Gorleston Beach, Great Yarmouth, UK

..continuation from previous entry: Summer 2011_Colchester, United Kingdom #UK

So after visiting Uncle Pat and Aunty Beryl  in Colchester we continue our journey to Great Yarmouth the very next day. We plan to visit Uncle Gerry and Aunty Joyce there. I have been to Colchester but i have never been to Great Yarmouth so its kinda exciting at that time to see how the town is. Besides i think i never seen Aunty Joyce and Uncle Gerry before or maybe i met them when i was small. Not sure of that but anyway as we reach their house we start setting up the tent in their garden. Another camping experience for me! Yeay! David help me out with it so its not that hard even though we were struggling at first LOL.

So i was fasting and we cant have early dinner so we chit chat. Aunty Anne helps me and David with our backpacking plan in Europe and we start booking youth hostels and train. After discussing and putting all plans together, me and David agreed to go to Amsterdam and Cologne (Köln). Germany again for me! Yeay! :) Even though it has only been a couple of days i left Germany but i miss it a lot. So i was getting all hype as we booked the train and the accommodation. Thanks to aunty Anne for that.

I can’t really recall what we did the whole afternoon but i do remember walking out with David to a beach. We passed by few houses and streets before we reach the beach.



He show me some of the roads he used to take.  He said the name of the beach is Gorleston beach. There were lots of benches and undercover seating areas. They even have tennis and basket ball courts, children’s playground. They have shops, cafes and amusements park which for me is convenient  for a summer vacation at the beach as everything is close by.

And then later that evening Aunty Joyce decided to bring the dogs out for a walk. Cant remember their names but it was funny how the dog so interested with the cat from a nearby house. Its like they were friend. Amazing. So i was looking at them running around the field and they were really free. (jangan risau aku tau hukum hakam kahkahkah, orang suke judge so better aku warning siap-siap )

And i think after the long walk, we refresh and head out for dinner. Well since im fasting so dinner would me very late at night. Its UK so it is much more longer i guess. Eh i dont remember la sebenarnye LOL. Anyway before we head out to the place for dinner, Uncle Gerry drove us around the area which is further up from great yarmouth but i cant remember the name of the place but here you go some photos of the place we stop by :)







Actually thats not all but i dont feel any urge to take photos cause maybe.. just maybe i know that i will come here again one day. As long my relatives are here in the UK or Europe i think im gonna pay them a visit once in a while and well of course gonna travel elsewhere LOL.

Anyway finally we had dinner, i had sizzling something with prawns. We all had sizzlings/sizzlers. not sure what you call that dish is LOL..

Here is a photo of Aunty Anne and David LOL.. sorry cause you guys had late dinner becoz waiting for me to break fast ..



I guess that was it, a day in Great Yarmouth..

Not much photos as usual LOL.. coming up next Isle of Wight!

I love the Isle of Wight , been there before and was so happy to be there again :) Still remember the pearl necklace that Aunty Judith and Bernie gave me from my last visit .. Pearl and Island cant be separated ..er just kidding.. but seriously the pearls area gorgeous!

till next time!


i know why i didnt take much photos, cause i was saving the space for a place . Hint: Museum, Start with an ‘S’ ends with a bridge LOL.. blue? nah wait for it.. that entry gonna come soon after im done blogging about Isle of Wight and London.