First Day of Ramadhan in Brussels, Belgium.

So i was back in Brussels after a month plus in Germany. We reach Brussels late at night and the following day i woke i early. I remembered that my aunt brought me to a flee market in the center (was it the center? not sure, kinda forgot where it is) and we bought some stuffs to bring over to UK the following day. It was my second visit to UK and cant wait to meet up with Uncle Pat and Aunty Beryl again. Last i seen them was in 2007/2008.

It was nice to just walk and enjoy the atmosphere in Brussels that morning. It was the first day of Ramadhan in Europe and it is the first time im gonna perform Ramadhan in Europe (more than 12 hours fasting). So what went on that day was kinda hazy now.. i think im still in a sad mood and was fasting so i cant really recall what actually happen that day but anyway…

lets dig in into the photos at the market:






Its weird cause after that photos i dont have any other photos for that afternoon that day. I was not in the mood to take photos or anything besides i’ve been to brussels before and that area was not new to me. I remembered that i was tired and still sad about leaving Germany the day before and i cant recall what else i did that day. I think we went to a chocolate store as usual, Belgium is famous for their chocolate and that was the first time i saw macarons for the first time with my own eyes and yes i aim to do it. Sorry there are no photos LOL

Anyway kinda lost sense of time and what we actually we did that day and there are no pictures since im not in the mood to take photo but i found some photos about the activity we had that night. Im pretty sure i spend the afternoon packing up some stuffs for UK. I think.No  im not sure what i did. Its like a missing piece of a puzzle now. Well moving on..

So m aunty take me out for ‘buka puasa’ or break-fast and its dinner time. Sweet of them to wait until i can break fast. So i ordered my all time favourite mussels with cellery and onions soup! miss them a lot! yumsss! and thanks to my aunt that for the first time i got to try Lobster! yippy..

So the whole lobster was cut into two and we can ask them to cook both part with different style! how amazing it is! but it cost my aunt like 54euros/lobster and there were 3 lobster on the table that night LOL.

I had a great dinner.Why wouldnt i right?LOL

so here are the photos..

We started of with starters! Mussels! :) well im the only one having the mussels actually, it was a big portion even for starters :p





Let us take a closer view of the mussels, nampak macam Kupang kan? LOL but its delicious !



We both now waiting for our Lobsters!



yummmsss! first half of my lobster ~



we were too busy digging up our lobsters that i forgot to take the other half of the lobster photo LOL..



Finally we can get our heads up away from the lobster but yeah that was like for only few seconds before we turn our head back to the lobsters ahahha


Not much photos cause we were eating and i damn hungry after going more than 12 hourse without drinking or eating ahahha. It was a great end to the first day of Ramadhan europe:)

so finished of with desserts!


So at the end of the day we saw this before we head back home.. snap a photo and we gonna show it to Aunty Joyce in UK the next day :)


thats all for now…

p/s: i know the entry is dry cause i dont feel like writting, just killing time in the lab. Not much i can do today in the lab.. im restless! i need some things to do.. cant wait to play with LCMS next week.