my first tyme bloggin' =) starting my own blog for the first tyme.. I just don’t know what the hell am I goin’ to blog.. is it okay if I blog about my life? Or should I blog bout’ something on education? Or should I blog about my fav artist? I just don’t have any idea what am I goin to blog..but im now blogging already..haha.. so might as well just blog what ever I think I enjoy typing it in my notebook.. i guess that can help me improve my writing skills or perhaps worsen it more..coz a lot of short forms this moment I am actually freakin’ bored of this semester break of mine.. maybe that is why im into blogging.. so for my first tyme bloggin ever.. lets get started..let me introduce nur elyana yazmin bt mohd redhuan shah Edwin..phew ..thats long..haha..i was born on 11 dec 1989..that makes me 19teen now..haha,.few days younger than 19teen I guess since the date of today is still before 11 dec.. hometown is Kuantan.. I was in Sek Keb Clifford, Sek Men Clifford, Sek Men Sri Kuantan, Sek Men Sains Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah.. then after tired n bored of schoolin’ which now I miss so studied in Pahang Matriculation College and Management & Science University.. and now.. im in Univeristy Science Malaysia.. ;p haha..actually im in Island College Of Technology doin’ Bachelor Degree of Pharmacy USM.. its kind of USM thing but its an external degree..well that is the best choice that I had. Well I do have lectures by the USM what actually differ us from the ine in usm student for pharmacy is the place where we no big deal still USM’s haha..wat ever..what is important is my study.. so enough with my education history and details of it.. what else do I want to include in my very 1st time bloggin’.. hello!!?? Gv me idea man..haha..orite.. so im a frenly person I guess..but I do look snobbish if at first sight..haha..thats what people say..i dunnoe..haha..oowwhh btw, FYI im known by the name.. ell.. well there are few other names but I love people call me ‘ell’..but doesn’t matter act.. u can call me elly as all the eskian’s called me or yana as all cliffordian;s call me..or even yazmin as all ustaz n ustazah call me..well I kept wondering why they used my last name..hurm.. okay enuf…haha.. bf?? None at the moment.. single but just not ready yet I guess.. but im not GAY a.k.a homosexual..well but im still a homosapiens please pay attention to that!! Awww.. I love prince william hahahhaha.. GELIMAT!! Huhu.. well thanks for readin’ please do comment okay..well if there is someone read about ,my first tyme bloggin.. I’ll try to rite more later with better skills and better topic.. I guess..haha..thanks a all my fellow frens..i guess u know how borin I am.. when I act start to blog.. lol..until next tyme..c ya =)
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topik said...

mcm copy n paste j dr blog lm
blaja mrangkak dlu ye
xbleh lari trus.hehe

Ilham Liyana said...

mmg copy paste.
xpe aku sokong ank el!
chayo!! teruskan memblogkan diri anda! :D haha...

Aziz a.k.a Ajis said...

Lucky Im in Love With My best friend.....

ps:Ilham Budak GILE

elyana yazmin said...

yup copy paste je dulu dr starter kan..huhu
erm ajis anda sdg bahgie yehuuu!!

Ilham Liyana said...

weh apa plak aku budak gila???
aku budak comel lah baru betul!!
ngehngeh... :D