München (Munich),capital city of Bavaria, Germany III

Gosh it has been a while since the last i updated on my trip to Germany. I am not sure if i could remember some of the details but i’ll try anyway. So for those who feels like wanna go back to the past 2 post i wrote on my trip to Munich, Germany. Click the link below will ya! :p 

Part I

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Now let us continue to the next part of my trip in Munich, Germany.

Olympia Park


Photo taken from Wikipedia

Basically me and my friend, Faiq wanted to go to the park above and also to visit my favourite car museum which is of course BMW. It was late so all of the shops and museum was already closed. Nevertheless, the view was just breath-taking although i do recalled that the weather was kinda like as if a storm is coming.

Anyway not much that i know about the park apart from it was build for the summer olympics game in the 70’s if i’m not mistaken. It holds lots of facilities such as swim hall, ice-rink,tennis, running tracks and many more. I do remember that it has this tower and if i am not mistaken it is the communication tower in the park.

Overall what i could say about this place is that ; it is HUGE!

I like the design of the roof though. I think it was some kind of a pavillion-roof and according to my friend you can actually walk through the roof. If only i could go up there. I bet it has a better view. When i was there i can’t see the view as whole as shown in the picture above but trust me it would be great for you to just sit back and relax and enjoy the view of the park. Not much that i can describe with words. I guess pictures can speaks a thousand more words. The photos that i am going to show later is not a professional-photographer-high-quality pictures but that the only thing that i can capture and dear to me while i was there.

Anyway no more talking,


DSC02115DSC09169BMW museum at the back and the tower that i mention earlier


DSC02122The map to the whole place



DSC02126The lake; they are setting up a stage for a small concert later that night




That’s it i guess.

Not much, but the next entry i think it would be more interesting because it is the BMW Museum! Ahha yeah Ahha :p Ok im out..

Kids love this place!

I love this place!

It is an awesome place to jog ( i wish i could live near the area but i can’t )



If you are planning to have a holiday in Munich, i guess it would be a great place to visit but please be there early so that you would not miss the entrance to the some of the cool places in it. Not to forget the Olympia Park is next to the BMW museum, so i guess you wont regret it :)