Part Three of Summer 2011 in London. #STOMP #Theatre

After the visit to the Chelsea FC Museum and Stadium Tour, i started making my way to the city of London to meet my aunt and Denisse there as we promised earlier. We actually part ways that morning and promised each other to meet up for the theatre called STOMP. We already booked the ticket online the night before which makes everything so simple and convenient.




Thanks to the well organized public transport (Underground) system i can find my way easily even though they closed the Piccadilly line for construction. I think if i am not mistaken i got off at the Leicester Square Underground. It was supposed to be the closest underground to the Ambassador Theatre which is located on the west street of the city, Westminster.

It was my first time seeing a musical theatre. Have you ever been to one? If you happen to be in London don’t forget to put it on your to-do-list!




In Malaysia we don’t really have this kind of trend where people enjoys going for a classical theatre except for the art student.I assumed. Actually we do have it but not as much as in London. Currently in Malaysia they are performing the life story of Dr Tun Siti Hasmah  in Istana Budaya. Somehow i felt that the vibe is not the same as the one that i see in London. Well i cant compare it since i haven’t try watching a theatre in Malaysia. I’m saying this mainly to compare the responses from the public about theatre. Most just love to go to cinema.


london-theatreIllustration of the seats in the hall; source:Google Image 


One day i shall try it in Malaysia cause i sure enjoy watching the performance by the STOMP crew. It was definitely brilliant from the start till the end. It was breath-taking and funny, sadly i can’t show you the photo of the  performance or video cause cameras are not allowed during the performance. In a good way, STOMP is a must see-with-your-own-eyes experience and talking about it/showing photos or videos does not  do it justice.


stompParts of the scene during the performance; source: Google Image

There are a total of eight performers. They were amazing especially how the manage to amazed and kept us, the audience involved with them. They do all kinds of interesting movement using or sorts of props. The expression on their face some were subtle, some sad, some funny and some simply gob-smacking which makes it all exciting! Not to mention how talented they are.

DSCF2485-438x292The crew of STOMP; The guy with the blue singlet , he is extremely funny!

It is an hour and a half performance and i was amazed how they could perform without a break with all those energy they used. The performance solely a show without music or speaking, they only used everyday objects to make the music and perform.

Overall it was a must to see musical theatre. The participation of the audience was good and everyone appeared to enjoy the afternoon performance. I would recommend the Show to all ages.

They are casting in 2013 and the bookings are now available at:

or for worldwide performance schedule, visit :

p/s: i got and waited at the wrong place at first cause i forget the name of the theatre (which supposed to be Ambassador). Silly me. How should i know there are lots of theatre hall on that street and area. LOL. I’m a tourist you see, i know nothing. LOL

06082011522St Martins Theatre

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Part two of Summer 2011 in London. #StamfordBridge #Chelsea

In the previous entry, if you had seen the teaser i had already booked a ticket to Chelsea Football Club, Stadium Tour.I can hardly sleep that night due to the excitement. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Frank Lampard, Malouda, Drogba and David Luiz but of course i did not. Sad.


Stamford Bridge is the home ground of Chelsea Football Club, and English football club based in Fulham, London. It is a football stadium and it is unique to the Blues (nickname for Chelsea FC). The bridge and the blues. Sometimes they called Stamford Bridge as the Chelsea Village. Actually this stadium is part of a complex which have hotels, bars, restaurants and Chelsea’s Megastore. Basically it is a purpose to promote the brand of Chelsea FC. Its not about football but it was more the business side for the club. Hey! its important to maintain it to support the Chelsea’s football team.



Finally i get to experience to enter one of my favourites football club homeground. So here we go..


Basically it is a guided tour around Stamford Bridge as well the museum in a fun and informative way. First we were let into the museum that holds the story of Chelsea FC through their interactive exhibits. What i love about it is that how they are user-friendly with all the touch screens and audio-visual shows. They even provide a spot where I get to record and send a video of myself saying hye from within the museum  to anyone in the world through email instantly. Of course i send it to my own email. LOL.




