Priceless experience in Markt Apotheke.


Two days working at Markt Apotheke (well only for half day everyday) already proven how differ it is the community pharmacy setting in Malaysia from the German’s.

German’s community pharmacy setting is well established. They have the ordering and purchasing system which is very systematic. The delivery system of medicinal products from the wholesalers are efficient and fast which comes in the morning and afternoon. These wholesalers are link to all the pharmacy in German (if I’m not mistaken) or maybe according to area.

Apart from the efficiency and systematic ordering and purchasing system, Markt Apotheke still compounds creams, emulsion, ointments (salbe) and medicinal wine. Today i had been thought on how to make ointments and cream. This is one of the biggest differences between a pharmacy in Malaysia and German. In Malaysia, so far that i know, there is no community pharmacy that practice extemporaneous compounding. If there is a pharmacy which provide this kind of service in Malaysia,please let me know cause i intend to become an intern to improve my compounding skills.

We (pharmacy students) learnt dosage form back in the first year which we make suppositories, emulsions, creams, ointments, suspensions, tablets, injections and suspensions but now i hardly remember it. We only do it like once or twice  due to time limitation during our first year. I do remember the little-by-little, aseptic technique, oil in water , water in oil and bla bla bla but when it comes to real practice dang! It is not as simple as that. Due to communication barrier i cant really try my best in Markt Apotheke because most of the time I’m trying to pick up the words and worrying about the language instead of focusing on what I’m doing. The PTA, Kara if I’m not mistaken(i dont know how to spell her name) tried her best to help me and its nice of her and it makes me sad and feel sorry and mad at myself for not being able to talk to her in German.

My skills in compounding is bad. Back then i was better. What a waste isn’t it? Its like after you graduated you are only equip with theoretical informations. In germany extemporaneous preparation is a must for a pharmacist to know. They are experts on herbs which makes them the chef of medicinal preparation. With their knowledge on herbs they can prepare lots of medicinal preparations to suit people need. I believe this is what a pharmacist should be in the first place. Unfortunately my love is still for research and development in the industry. Totally in different area of being a pharmacist.

Oh yeah talking about the difference, the obvious difference is of course the dispensing rights.

This issue has been in debate for many years. Doctors in Malaysia are given rights to dispense drugs themselves from their clinic. In a private clinic no pharmacist is needed there. Which come to a big question, what are the function of producing lots of pharmacist in Malaysia. They end up opening a pharmacy which is not systematic according to my opinion. I’m lost when it comes to the role of pharmacist in Malaysia. Maybe that is why I am more into Industry cause i can see what effects can i give towards the public. If i were to end up in the hospital I’m not sure i will become a good pharmacist or not. Luckily i have the chance to experience community pharmacy setting in Markt Apotheke, Stadtoldendorf , German. It brings a good experience and change my point of view towards what a community pharmacy can do. I know the theory of role of pharmacist but then i cant see how does it apply in Malaysian setting. Perhaps later once i got my licence i can open a pharmacy shop which follow the guidelines made by the European.

Anyway, in Europeans country, the doctor does not have the right to dispense drug. All they can do is write a prescription and the patient will bring the prescription (rezept) to the pharmacy(apotheke). The cost mostly will be covered by insurance.

I remembered that a research is carried out to make insurance system for Malaysians. I was helping distributing the questionnaire with a face-to-face method. Most Malaysians don’t agree with that system. Well that is another problem. haha

The way how the pharmacy in Europe operate especially the ordering (bestellung) and managing system. I believe with this kind of system there will be zero dispensing error and it will be cost-effective. Below is from an article from The Star Newspaper:

“Community pharmacies are much like a personal store in Malaysia. Rarely will you witness patients requesting their medication to be made based on the prescriptions given by fellow doctors.

Why is Malaysia’s pre-registration training for pharmacy graduates restricted to only hospital and industrial settings? What about the community pharmacy sector?

What does the future hold for the future of pharmacists in Malaysia? When will the dispensing right be given fully to community pharmacists?”

