Satisfaction Guaranteed

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It was my dream to own a macbook pro. It was roughly 2 years ago when it all started. I was in Belgium staying with my aunt that i borrowed her macbook pro to update my blog and families about my trip to europe. 

Having that macbook in my hand for the first i go wooahh. I used to have the dream of having sony vaio but then after using the my aunt macbook i knew i had fall in love with it and I've been longing for it ever since. There is just no way looking back.

I do love my PC but i have major crush on Macbook. My PC which is an Acer Aspire 5570 had been with me since i was in matriculation. It was my father's and i love it very much but its getting old now even the speaker seems to have a flickering sound. I think old version of acer is more robust than those new ones they came out with. My friend's PC didn't last even 1year and max is like 3years? My PC survived nearly 7 years and still standing.

I have to 'madukan' my PC now. I just need to own one of those macbook. 

The reason why i like it..

Super Durable!

Super Slick!

Super Awesome!

Super User-friendly!

Super Fast!

..and the list goes..

Well when you like something all you gonna see is bright stars! For those who hate it yeah its just never good enough.

To own one is not as easy as ABC.. I nearly bought it last year but i lost my damn iPhone to a pick-pocket in H&M Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur and the rest you can figure where the money goes instead.

Now having one, to own one … Satisfaction is Indeed Guaranteed.

Since macbook pro comes out with a whole new line with Retina Display and Upgraded OS X and SSD memory.. Just need to pay a little more than i had plan 2 years ago.

Still using my PC though cause need to get used to my mac. Working life is not as free as my university life. 

In university i have endless internet connection and i can stay awake all night exploring my macbook but now it is just impossible.

I'll make time eventually!

Anyway got to go!


p/s: im so happy!