Part Four Summer in London (2011): A goodbye

Finally i can conclude the parts in the UK. Its not easy to update everything but i need to ensure all my memories wont just fade away. Im not good in remembering things and somehow this blog really helps me find some memories that i need to recall. Weird its like a quick search engine for some parts of my life. Anyway that's not the point of this entry so let us just resume to the title above.

I cant really remember how long i was in the UK but definitely this part is the last day for me in the UK. When we went to the UK it was only me and my aunt but going back to Belgium there were 4 of us altogether; me, aunty anne,Dennisa and David. Final day in the UK means we had only just one day (for me and david) before proceeding with our backpacking plans. LOL

Nothing much actually happened that day accept for again i step onto the St James Park , where late Princess Diana had her evening stroll.. (i’m not sure that’s even true) but anyway checked it out.. Have i told you in 2007 i actually waited in front of Buckingham Palace just to catch a glimpse of Prince William? Crazy. I know. I’m huge fan of him and ofcourse recently Kate Middleton :p I did manage to grab few souvenirs of their royal marriage. Yippy Yeay! What about Buckingham Palace and this park? Well you are about to know…


St James Park is the oldest royal park in the heart of London. It is located in the City of Westminster. Given its huge size (57 acres) it is bounded to several hot spots in the City of Westminster. For once of course the Buckingham Palace (4) which is bounded in the west of the park. In the north they have St Jame’s Palace of course and The Mall. They even have the horse guards but I’m not sure to which part of the park it is bounded.


I had been here before in 2007 and they still manage this park nicely. Well done :) It was clean, fresh and absolutely beautiful. (im running out of adjectives here LOL)

Anyway.. i cant find the squirrel that i met few years back.. of course you not gonna find it.LOL its not like chipmunks the movie.. Not much photo this time since ive been there and i knew better it wouldnt be enough to describe it with photo. You just have to see it yourself. I wont do any justice showing just photos but that’s the only thing that I’m capable of :p


This park holds resident of birds, swans, pelicans, squirrels, trees and flowers. They have small island in the park which if I’m not mistaken i did see a signboard with a duck island on it but im not sure which one is it or i might get mixed up. Its just nice to breath fresh air, the smells of grass, fresh water .. god i just can’t say it. I saw lots of people with different backgrounds just lay there on the grass doing their things. They rest, read, walk, laugh, play and exercise among their group. I love the view and yes i would just lay there with a book and read whole day. In Malaysia i cant do that it will be very hot or it will be raining but there are times we can do that but its not really a ‘thing’ over here. I pretty sure slowly we will have this.


These are the raspberries up closed! I think so.. hmmm.. LOL. That’s the only photo that i took but i did took a whole bunch of photos back in 2007 but I’m just lazy to dig those photos up now. We were on the road as soon as we met David and we are leaving the UK to get back to Belgium. We did stop somewhere and they had lunch. As for me since i was fasting i took a walked around the area. Kind of David to accompany me. Guess what we manage to find within that half an hour.




David seems happy to finally meeting up with his long lost friends LOL but i like this pic i should sell this on e-bay. It was to our surprised to find a railway track with a penalty warning if we trespass and out of fun we put one of our leg over the fence LOL



I dozed of to sleep as soon we departs after they had lunch and waking up with my aunty being summon by a police for speeding LOL i guess it runs in our blood about the summon thing LOL i already had like 5 speeding tickets over the year. Need to brush up my manners on the road i guess. duh.


DSC02536The exact same place that i step on 4 years before this photo was taken :) Apart from her son Prince William i am also a huge fan of Princess Diana :) He did have her kind face after all :)

Told ya! She took the evening stroll in St James Park LOL after all it is a royal park ahahaha

This entry is of course with the courtesy of Google and Wikipedia, i manage to get some informations that i had forgotten to touch up some part of this entry.I left my treasure box at home in Kuantan so i cant dig up the pamphlet that i took while i was there before to write about this place. I already remember how fresh and beautiful it was.

More informations, visit:

p/s: im working and i miss going on backpacking and holiday and writing about my past helps me reminisce every bits of my youth. YES i’m 24 and i feel old because i can no longer do this thing after i started working. I miss my university life :(