The way they store their medicines is super-duper-systematic and they keep tract of every products with just a simple scan and click. They do not store many boxes of medicines and they purchased enough stocks for the used everyday.This is definitely cost effective. This is very different from Malaysia. In Malaysia, from what i can see most of the medicines in a pharmacy is in a bulk quantity which i strongly believe it is not practical at all.

First it is a waste since not all medications will be sell due to our dispensing right issue. Secondly bad storage management (products by in a bulk, cant be sell, expiry date is near).

ahh to make it simple. Its a bad business. This is not due to the pharmacist false entirely. Its just there is no specific regulations for community pharmacist as what in German’s have. No harm though to try to open a pharmacy according to the European guidelines. As long the public is being protected from harm and the pharmacy business is cost-effective i think it would be good. Apart from that, the wholesaler’s system is not directly link to a pharmacy as what the pharmacy in German’s are having. I wish i could know more about it and discuss it but im not good in their language so all i can do now is observe.

I really admire the way the system runs. Which i think it would benefit the human life.

If there is a pharmacy in Malaysia which follow this guideline perhaps one day they can become a benchmark in Malaysia. Dream big people!

ahh im tired already.

gute nacht!

Danke Shon Mr Michael Wendt and the people in Markt Apotheke Smile

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i hate myself.dummy.silly.

Guten Tag! (good day)

Ich bin Elyana (i am Elyana)

Wie heissen Sie? (what is your name)

Froet mich! (nice to meet you)


That’s the only thing i can really say with confident. Gosh!  Today, I feel like shit. I don’t know. I just feel like I’m useless. I hate when i can’t do something correctly just because of a simple thing: COMMUNICATION BARRIER. Now it is not so simple right?


PICTURE: The Idiot= Me (Elyana Yazmin)

Well I’m not suppose to be upset since I knew it will come to this. I ask for it anyway (I’m not regretting!).oh what i didn’t expect is the computer system would be in German. Well that’s just an excuse. I’m just upset today. So, please just give me a space to be sad and will start fresh tomorrow. I feel stupid. Computer: something which i’m good at it suddenly I turn out to be a dummy.

What’s upsetting is i bought this book which suppose to help my German language but guess what that book is useful for tourist. The problem is I’m not here just to sightseeing and i totally missed that out. Now i need to find a book : German for confident Pharmacist. Oh not to forget. I love kids!!!! and i cant play with them since i don’t know how to speak the language. Damn me once again. But it feels good when they smile at me. At least i know that indirectly they understand me. Children are pure and i love them a lot.

I’m so upset with myself and it is killing me! My mood is just not right. I’m not cheerful at all. All i wanted to do is help but due to my incapability to talk and communicate, i end up helping nothing.

Well its not that bad but i just feel useless and i feel like i am a total dumb-ass.

Ok please forgive me but I just HATE MYSELF RIGHT NOW. So this entry wont be full of photos of Germany and what-so-ever.




ok enough of being such a spoil-brat, complaining-ass and start new tomorrow ya!

Good Luck To Me ! yeah!

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facebook: thousands miles away yet near to the heart

Currently in KLIA waiting for my flight. Took a flight from Kuantan Airport to KLIA and arrived around 8++pm. Having my dinner.Waiting for the flight to Amsterdam at 11.55pm. duhh boorring ;p

