life is not easy as it seems~

diz taking..

physical pharmacy
medicinal chemistry
dosage form
hubungan etnik
pharmacy management
antimicrobial therapy

interesting subjects but un fortunately..
almost every subjects..have its own assignments..

biochemistry -
forever with the tonnes of lab reports to be done..n the worst part is!.. the counterpart from USM.. damn strict about marking our course work..(think about it i didnt do my lab report yet..DAMN!)..what im worried now is Pn Ariesma seems tak larat already to teach as she is pregnant now..hmm pity her thats why i attend her class this sem =p..

physical pharmacy-
pity our lecturer Mr amir which afraid to gives us lecture due to our passiveness(which indeed not true at all coz he never saw us during cik hezrin class..i bet he wont have a chance to talk..ki3x)..however..physical pharm is also a subject which involve alot of labs (i hate labs...i need to where shoes..waaaa)

medicinal chemistry-
wohoooo..our lecturer..Mr Belal Omar Al Najjar..ki3x..he's cute..tettt!! dun get me wrong..ki3x..
its just during first year i thought he was the student from Arab that will be studying with us..but it turns out he is our lecturer n the student was mahmoud..haih..$#^%$&%^.. diz misunderstanding happened bec..Mr Belal is small in size n have baby sorry mr belal..ki3x..but..uik.get to the point back! well medicinal chemistry is tough..labs, heavy notes, projects n research..which when we need to do research means.. a hell of works to be done..hah!! but i finally got my group members Adelin,syafuan and Adham had agreed to stude about the discovery and development of METHADONE.. methadone is a narcotic analgesic drug..its kind of a morphine..the best can be addictive but it also can help to solve the problems of patient which addict to Heroin (Diamorphine)..wooo! i talk like a student of pharmacy at last..if not i wont know a damn about drugs..even i dun noe the dose for panadol..hahaha~

dosage form..
waaaaaaaa!! we dun have lecturer too teach us..our counterpart from USM had come..but our own lecturer are not here with us now..we didnt start an inch at all..damn..its an important subject..we even have practical exams..the college seems not doing anything about it..i hope by the end of this week we can have our lectures for dosage form..its not a mickey mouse subject.
hmmphh..(cam la pegi kelas sgt if ade kelas pon..ki3x)

hubungan etnik-
SHE 101..interesting subject..but wrong timing,.,it increase the load of work for us..proposal, report,video presentation,