The tour lasted around 1 hour plus. It includes visiting the press room, television interview room, visitors' dressing room, Chelsea's dressing room, players' tunnel and the pitchside.


I stumble upon a room which displays all the greatest match that Chelsea FC had won over the years. One of it was this photo below.. LOL Cant help myself to snap a photo of it.


After the museum, we were guided to the next building which is the Stamford Bridge stadium which clearly branded with Chelsea. Everything is blue and white in colour, the proud of Chelsea as proven by their nicknames as The Blues. This stadium used to be the venue for FA Cup Final before being replaced by Wembley Stadium.


We were told by the tour guide that this stadium have four main stands namely, Matthew Harding Stand (North Stand), the East Stand, Shed End and West Stand. Each stands have different view of the games and of course with different seating plan and prices.

DSC02521The Matthew Harding Stand with Adidas signature.


DSC02519The West Stand with Chelsea wording


DSC02526The West Stand

The best seating to see your favourite player close to your eye coming out from the tunnel is the East Stand. It is the heart of the stadium, housing the tunnel, executive suites. It claims that from this side of the stadium holds the best view of the pitch and near to the player. I guess maybe this stand mostly reserves for the family of the player and the VIPs .


DSC02494The East Stand

Enough of the pitching side, now we were brought down to through the tunnel (where the player came out from their changing room into the pitch) to the conference room/press room. The press room is near to the changing room and the tunnel to make it easier for the player to move without walking far.

DSC02500The Chelsea FC Press Room

We were all given a chance each to feel the excitement of the press room and take a photo of us there. Opposite the press side there is a bar where the reporters have their drinks while waiting for the player or club manager for press conference. Next we were brought to the changing room both away and home.

pageThe Chelsea FC changing room

It was awesome to see the place where the player rest and relax while waiting for the match. The are well equipped and furnished. It was absolutely awesome to be in there. To know that you are standing on the same ground where your favourite player had been standing. LOL Wow! it was just amazing to think about Lampard. hahaha.


DSC02512Hey! Its Lampard’s Jersey! Sadly can’t go near it.

DSC02513Some of the player’s jersey.

At the end of the tour we were back to the pitch side and we were lead to the Chelsea’s Megastore where we all can get our souvenirs. I did bought something for myself, scroll down more to see it LOL :p


DSC02535Chelsea FC Megastore


So that was it, the tour to the Chelsea FC Museum & Stadium tour. And i brought back together with me …


For more info and tour booking visit:

p/s: guess who’s name embedded on the back of the jersey? The one and only Frank Lampard (8)


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Part One of Summer 2011 in London

We had spend the past two days in Isle of Wight and now we are heading to London. We drove to London and we reach the hotel area in the afternoon. If you haven’t seen the photos in Isle of Wight check this 3 entries out:

  1. Part One of Summer 2011 in Isle of Wight, UK
  2. Part Two of Summer 2011 in Isle of Wight, UK
  3. Part Three of Summer 2011 in Isle Of Wight, UK

DSC02467The Big Ben

We meet up with Denisse in the hotel. I think it was in the King Cross area but i can’t really confirmed it. Anyway since its already late we decided to freshen up before heading out for Dinner. We had Indian’s that night. We decided to explore the city at night. I will just share some photos from that night randomly.



I decided to go for souvenirs hunting cause my mom back home ask me to get her and her friend souvenirs from the famous royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I am a huge fan of Prince William as well as Kate. In 2008, i bought a postcard with the Prince William in it and i paste it on my board. I even stand in front of Buckingham Palace just hoping to catch a glimpse of him. LOL of course it wont happen. Silly me.



Anyway back to the story, we travel around the town sometimes by taking bus and sometimes taking the Underground. If in Belgium they call it Metro, here they call it underground and back in Malaysia it is either Komuter, LRT or Monorail which is sadly only available in Kuala Lumpur.

