facebook: thousands miles away yet near to the heart

Currently in KLIA waiting for my flight. Took a flight from Kuantan Airport to KLIA and arrived around 8++pm. Having my dinner.Waiting for the flight to Amsterdam at 11.55pm. duhh boorring ;p

So basically will be going to Amsterdam first and once i arrive i need to get myself a train called Thalys to Brussels.(I will take some pictures and put it here later). As i said in my previous entry my aunt lives in Brussels. My aunt already moved to another place and will not be staying at the apartment that i once stayed.
nothing much to say except for my packing and 2 days before my departure to Europe. Will be updating time to time about my journey in Europe. Please pray for me that i can get internet connection once im in German this 29th June. My aunt will drive me there from Brussels.
Whats up with the entry tittle ? huh? huh?
Its funny actually.
Come to think of it. I’ve been to UK and Europe before but at that time i felt, wow! i’m far away from home. The only way i stay connected to My family and y friends are Yahoo Messenger and Emails.Gosh i really feel like..oh we need to like set an appointment to chat or video call . What about Facebook ?
I went there around 2007 i think. Im not sure at that time i got Facebook account or not..i think i got the account but at that time i hate using Facebookcause its damn complicated (which now actually the main medium i used to communicate with friends family).
Today as i was in the car on the way to the airport. This thought came to my mind and i straight away ask my father.
“ Papa, that time when i was in Belgium, do i have facebook?”
Then i started reminiscing the old days and  was like..wow! that time i didnt use Facebook at all.
so its kinda interesting to know that now i felt easy to be in touch and to get connected wherever you an whenever you want it.
Thanks Facebook. you make the distance not an impossible way to stay connected.

I cant update much now. and WLW seems not to be working in KLIA ;p
Got to go and check in.
See You soon!


Wafiq Legacy said...

take care dear.. =) love you

Mario said...

take care....