Part Two of Summer 2011 in Isle of Wight, UK

As i mentioned in my previous entry of Part 1 , i will share about other places in Isle of Wight that i had visited last summer.


God’s Hill is one of the attraction on the Isle of Wight. It is actually historical for the church member’s where they claimed that it is a sign form God that a church should be on a hill due to several occasions whilst  it was being built. The church is now known as the God’s Hill church. God’s Hill is a very old-looking but beautiful town, small and can be quiet some times. Even though its supposed to be summer at that time it is still raining and i have to put on a rain coat.

DSC02390Entrance to ‘The Model Village’

One of the attraction in God’s Hill is The Model Village. It is a model for the town of God’s Hill. The entrance fees i guess at that time was around 3-4 pounds. Everything is beautiful and clean.

It is a nice place and they clearly  laid out the  model of the village. Even though it was raining i still able to enjoy the view and it is magnificent!  They have this shelters to help you dodge the rain. I felt like i am a giant in there. Everything is small and they used small model characters to play out some funny scenes and it is really interesting to just walk around. If you happen to be there next time please look out for the striker on the football pitch. It is like you can see the whole God’s Hill from sky or in other words as if you are looking through a giant’s eyes LOL.

Oh not forget the gardens are gorgeous in spite the dreadful weather. 

DSC02391Breath-taking isnt it? parts of the garden

Anyway let me walk you through the village ya! I bet the kids gonna enjoy this place the most hence a very good spot for family. They have a village within a village within a village! Interesting isn’t it?

The first thing i saw as i entered is this airport miniature. I was like everything looks real but in a smaller size! Told you as if i am looking through a giant’s eyes!

DSC02394Miniature airport at Godshill

Even the Griffin hotel is smaller in size! LOL.. I am a giant ! Look at that!

DSC02396Me and the Griffin Hotel Model

DSC02397The Giant : Aunty Anne

Remember that i told you guys earlier it is a village in a village in a village? The following photo gonna show you what i meant earlier. I am standing at a spot looking out at the miniature of The model Village. I magine there is a village in a village in a village? Get what i mean? Confusing right?

DSC02402Miniature/ Model of The Model Village!

Another thing that is interesting in ‘The Model Village’ is that almost all of the model character had their own personality and quirks and as you walk through the model village you could not stop smiling just by looking at them!


DSC02401The folk’s having great time party-ing in the backyard of their house!

DSC02405God’s Hill Church with my superb Aunt as a Giant Model :p

As i said everything seems real except for their size, the train even keep on running on the track as if it is really in open for service! LOL.. i was standing there and looking at the train running on the rail track and stopped at the train station. Weird but i was amazed by it. I think i have the heart of a 5 year old LOL.

1The God’s Hill Train Station Miniature

They also have a field full of small model character playing crickets on the field. If you really look at each characters they have a quirk on their face as if they are alive! Its like watching a paused movie. Every joy is capture onto their faces. Amazing!


DSC02419The Cricket Team of God’s Hill

Enjoy the last few photos ….

DSC02428Animal Barn, the pig and the babbies.. LOL

DSC02430Hey! let me in!


So at the end of the journey in the model village, we arrived at the souvenir’s shop. They have lots of interesting place. Dont forget to buy one on the way out! Make is as a token of remembrance of the place :)

I think that’s all for part two ..

I will let you know about a castle in part 3!

Stay Tuned :)


I love this place and if you get the chance! try to go there ya! interesting! definitely and highly recommended by me :p