I manage to buy most of them that night. They were on sale. I got 8-10mugs if I’m not mistaken. Crazy! I’m so gonna have problems with my luggage later on LOL. But in the end i didn’t, luck me :p


DSC02470The London Eye

I was more focus in findings those souvenirs that i don’t feel like taking picture. So not much photo of the London night view. Been there before and seen them, theres nothing special to it. Most people would love London but not me. I’m a country side person LOL.

Anyway we were tired. Later on we head back to the hotel. It was late and that was the same night when the London was in riot. I think it was a town nearby i cant remember. They burnt down a whole lot of supermarket and apartment. It was related to the police shooting a citizen in that area. So they were making a statement of protest by burning the building down. Silly them. Luckily we went back early.

So later that night as we reach the hotel and freshen up. We discussed about our plan for the next day. I need to separate from them cause i had only one main place to visit in the UK. So i did all my bookings that night. I’m excited for tomorrow! yeay! Apart from that we plan to see a theatre, The Stomp. So im going to my destination first in the morning ALONE and meet up with my aunty and Denisse later in the afternoon for the theatre.

After making all our arrangements and bookings we slept like a baby :)

So i will tell you all about it on the next entry of part two ! :)

p/s : teaser for part 2 in London.


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Part Three of Summer 2011 in Isle Of Wight, UK

It was my second day in Isle of Wight  and so far i had only been to the Under Water Archaeological Centre and God’s Hill Model Village . There is nothing much that can be  seen in such a short trip. Unfortunately on the first day we reach quite late and we only manage to stroll along the beach near Judith and Bernie’s house. I did remembered that i  was trying to catch wild bunnies like a little kid. Now that i thought of it I'm wondering how old am I to be running around to catch an innocent bunny. Anyway, if you are interested to know and see some photos of the places I've been in Isle of Wight feel free to read my previous entry here:

It was raining the whole morning and we were tired after visiting the both places i mentioned earlier, so we head back to Judith’s and freshened up. Soon after that we head out again to our next destination. I always have a thing for castle and i was so happy that my visit to Europe at that moment brought me to few castles and Schloss Newschwanstein in Germany was by far the best castle i have ever been to. That was in Germany but now in Isle of Wight i had the opportunity to see an old castle or what have left of it from the 8th Century which is the Carisbrooke Castle.

Carisbrooke Castle


Carisbrooke Caste is actually a very old castle back from the 8th Century. If i’m not mistaken some parts of the castle is used as a defence against the Viking raids during the old times. I haven’t have the opportunity to really read on the Roman or English history but i bet it would be interesting to know about how it was back then during the early days.

Anyway this castle as well of other castle had been under reconstruction before it is open to public. One thing i love about Europe and the English is that they really preserve their historical buildings. London is of course not part of it LOL. Anyway back to the main story of the castle, i didn’t take much photos but i was excited when i see the entrance to the castle. It is really old and its like I am in one of the scenes in the movie of Lord of the Ring.

DSC02436Entrance of the castle

DSC02438Sides of the castle

DSC02439Remaining wall of the castle

So that was it. LOL. I’m not sure why i didn’t take much photos but i still remember in my mind how it looks like. At the end of the tour of the castle, we went into the souvenirs shop and i get myself a fridge magnet. Soon after that we head back home cause we need to get ready for dinner (buka puasa for me) and Judith and Bernie said that they have a little surprise for Aunty Anne. So i tumpang kaki je la.

Anyway went back home  to change and we head out to the secret place (which now i cant remember the name of the place). They had dinner and  since I’m fasting i just walk along the shopping street and do some window shopping. It was summer and of course it’s summer sale. Most of the shops were about to close but there are few that still welcome customers.

I remembered that i sat near an Italian shop and the smells of Pasta enough to make my mouth waters. Sadly i didn’t take any photos. Argh why on earth i didn’t take any photos. What has been done is done. You can’t look back Elyana Yazmin.  

