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People tend to justify the things they said or done especially when it comes to self preservation.

Oh c’mon who’s gonna admit their own fault or weakness? BUT when it comes to other people we gonna point it out loud. Gosh what a b*tc*y thing to do.

I have this kind of ‘behaviour’ at times but rest assured NOT all the time (see.. im doing some sort of justification thingy LOL). I might not realized it when it occurs but i know i did after a while and i tend to regret it.

Anyway for example, i really want a Macbook Pro that i will go all out in justifying it but when it comes to my sister buying something online i will be tremendously irritating to her by saying all sorts of things.

such as…

“eee membazir!spoil brat”

“how many cloths do you wanna hang in your wardrobe?”

“Shopaholics monster!"

…. what about Macbook then?

my obviously obvious justification gonna be..

“Macbook is different. I had always wanted it, never once changes my laptop since im 17 and to top that up i got a second hand laptop not like yours first handed…. zZzZ jangan sebuk la! I already keep the money, ada je simpan duit.. andddd the list goes on and on …….”

Truth is i just want it coz i want it and i know deep down i can buy two dell laptops with the price of one macbook pro but still im stubborn to own it and till now i haven't got a clue why or maybe i just dont wanna admit that im spoilt with apple’s stuffs

KahKahKah! Annoying sister i am hohohoh..

The point being is..

WE ARE HUMAN BEING! and justification is common among us. Look around and you will be amazed how far a person will go to justify what they did and condemned others for it.

sometimes we forget to see ourselves in the mirror, a major reason to buy yourself a big fat mirror i guess (another justification to buy a huge mirror to hang in your room LOL)

Another is we have different vision in our life, i prefer food over cloths some might loves cameras.. so they gonna spend according what they like..

Nobody is wrong or right, so respect is the key.

all in all, stay the way you are and self-reflect to help reduce your negatives vibes.. human aren’t perfect but we can try to be as close as perfect~

so much of self reflects for today LOL.

…im getting old.. i know.. am i wiser though? neghhh pfft..


havent got a clue if i should stay or resign after one year.. duh.. im getting lost every single day in pursuing my dreams…. this is sad sad saddening~