penceria hari2 ku..kehkehkeh... so what ever it is..aku jeles nk balik penang ni..tgk si ilham cite kt blog die..aduiii..terase nk gi join depa..ngeh3x,,,bile duk ngn kwn2..hidup pon cerie..tpi..mslh tkkn pernh lari la..mesti ade je..kalo x..x la name kehidupan la aku bebel ni..aku mls nk wat cntek2..coz now aku ngntuk banget..ki3x..

p/s: jeles la...nk balik png..leyh online 24-7..ki3x...aduii..
tpi balik png.. mungkin keadaan x seindah di impi..
kali ni aku perlu berhadapn ngn satu mslh yg aku wat dek je sepjg sem 2..
tpi xpe..aku ade ubat gak..ki3x..
kawan2 yg gila2 tu la yg wat idup sentiase cerie..ki3x.. thanks
n thanks to that one person tooo~
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semester 2, tahun pertama 08/09..

huh..tamat sudah sem 2...secare tak lansung..tamat first year aku sebagai seorang student farmasi..yang tak cam student farmasi yg sepatutnya..aku ckp cni..sbb..aku xde gaye lansung cam student farmasi..ki3x..meskipun aku tau hakikat tu...tapi aku tak pernh amek iktibar nk berubah n fit in as a farmasi aku dah tak lepas aku kte aku relaks..tpi now..haih..resah..aku xleyh nk relaks..aku tau aku pasti repeat paper kali ni..bukan satu..mybe due..or mybe tiga..makin pk..makin aku rase..ya! aku pasti akan repeat paper sem 2..tpi x sme ok..ade yg aku se boleh bla r ..tpi ade certain..i just dun have faith in my luck..huhu..
ade certain org nsht aku.."dah usehe"..warghh!!..kalo aku usehe takpek! xde usehe lansung..tpi xpela..mereka tak tau aku tak usehe..muke aku muke stady kot..lalalla~..
paling runsingkn aku..haih..sian mak ayah aku..ingt aku stady kuat..pdhl..enth pe aku wat..hmmm..
hihihi..tpi rajen r jugak dlm cetain2 hari dlm sem 2..cme kerajinan untuk thp dak farmasi..aku xkn cne aku nk dpt result sepatutnye tuk farmasi..lallalala~ hisyh..alasan sme tu..ki3x.. actually..sem kali ni..aku bertanggungjawab sepenuhnye atas kerepeatan paper..
org kate..x kuar result lagi..dah kate kne repeat..huhu..if aku usehe..aku tkkn ckp cmtu..n aku x resah..sbb..aku tau aku usehe..tpi usehe kali ni hampir kosong..jd..nk pass..haih..kalo pass..kali ni mmg naseb la..seyes aku kate..xde usehe lnsng letak..

okayh..sudah2..cite sal cuti lak..hahahahaha..
well cuti kali ni..mybe akan terganggu if result sem 2 ni ade yg lulus bersyarat or even fail..
mybe pertengahan bulan mei aku kne balik penang..
hope xdela kene repeat..
kalo tak..mmg kene dtg r..tpi
strictly aku dtg if dosage form kne repeat je la..
if subjek len yg kene repeat nt..
next time jela aku repeat..
pendek kate..bru aku terpikir awat la aku x wat elok2...arghhh
naseb bek tak beban ngn sem 1..kalo x lagi r tensen..
tpi x gune kate skrg..patut dr awal aku nsht dri aku sal ni..
terlajak perahu boleh undur..terlajak jwb exam..repeat la jwbnye..


jalan2 ngn MR . B.F.F...
men ngan adek..
tgk downloads movies n dramas(se nye sme aku tgk dah(-_-") y)
men guli..(tipu jerh!!)

tu je la..
xtau nk wat pe dah..
sbb..aku dah enjoy sgt time exam..
arghhh...toeks sungguh ko ni ELLLLL!!!!!

p/s: sesal dulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian dah tak berguna~

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ngeee =)

patut risau, sedih,marah,geram,kecewa...
tapi aku?..
aku relax..
dun get me wrong..
relax bukan bererti..
aku sgt well prepared..
this is a disease..
aku tak sepatutnye relax..
coz..damn it..this exam is about my future..
n i dun give a damn about it..
ni x betol lansung!!
aku sepatutnye stady n really focus tuk exam ni..
padahal this sem suppose to be the sem that i make it above 3 to cover up sem 1..
tapi all i had done for this sem..
maen..maen..maen..dan maen lagi..
awal2 sem asek kuar men2..
hjg sem (dekat nk exam).. drama lagi..
even exam week im still watching drama like hell..
ape dah jadi snrnye sem ni..
bile recall balik..sem ni..penuh ngan maen..
bile org tanye..aku kate buzy..
bile pk balik pe yg aku bz..
yup esaimen..awal2 jela..
mmg buzy..
tpi stady??
nope..i never busy studying..
bile x busy esaimen..ak busy men2 n tgk drama..
ni aku taip2 sme2 ni pon..kesedaran nk stady tul2 tu xde lagi..
act..nk compare aku nye style stadi..aku dah kire mkn byk bace buku la compare dr dulu..
tpi..x cukup..
farmasi bukan satu course yg kene ngn gaye hidup aku..
aku bukan ulat buku..
aku bukan passionate tuk wat ubat..
aku bace notes..tpi reading notes is not enough..
sape2 yg amekPNS n dosage form cthnye..
ce korang tgk past year..ade direct pade notes ke soklan die bagi..
actually kene ade extensive reading n understanding ttg mende ni..
mnde ni bukan stakat stady n pass exam je..
kite mmg kene phm n masuk tul dlm hati dan otak..
this is where minat ttg course ni amek peranan..
mmg aku ley stady n pass..
tpi..can i be a good pharmacist??
aku masuk farmasi kenape ek..
now i can see the real picture..
aku nmpk perkare ni tuk medic je..
tpi aku x sngke farmasi cam medic..
but lucky x jump into medic..
nyaris2 gak..
if aku tul2 minat la ngn farmasi ni..
aku se i will work really hard for it..
aku xkn aim tuk pass je
aku akn aim the best..
now i wonder whats goin to happen with my carier in the future..??
well..stady je la tuk pass,..hope along the way..aku figure out ape aku nk sbnrnye..
now..just jgn drop out from the course..
itu sesuatu aku x mungkin biarkn terjadi..
sbb i do want to make it right..just minat tu xde je..
aku no prob tuk stady n pass..
tpi..will i ever be satisfied with what i had done..
my goal is unclear..
that is why im tooo relax i guess..
i know i can i take it for granted..
now i dont know wether i can pass for this exam or not..
coz im being too relax..if aku fail..mmg totally slh aku la...aduiii
coz im too relax this whole semester..
sem lepas atleast aku reti nk risau gak..
sem depan?..haih enth la..

enth pe la aku merepek..
but ni la dlm otak aku skrg..
aku x risau..cme aku terpk..
nape aku x risau ek..
n i think i know the answer..

p/s: even dah tulis ni pon aku nye kerisauan tu xde soo dead..apesal smooth je hjg2 sem..i guess i miss my prob-buzy-life..ki3x..=)
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