Auf Wiedersehen Germany!

So after a week spent in Stuttgart and Munich i need to go back to Stadtoldendorf for like a 1week ++ and finish off my SEP there before heading back to Brussels.

It was sad to leave Germany and i had such a great time there. It was not easy to leave the family i stayed with for the past 1month++ and not to mention i already missing some of my friends that i met during NSP.

Gosh i love Germany so much that i feel like dont wanna go back to Malaysia. Ok im exaggerating now but yes i am really sad at that time T_T

My aunt pick me up from Stadtoldendorf and drove back to Brussels. On the way back we stop by at Düsseldorf but not much i can tell you guys about this place but there you go the photos..

The first photo actually a unique way how the german people have their happy times together; cycling and drinking beer.



Above is denisse and me..

told you there is nothing much, actually im kinda in a sad mood so dont really bother about other place.. Im just sad cause i need to leave germany so nothing else matters. LOL

So as i reach Belgium i just sleep like a baby and need to recharge cause Ramadhan was around the corner at that time. And i need to stay fit :p

Even its already been a year, writing this entry now and remembering the details of my last day in Germany already making me sad.

Now i dont feel like writing.. I guess its not a good entry to write on as i was just about to start writing again after so long abandoning this blog.

p/s: But it was not actually my last day in Germany cause two weeks after i left germany, i went back there but to Koln/Cologne but still i still miss my friends in germany and the family i live with while i was there for a months plus.


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