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Are you tired of people smoking around you? dont dare to speak up? Let Green Lung SayWhat 2011 be a platform for you to voice out for a tobacco-free environment! We are not boring! There lots of exciting events awaits such as Water Battle, Malacca Rush, Concert, Inspirational Talk, Carnival and many more! so what are you waiting for! get yourself and your friend to Melaka this coming 31st of May!

Green Lung SayWhat 2011, is a one week event which starts from 31st May to 5th June 2011. The Youth Conference will start off on 31st May to 2nd June 2011 followed by Green Lung Carnival on 3rd June to 5th June 2011. There will be lots of exciting activities to be join. We are calling for more than 150 youths from Malaysia to join the event. We are aiming to spread our messages to more than 10,000 people through various activities. We are looking forward for more support in creating a healthier and better setting. Among the exciting activities would be Malacca Rush,Water Battle, Mini Campaign, Concert and many more!

If you are interested to participate in the conference, please feel free to join us! Its free and lots of exciting event that would be a very great experience for you!!! hehehe

so what are you waiting for, REGISTER NOW!

Registration will be open till 25th May 2011.

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Inspirational Speakers for the conference:


President and Group Chief Executive of The Petra Group


                                                                        ROSLAN BAKRI ZAKARIA

Chairman of MyHarapan


It is a great event for you to attend to learn and share, its not just about anti-tobacco movement but its about humanity and how to improve yourself!

See You There!

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Nur Elyana Yazmin Bt Mohd Redhuan Shah Edwin

  • Publicity and Marketing Coordinator, Green Lung SayWhat 2011.
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