München (Munich),capital city of Bavaria, Germany IV



What is your dream car? Mine is BMW. If you are in Germany you must not miss the chance to visit the auto museum (car museum). They have Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, BMW, Audi Museum and many more. While i was in Germany i manage to visit two museum which are the Mercedes Benz and BMW.

There are 3 main sites of the BMW building here. The BMW-Welt, BMW-Museum and BMW Plant. The BMW-welt is actually the show-room for the cars and where the customers or visitors could actually experience the BMW brand. They often have showcase and exhibition on their latest products and holds the prototype engine of certain BMW cars. As for the museum it brings the visitors through the years of the history of the BMW company. Lastly is the BMW-plant or in other words the factory and the vital part for the BMW branded production.

To be exact, i cant enter the BMW museum since its already close but guess what i still can snap pictures with their car in the show room (BMW-Welt). I guess the museum concept is the same as the Mercedes-benz Museum that i went in Stuttgart. Anyway all it all it was awesome!

As i told you in the previous entry:

München (Munich),capital city of Bavaria, Germany III

… the museum is located near, very near to the Olympia Park.

Check the photos out aite!


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page2Can you see the bowl-shape-looking-building located right next to the tall building with the BMW logo on it? Yeah that is actually the Museum.


There are more but i guess thats enough for a sneak few of the place!

Remember i was just entering the show-house but not the museum since its already closed and i believe there are more to explore there.

If you happen to go there someday, please do check it out for me ya!

More info, please visit: http://www.bmw-welt.com



What should i write next hmm?

Basically part I,II, III and IV covers the city part of Munich. So for the next entry i will show the country side of Munich and the view is absolutely-i-wish-i-live-there.

Well atleast thats what i felt :p

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LilyNrman said...

Salam dear.

1. I love the fact that the bowl-shape-looking-tower is actually a museum !! Ingatkan simpan apa, rupa2nya nak locate BMWs. Cool design. Dnt know BMW pun ada museum

2. And..is that BMW bike? I love bikes but has steep knowledge about name/brand.

3. Would LOVE to visit German someday at Frankfurt. The city is very beautiful at nights.

elyana yazmin said...


yup BMW ada museum, the concept of the museum supposedly bawak kita ikut masa dari awal penubuhan BMW.

..yup that is BMW's bike.. cool jugakla.. they even have bicycle jenama BMW :)

..Frankfurt saya singgah tukar train je..tak sempat nak berjalan sgt..but its a busy city.. everything moves fast.. bila malam mmg hidup and diorang banyak event :) you wont regret it :)

if you happen to go there later try la pergi concert..its small but ramai org and its fun and the best part sometimes its free.. try goodle october fest :)