So basically will be going to Amsterdam first and once i arrive i need to get myself a train called Thalys to Brussels.(I will take some pictures and put it here later). As i said in my previous entry my aunt lives in Brussels. My aunt already moved to another place and will not be staying at the apartment that i once stayed.
nothing much to say except for my packing and 2 days before my departure to Europe. Will be updating time to time about my journey in Europe. Please pray for me that i can get internet connection once im in German this 29th June. My aunt will drive me there from Brussels.
Whats up with the entry tittle ? huh? huh?
Its funny actually.
Come to think of it. I’ve been to UK and Europe before but at that time i felt, wow! i’m far away from home. The only way i stay connected to My family and y friends are Yahoo Messenger and Emails.Gosh i really feel like..oh we need to like set an appointment to chat or video call . What about Facebook ?
I went there around 2007 i think. Im not sure at that time i got Facebook account or not..i think i got the account but at that time i hate using Facebookcause its damn complicated (which now actually the main medium i used to communicate with friends family).
Today as i was in the car on the way to the airport. This thought came to my mind and i straight away ask my father.
“ Papa, that time when i was in Belgium, do i have facebook?”
Then i started reminiscing the old days and  was! that time i didnt use Facebook at all.
so its kinda interesting to know that now i felt easy to be in touch and to get connected wherever you an whenever you want it.
Thanks Facebook. you make the distance not an impossible way to stay connected.

I cant update much now. and WLW seems not to be working in KLIA ;p
Got to go and check in.
See You soon!
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master of none.

Weird right? How i can involved in lots of things but never a master at anything except for being a master holder of Master of None at the University of Nothing-hamm?


I don’t freaking understand myself. Each time i look at someone else's life, I will start to have this all kinds of feelings. Its killing me. Jealous? yup a bit. In a good way not in a-bad-way-of-jealousy.

Its not that i don’t want to really get involve and be a master at something. Its just.. i never could. I wonder why..

My sister got a thing for music and she’s great at playing Piano and its her hobby. Unfortunately i don’t have the time to attend piano classes since I’m in a boarding school since form 1. I hardly went home for holidays.

I got a thing for sport and athletics way back in primary and secondary school. I was a hockey player when I’m in standard 4,5 and 6. I was in Scouts and got my lencana keris emas. Camping was like my expertise. Being a prefect in standard 5 and 6 was like a bad-ass! we were like the taiko of the school! awesome! ;p oh please take kinda boyish back then ;p

An athlete for my lower secondary school when i was in form 1,2 and 3. I was in Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah and police cadet . Lots of achievement back then especially when it comes to camping. I was one of the athlete in my school and represent my state. My academic was terrific. I knew whats the meaning of pure love, first love at 14teen though never told him about it. Life was fun and full of joy. I was somehow free and i was like flying and soaring high in the sky. That is how i feel my life was when i was in SMK Seri Kuantan. Oh how much i miss it Sad smile. Simple and easy life. Not complicated at all.

Form 4 and 5? I kinda stop sports since my new school don’t really practice sports for girls except for basketball and hockey. Why don’t i join the hockey team? back to the title of the entry. I’m a master of none. I had mastered hockey for primary school and didnt practice it for years and now you are asking me to join the hockey team? naaahhh forget it.

Form 4 was a total doom ( i kept looking back at my old school, was struggling very hard fighting with my own feelings to go back but as usual i cant). Form 5 I’m active in persatuan such as UNESCO and prefect board and got this freaking amazing friends. Awww i love them so much!

Actually the best days during my school times is when I’m in primary and lower secondary school. After that, life just turns out dull. BUT as life always has this magical thing called when u lost something u gain something else in return.

What i get in return for abandoning sports is Salwa Hanim, Piju and Tan as my BFF hahahha besides a total different environment to live in compare to my old school.  Actually its more than that. Its not that i don’t appreciate my friends in the old school but you gotta admitit.. those which we are closed to during form 4 and form 5 will most likely be the best one to talk too later on. Form 1,2, and 3 they are friends but we kinda lost topic when we get together.

See! up to that i already join all kinds of things but still I’m not a master at anything.

Matriculation was a total isolation period. I was in a serious relationship. Somehow i was in my own world. It ends as soon the matriculation session is over. Simply because status issue? duhh. SAD. i had my sad-sulking-crying period and got over it. Oh! this is not the semester-ends-break-up style  alright. He was in polytechnic doing some programme.


Mostly my degree life can be seen through my silly blog. first year was awesome. Second year is a drama. Third year was a survival and splendid. Hold various position and still not master at any. pfft..idiot me.heh. Doing great in research. Fun in the sense my hardwork paid off. Results getting better and better.Projects are coming in.Fourth year (final year)  is on the way.Somehow there are whole here and there in the blog( and my heart too) due to time constraints, mood issue and also other responsibilities that i need to take care off. I’m getting older and life getting tougher. When i get a free time i just wanna rest.

