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It was my dream to own a macbook pro. It was roughly 2 years ago when it all started. I was in Belgium staying with my aunt that i borrowed her macbook pro to update my blog and families about my trip to europe. 

Having that macbook in my hand for the first i go wooahh. I used to have the dream of having sony vaio but then after using the my aunt macbook i knew i had fall in love with it and I've been longing for it ever since. There is just no way looking back.

I do love my PC but i have major crush on Macbook. My PC which is an Acer Aspire 5570 had been with me since i was in matriculation. It was my father's and i love it very much but its getting old now even the speaker seems to have a flickering sound. I think old version of acer is more robust than those new ones they came out with. My friend's PC didn't last even 1year and max is like 3years? My PC survived nearly 7 years and still standing.

I have to 'madukan' my PC now. I just need to own one of those macbook. 

The reason why i like it..

Super Durable!

Super Slick!

Super Awesome!

Super User-friendly!

Super Fast!

..and the list goes..

Well when you like something all you gonna see is bright stars! For those who hate it yeah its just never good enough.

To own one is not as easy as ABC.. I nearly bought it last year but i lost my damn iPhone to a pick-pocket in H&M Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur and the rest you can figure where the money goes instead.

Now having one, to own one … Satisfaction is Indeed Guaranteed.

Since macbook pro comes out with a whole new line with Retina Display and Upgraded OS X and SSD memory.. Just need to pay a little more than i had plan 2 years ago.

Still using my PC though cause need to get used to my mac. Working life is not as free as my university life. 

In university i have endless internet connection and i can stay awake all night exploring my macbook but now it is just impossible.

I'll make time eventually!

Anyway got to go!


p/s: im so happy!



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Part Four Summer in London (2011): A goodbye

Finally i can conclude the parts in the UK. Its not easy to update everything but i need to ensure all my memories wont just fade away. Im not good in remembering things and somehow this blog really helps me find some memories that i need to recall. Weird its like a quick search engine for some parts of my life. Anyway that's not the point of this entry so let us just resume to the title above.

I cant really remember how long i was in the UK but definitely this part is the last day for me in the UK. When we went to the UK it was only me and my aunt but going back to Belgium there were 4 of us altogether; me, aunty anne,Dennisa and David. Final day in the UK means we had only just one day (for me and david) before proceeding with our backpacking plans. LOL

Nothing much actually happened that day accept for again i step onto the St James Park , where late Princess Diana had her evening stroll.. (i’m not sure that’s even true) but anyway checked it out.. Have i told you in 2007 i actually waited in front of Buckingham Palace just to catch a glimpse of Prince William? Crazy. I know. I’m huge fan of him and ofcourse recently Kate Middleton :p I did manage to grab few souvenirs of their royal marriage. Yippy Yeay! What about Buckingham Palace and this park? Well you are about to know…


St James Park is the oldest royal park in the heart of London. It is located in the City of Westminster. Given its huge size (57 acres) it is bounded to several hot spots in the City of Westminster. For once of course the Buckingham Palace (4) which is bounded in the west of the park. In the north they have St Jame’s Palace of course and The Mall. They even have the horse guards but I’m not sure to which part of the park it is bounded.


I had been here before in 2007 and they still manage this park nicely. Well done :) It was clean, fresh and absolutely beautiful. (im running out of adjectives here LOL)

Anyway.. i cant find the squirrel that i met few years back.. of course you not gonna find it.LOL its not like chipmunks the movie.. Not much photo this time since ive been there and i knew better it wouldnt be enough to describe it with photo. You just have to see it yourself. I wont do any justice showing just photos but that’s the only thing that I’m capable of :p


This park holds resident of birds, swans, pelicans, squirrels, trees and flowers. They have small island in the park which if I’m not mistaken i did see a signboard with a duck island on it but im not sure which one is it or i might get mixed up. Its just nice to breath fresh air, the smells of grass, fresh water .. god i just can’t say it. I saw lots of people with different backgrounds just lay there on the grass doing their things. They rest, read, walk, laugh, play and exercise among their group. I love the view and yes i would just lay there with a book and read whole day. In Malaysia i cant do that it will be very hot or it will be raining but there are times we can do that but its not really a ‘thing’ over here. I pretty sure slowly we will have this.


These are the raspberries up closed! I think so.. hmmm.. LOL. That’s the only photo that i took but i did took a whole bunch of photos back in 2007 but I’m just lazy to dig those photos up now. We were on the road as soon as we met David and we are leaving the UK to get back to Belgium. We did stop somewhere and they had lunch. As for me since i was fasting i took a walked around the area. Kind of David to accompany me. Guess what we manage to find within that half an hour.




David seems happy to finally meeting up with his long lost friends LOL but i like this pic i should sell this on e-bay. It was to our surprised to find a railway track with a penalty warning if we trespass and out of fun we put one of our leg over the fence LOL



I dozed of to sleep as soon we departs after they had lunch and waking up with my aunty being summon by a police for speeding LOL i guess it runs in our blood about the summon thing LOL i already had like 5 speeding tickets over the year. Need to brush up my manners on the road i guess. duh.


DSC02536The exact same place that i step on 4 years before this photo was taken :) Apart from her son Prince William i am also a huge fan of Princess Diana :) He did have her kind face after all :)

Told ya! She took the evening stroll in St James Park LOL after all it is a royal park ahahaha

This entry is of course with the courtesy of Google and Wikipedia, i manage to get some informations that i had forgotten to touch up some part of this entry.I left my treasure box at home in Kuantan so i cant dig up the pamphlet that i took while i was there before to write about this place. I already remember how fresh and beautiful it was.

More informations, visit:

p/s: im working and i miss going on backpacking and holiday and writing about my past helps me reminisce every bits of my youth. YES i’m 24 and i feel old because i can no longer do this thing after i started working. I miss my university life :(

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Oh Wanita..