Anyway to my surprised we went to a small concert but sorry i cant recall the band’s name but it was quite famous according to them. I had my break fast there. I had prawn curry English style! They said its authentic to Malaysia. Hell no! its not even taste like curry but i ate them cause I’m hungry and tired. I had coke as well :)

Well  just put a photo or two here of the concert.. actually i had a video of it but i forgot how to put it in LOL. Its been a long time since i last attached a video to my blog.






The next day before we head to London, we actually stopped by The Needles but sadly i didn’t take any photos. So not gonna update on it.

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Part Two of Summer 2011 in Isle of Wight, UK

As i mentioned in my previous entry of Part 1 , i will share about other places in Isle of Wight that i had visited last summer.


God’s Hill is one of the attraction on the Isle of Wight. It is actually historical for the church member’s where they claimed that it is a sign form God that a church should be on a hill due to several occasions whilst  it was being built. The church is now known as the God’s Hill church. God’s Hill is a very old-looking but beautiful town, small and can be quiet some times. Even though its supposed to be summer at that time it is still raining and i have to put on a rain coat.

DSC02390Entrance to ‘The Model Village’

One of the attraction in God’s Hill is The Model Village. It is a model for the town of God’s Hill. The entrance fees i guess at that time was around 3-4 pounds. Everything is beautiful and clean.

It is a nice place and they clearly  laid out the  model of the village. Even though it was raining i still able to enjoy the view and it is magnificent!  They have this shelters to help you dodge the rain. I felt like i am a giant in there. Everything is small and they used small model characters to play out some funny scenes and it is really interesting to just walk around. If you happen to be there next time please look out for the striker on the football pitch. It is like you can see the whole God’s Hill from sky or in other words as if you are looking through a giant’s eyes LOL.

Oh not forget the gardens are gorgeous in spite the dreadful weather. 

DSC02391Breath-taking isnt it? parts of the garden

Anyway let me walk you through the village ya! I bet the kids gonna enjoy this place the most hence a very good spot for family. They have a village within a village within a village! Interesting isn’t it?

The first thing i saw as i entered is this airport miniature. I was like everything looks real but in a smaller size! Told you as if i am looking through a giant’s eyes!

DSC02394Miniature airport at Godshill

Even the Griffin hotel is smaller in size! LOL.. I am a giant ! Look at that!

DSC02396Me and the Griffin Hotel Model

DSC02397The Giant : Aunty Anne

Remember that i told you guys earlier it is a village in a village in a village? The following photo gonna show you what i meant earlier. I am standing at a spot looking out at the miniature of The model Village. I magine there is a village in a village in a village? Get what i mean? Confusing right?

DSC02402Miniature/ Model of The Model Village!

Another thing that is interesting in ‘The Model Village’ is that almost all of the model character had their own personality and quirks and as you walk through the model village you could not stop smiling just by looking at them!


DSC02401The folk’s having great time party-ing in the backyard of their house!

DSC02405God’s Hill Church with my superb Aunt as a Giant Model :p

As i said everything seems real except for their size, the train even keep on running on the track as if it is really in open for service! LOL.. i was standing there and looking at the train running on the rail track and stopped at the train station. Weird but i was amazed by it. I think i have the heart of a 5 year old LOL.

1The God’s Hill Train Station Miniature

They also have a field full of small model character playing crickets on the field. If you really look at each characters they have a quirk on their face as if they are alive! Its like watching a paused movie. Every joy is capture onto their faces. Amazing!


DSC02419The Cricket Team of God’s Hill

Enjoy the last few photos ….

DSC02428Animal Barn, the pig and the babbies.. LOL

DSC02430Hey! let me in!


So at the end of the journey in the model village, we arrived at the souvenir’s shop. They have lots of interesting place. Dont forget to buy one on the way out! Make is as a token of remembrance of the place :)

I think that’s all for part two ..

I will let you know about a castle in part 3!

Stay Tuned :)


I love this place and if you get the chance! try to go there ya! interesting! definitely and highly recommended by me :p

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