i hate myself.dummy.silly.

Guten Tag! (good day)

Ich bin Elyana (i am Elyana)

Wie heissen Sie? (what is your name)

Froet mich! (nice to meet you)


That’s the only thing i can really say with confident. Gosh!  Today, I feel like shit. I don’t know. I just feel like I’m useless. I hate when i can’t do something correctly just because of a simple thing: COMMUNICATION BARRIER. Now it is not so simple right?


PICTURE: The Idiot= Me (Elyana Yazmin)

Well I’m not suppose to be upset since I knew it will come to this. I ask for it anyway (I’m not regretting!).oh what i didn’t expect is the computer system would be in German. Well that’s just an excuse. I’m just upset today. So, please just give me a space to be sad and will start fresh tomorrow. I feel stupid. Computer: something which i’m good at it suddenly I turn out to be a dummy.

What’s upsetting is i bought this book which suppose to help my German language but guess what that book is useful for tourist. The problem is I’m not here just to sightseeing and i totally missed that out. Now i need to find a book : German for confident Pharmacist. Oh not to forget. I love kids!!!! and i cant play with them since i don’t know how to speak the language. Damn me once again. But it feels good when they smile at me. At least i know that indirectly they understand me. Children are pure and i love them a lot.

I’m so upset with myself and it is killing me! My mood is just not right. I’m not cheerful at all. All i wanted to do is help but due to my incapability to talk and communicate, i end up helping nothing.

Well its not that bad but i just feel useless and i feel like i am a total dumb-ass.

Ok please forgive me but I just HATE MYSELF RIGHT NOW. So this entry wont be full of photos of Germany and what-so-ever.




ok enough of being such a spoil-brat, complaining-ass and start new tomorrow ya!

Good Luck To Me ! yeah!