gossipp VS starlight..???

ape ke merepek daaa..
aku ngn tut.........
tpi aku phm je if nape perkare ni jadi isuuuuu..
yela kan..haihhh..
aku lak sme pon lynnnnnnn jeeeeeee..
kawan je ponn relakzz sudepp..
tpi not lyn more than frens kk..ngn speciall cre aku len sgt222222...
sayeww dah ade starlight..im not looking for any other starlight..
well..a bit takut starlight hilang..
actually bukan a bit la..
mybe if hlg starlight ni..2 thn akan dtg bru jpe starlight len.. xmauu=(
ingt sng nk cri starligt heh??
do you think its easy to replace something that is already perfect for me..

  • finish degree-mech engine (automotif)
  • baek!
  • setie
  • matured yg ok..not too childish..nott too matured..
  • he's cute!
  • im his angel..he said that ok! not mee=p
  • keimanan yg ok-certain laki sgt dasttt..uishh
  • he wants what i want..-same mind level about certain stuffs
  • independent-can surviveee
  • so00 sweet cam guleee -only with me..=p
the one main reason is...
  • he wishes things that i really wish for in my future..
i dun think that this can be easily beat by others..
its very hard to replace a starlight that i had choose..
kalau kite nak pilih permata dlm kace..
kite dah amek usehe yg sgttttt la byk ..tgn drh2..snggup amek risiko..
bile dah dpt permate tu..
ko rase aku nk sng2 je ke gi search balik dlm kace tu nk cri permate laen..
nak2 kalo aku dah rase permate tu perfect tuk akuu..
its not that easy..
if aku rase permate tu bukan tuk aku..
ko ingt aku leyh terus rush2 gi cri dlm timbunan kace tu balik ke..
sakett wooo..
it takes timeee lerrr..

dun judge me tooo early..
but x slh pon kalo org pk gtu..
just renung2kn lerrr..
do you really know sape elyanayazmin nii..
n do you know how to differentiate the way i treat special person in my life compared to my frenz??

muchh22222 better than i treat my frenzz la..but aku lyn kwn aku cam adek beradek pee..ok la kan..=p

now special tol2 xdeee..
starlight is just something yg blom tentu future nye..
we are just frens at the moment..
but he is an option which i dun wanna let goo..
if i coulf..
just one word asking me to stay..ill make him the most special personnn in my life..
mr starlight~
tpiii lmbt lagy jd special pon takpe..
bru 20..sape kte aku nk ade hubungn perkapalan tu..
just a promise to wait sdh..
beh stadyy luuu..ngam2 die stable his life..
then we see la what god arrange for my future..
i just wait..
although there tons of fish in the sea..
i will test the sea first..

sankiuu mr starlight..we gonna keep movin on n see what life have for us..
what ever it is in the future..i dun regret knowing you n make you a starlight..
all i wanna say is..just pray for the best~

p/s: comparison is easily done once you had a taste of perfection~