Blogging is something at first for fun, after then its a get-away-from-problem gate, then it got serious and a passion, i was actually planning to be a master at it since I’m not a master at anything yet. Unfortunately, i started busy with my real life and it all goes back to the title of this entry; MASTER OF NONE.

end of story.


I’m just frustrated cause i don’t know what I’m good at… I mean really 2x good at… hmmm

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Europe Again!

Excited? at first yes but now..not really.. maybe cause I’m not really prepared. 


“What the hell that you need to prepare besides your luggage?”

i wish i could just prepare my luggage and set off for Europe. Unfortunately, I’m going to Europe again but this time it is for Student Exchange Programme and. I just wont go there without preparing myself with proper information especially on drugs (medicines). I’m a future pharmacist and suppose to be the experts on drugs. Shame on me if I’m not well equipped with drugs information. Especially when i need to spent time (around 1 month) in Stadtoldendorf, Germany in an ‘Apotheke’ or known as pharmacy for attachment under the supervision of Mr Wendt, the pharmacist. He was kind enough to let me stay with his family and gonna support my food while I’m with them. Sweet!

So how could i just go there and have fun when he is supporting me, so I’m gonna repay him by being a good intern and help him around in his pharmacy as much as i could. With his help i already save thousands of ringgit Malaysia . Even USM wont spent that on me cause I’m USM’s stepdaughter. LOL. Luckily, Mr Wendt supported me, so I will repay him back lor ;p

Anyway, i will be in Germany for a month and another 3weeks++ to visit my relatives in UK and to jalan2 a bit.. Well this time, I’m gonna make sure my face in every damn photos. Cause the last time i went, I’m hardly in any of those photos. This is the problem when you are not the ‘cam-whoring’ type and traveling alone. This time pun alone jugak pfft but i know some tricks now ;p wait for it ya!

So, im not sure yet where i wanna go but got something in my mind, STAMFORD BRIDGE and CHERRIES ;p hahahahaha

fuhhh in a few days and i will be off to Europe for the second time, I’m so gonna make sure its gonna be Awesome than before ;p

I’m actually worried about my research and the research of the Postgrad student that I’m helping. I hope we can manage it. I hope Kak Yanti will stay strong.

Fuuhhh next semester , already gonna enter my final year. This semester was awesome! I’m so happy with everything. As i said there will always be a rainbow after rain in sun.

But i know it wont last long, somehow i know i will need to face another stormy rain and freaking hot sunshine. I hope that time i will have a proper umbrella ;p a big one lol..

take care my dear blog and who ever reading it.


i think my blog would be active for awhile during this holiday. will update when i have the time ;p

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Its been a while..

We get hurt. We heal. We survive. We become stronger.


Somehow while healing we lost some parts that makes who we are before.

We might be a fool before but now we are getting smarter..hmm..i guess.

Perhaps for the better.

We might be a fool before but we learnt our mistakes and we rise above all pain and we move forward to a brighter and promising future.

shit.. i don’t know what the hell am i talking about now..

Its been really confusing lately.

Struggling between choices and different plans..

Between dreams and reality.

Somehow i keep confusing myself and worry about the future aheads..

What i want seems to be contradicted with the reality that i need to face..

Am i too greedy?

I guess i am.

i guess i gotta choose, but im too afraid to make the move.

well..i think i already made the move but somehow i keep looking back at the other choice..

Would the other choice be better?

Am i going the right pathway..


someone told me this:

“if you are OK and you are good with what you had decided, why bother to look back, keep moving forward and stick to it but if you see a wall infront of you then only you quickly turn back”

fuhh… lots of things in my mind..and im tired just thinking about it.

I guess if this is my destiny. I will live with it even though it might now be exactly the type of life that i want but its better than nothing.

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