Oh La La La.. Setiap Masa U La La La La.. ter-KRU plak

apply-make-upSource: Google Image

Aku rasa kulit aku makin gelap la..

Aku rasa aku makin gemuk la..

Itew ase itew tak tantek laa … (ueeewww)

Oh wanita.. ini keluhan biasa kot kita dengar saban (skema) hari, tak terkecuali aku kahkahkah..

Tapi tapi tapi.. aku jenis tak disiplin and aku merungut tapi tindakan takde sebab lantak la but as girls of course (no matter how boyish looking you are deep down you’ll still care about yourself)

It is just the matter of how far you are willing to go in order to get the so-called perfect look and figure.

Anyway i do have concerns about my look.. of course mahu tak nya.. there is this one day..

I was walking into a hall or to be exact more like a seminar room and suddenly two of my friends point out..

“Eh elyana you makin gelap” and the other one cakap “eh elyana you makin gemuk”

Trust me i was like.. shit i need to get something done and get my look right! LOL but takde la sampai take to the heart nak merajuk-rajuk bagai or terus taknak makan seminggu or rendam diri sendiri dalam klorok..

Kadang-kadang aku main2 balik dengan cakap “ takpe nanti aku balik aku mandi klorok, putih la aku” kahkahkah.. ZzzZzz

My main point is (selalu je tak cakap stret to the point) ada sesetengah tu extreme sangat nak jaga penampilan and usually if ada org tegur sure cakap bukan nak jga kecantikan its more to kesihatan..Yes 50percent or less its true untuk kesihatan but trust me it will never more than 50percent about kesihatan unless you lead a real healthy lifestyle macam makan sayur and buahan banyak, exercise selalu and eat moderately.

Most of people nak fast efek, alah kalau aku pon asal aku pakai mask tu hari ni, esok if takda kesan ketara sure aku kata takmau pakai.

Sape dalam dunia ni takmau cantik kan? Plus bila artis kegemeran or artis famous amos pakai lagi la berebut2 orang nak pakai..

Bak kata orang ikhtiar and usaha itu bagus..

But let me be clear.. how eager i am to get myself a product to give me a perfect radiant look and slim meletop i will always put a doubt into my thoughts which so far help me in blocking off my keinginan untuk cuba produk—produk yang tgh laris sekarang. Eh c’mon la aku tengok tempted jugak but nehi.. and i hope i stick to my thought. Bukan ape, aku ni dah lah makan tak beragak-agak.. itu pon dah boleh wat masalah kesihatan, kalau tambah lagi mende lain Allahualam la kan..

But hey aku bukan nak cakap produk tu tak selamat ke ape ke, i have no rights to say it sebab takde bukti. Let just say from my basic understanding and knowledge pasal apa jadi dalam badan lepas kita makan ubat it got me thinking.. aku punya hati ni ok ke? buah pinggang aku?

To all those yang tengah consume any kind of pills, i would suggest korang buat la medical check up time to time. We never know how the pills yang korang consume efek dekat dalam badan korang.

Mungkin produk tu dah di study keberkesanan untuk mencerahkan muka atau melansingkan badan but it can never be surely tested untuk toksik unless dah bertahun-tahun mende tu dalam pasaran.

So my friendly advise would be get yourself checked up time to time just to be on the safe side.

Safety first!

Nak cantik tak salah but be cautious jugak .


p/s: anyway if mende tu cepat sangat berkesan aku cepat doubt eh ok ke utk health? if lambat rase cam membazir beli.. masalah tau jadi perempuan, fikir banyak sangat.

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peopleSource: Google Image

People tend to justify the things they said or done especially when it comes to self preservation.

Oh c’mon who’s gonna admit their own fault or weakness? BUT when it comes to other people we gonna point it out loud. Gosh what a b*tc*y thing to do.

I have this kind of ‘behaviour’ at times but rest assured NOT all the time (see.. im doing some sort of justification thingy LOL). I might not realized it when it occurs but i know i did after a while and i tend to regret it.

Anyway for example, i really want a Macbook Pro that i will go all out in justifying it but when it comes to my sister buying something online i will be tremendously irritating to her by saying all sorts of things.

such as…

“eee membazir!spoil brat”

“how many cloths do you wanna hang in your wardrobe?”

“Shopaholics monster!"

…. what about Macbook then?

my obviously obvious justification gonna be..

“Macbook is different. I had always wanted it, never once changes my laptop since im 17 and to top that up i got a second hand laptop not like yours first handed…. zZzZ jangan sebuk la! I already keep the money, ada je simpan duit.. andddd the list goes on and on …….”

Truth is i just want it coz i want it and i know deep down i can buy two dell laptops with the price of one macbook pro but still im stubborn to own it and till now i haven't got a clue why or maybe i just dont wanna admit that im spoilt with apple’s stuffs

KahKahKah! Annoying sister i am hohohoh..

The point being is..

WE ARE HUMAN BEING! and justification is common among us. Look around and you will be amazed how far a person will go to justify what they did and condemned others for it.

sometimes we forget to see ourselves in the mirror, a major reason to buy yourself a big fat mirror i guess (another justification to buy a huge mirror to hang in your room LOL)

Another is we have different vision in our life, i prefer food over cloths some might loves cameras.. so they gonna spend according what they like..

Nobody is wrong or right, so respect is the key.

all in all, stay the way you are and self-reflect to help reduce your negatives vibes.. human aren’t perfect but we can try to be as close as perfect~

so much of self reflects for today LOL.

…im getting old.. i know.. am i wiser though? neghhh pfft..


havent got a clue if i should stay or resign after one year.. duh.. im getting lost every single day in pursuing my dreams…. this is sad sad saddening~

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