Part One of Summer 2011 in Isle of Wight, UK

DSC02381Wight Link: The ferry that we took to cross from the mainland to Isle of Wight

It was summer 2011 and it was my second time in Isle of Wight and as i expected i' am going to fall in love all over again with this place. It is the largest island in England. It is rich in marine and industrial history from 18th century. They are one of the famous spot back in the early days in boat building, sail making and manufacturing boats. Overall they have lots of interesting places to visit on the island.

In 2008 , when i first visited this island it was to visit Judith and Bernie. Judith is my dad’s cousin. They have lots of cats and i love them so much. Sadly when i visited them again last year in 2011, some of the cats already died. Heartbreaking actually. Anyway you can see few details on Isle of Wight during my last visit here:

Anyway we went there after leaving Great Yarmouth and we took the ferry. While waiting for the ferry we walk around the port. Was thinking to buy some snacks and coffee but i cant since im fasting. So there’s nothing much except that i found something which for its cool because i dont think we have that in Malaysia. Lets have a look at it ya..

DSC02383Vending Machine for Burgers!!

I dont really remember the chronology of the things/places we visited during our stay in Isle of Wight but here are some photos and i am going to just tell what i know according to the photos.

Underwater Archaeology Centre

It is a place that holds the fascinating local maritime heritage and it is surely an attraction for kids. It is suitable for kids cause they can learn and some of the activities they provide to kids are very interactive. They told us about the search and story of unfortunate ships that have been claimed by the seas around the island. Apart from that we learn some tricks or tips for those who works in as maritime archaeologist. For further information click this: here


Some of the stuffs they found in Ship wrecks

DSC02384Replica of how the certain parts inside of the ships looks like

DSC02385Ground work in restoring lost and found ships wreck underwater


DSC02386Notes on excavation processes 


DSC02387Fort Victoria 1855 Plan

So the photos above are some of few photos earlier in the photo album that i took from my camera and i guess i went to this place first after relaxing at Judith’s place. If i am not mistaken it was raining at that time and its late. So after we visit this centre we went back to Judith’s and have dinner. I think so … Nah my brain is not working now LOL.

Anyway, the next entry would be about the visit to God’sHill town, Carisbrooke Castle, The Concert and The Needles. I need to break down the story into few entries cause it is not possible to cramp everything into one entry. They are actually more places to visit on the island but due to time constrain it is not possible to visit all of them. If you are here the next time take your time to visit some of the places on the island ya! :)


You can use tripadvisor to check out cool places all around the world. Below is the link to the attraction in Isle of Wight and feel free to browse through them so that you can see the review and photos of the place ya.