Its been a while..

We get hurt. We heal. We survive. We become stronger.


Somehow while healing we lost some parts that makes who we are before.

We might be a fool before but now we are getting smarter..hmm..i guess.

Perhaps for the better.

We might be a fool before but we learnt our mistakes and we rise above all pain and we move forward to a brighter and promising future.

shit.. i don’t know what the hell am i talking about now..

Its been really confusing lately.

Struggling between choices and different plans..

Between dreams and reality.

Somehow i keep confusing myself and worry about the future aheads..

What i want seems to be contradicted with the reality that i need to face..

Am i too greedy?

I guess i am.

i guess i gotta choose, but im too afraid to make the move.

well..i think i already made the move but somehow i keep looking back at the other choice..

Would the other choice be better?

Am i going the right pathway..


someone told me this:

“if you are OK and you are good with what you had decided, why bother to look back, keep moving forward and stick to it but if you see a wall infront of you then only you quickly turn back”

fuhh… lots of things in my mind..and im tired just thinking about it.

I guess if this is my destiny. I will live with it even though it might now be exactly the type of life that i want but its better than nothing.