5 a.m =)

its 5 a.m in the morning..when i started typing diz etri..nothing much to say..just i couldnt sleep..
which annoys me aaaa LOOOTTT..huhu..
im suppose to have SHE101-Hubungan Etnik early 9.a.m later..sooo..if i sleep..i might over slept ..so i decided not to sleep for today..
I cant sleep..a lot of things in my head..n it annoys me the most when i kept thinking of it..its like a rotation of events thats in the past,future n now..
head to be 20's where need to be thinking most of the time..
why cant i just be a baby or what..??
damn..suddenly my eyes starts to feel sleepy..
i think i should go to bed..but need to iron my baju kurung for tomorrow..
oooo..sleepy eyes..please wake up~