A Train Station is known as Bahnhof in Deutsch.

So i did a little walk today in Stadtoldendorf. I finished work at 12.30pm , done with mittag (mid-day) lunch at about 2.30pm. We grilled today. As it was sunny and its not raining when we were grilling. Unfortunately, after lunch and i was about to get ready to go for a walk in a beautiful sunny day, it starts to rain. Picked up the cloths from the line and i gave out a loud sigh.


Ohh my day didn’t go as i planned. So, i get back to my zimmer (room). Cehh its not my zimmer. Its Hope’s actually. I am staying with my host family. Remember? duhh.. lol..

Was thinking of helping out in the Apotheke (pharmacy) but i think there’s nothing much i can help. Actually I’m a bit frustrated with the weather that is why i feel like doing nothing.

Anyway, lucky me again, the sun start to shine right after i finished seeing a movie: Quarantine 2. So i quickly get ready and head out for a walk. I was waiting like a week to go out and explore. It was around 5 when i went out.


As usual i made a pit stop at Cafe Juno for a cup of cappuccino. Wanted to eat sandwiches but i cant understand the menu hahahaha ;p I think I’m better in French when it comes to ordering food ;p Maybe i was in Belgium before and i went out alone and get my lunch at restaurant around the Grand Place.

Well, after i had my wonderful cappuccino i was thinking to go to the railway station just to get some information on how to go to Stuttgart. On 22-24th July 2011 i will have a weekend in Stuttgart with other student exchange from Poland, Czech Republic and i don’t who else. Since Stadtoldendorf is far away from Stuttgart i need to plan it accordingly if i were to attend the National Social Programme weekend.


So i was walking to find this railway station and i got distracted by a buliding. Without a clue i just walk towards the building and i was so interested in it cause it looks like a castle. Well its not a castle exactly but i looks like one ;p


Anyway, i was wondering what’s up with this building. In front of it i saw a banner hanging saying something like happy 70th birthday? “Hurra Hurra bla2.. vati..70th Jehr”


It is in german ofcourse. I think its something like Hoorey hoorey! ..70th Year old”

Nahh see im good hahahahahaha..kidding people..im kidding.

Anyway, when i walked a bit closer and i finally go like:

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is the Bahnhof and i was actually looking for it”


“hey but wait, where is the counter where are the people?”

Then i saw a machine. Oh no wonder there is no people and no wonder the building look so sad and gloomy. Oh the machine got language in English..hahaha.. Oh as u can see in the picture below, the red one is the machine for the ticket..and there is a bicycle parking behind it. Cool huh.. here they can just ride bicycle. I remembered as i was on the Journey from Amsterdam to Belgium i saw the place is full of bicycles! Hundreds of them parking near the station ;p


So done with Bahnhof i thought of walking somewhere else just to explore more of Stadtoldendorf but unfortunately as i start walking it the sky is getting grey indicating that its going to rain. So i had to walk back home before it starts raining heavily. Just nice as i reach home just before the rain really start to pour from the sky like the sky is crying ;p

well where the hell is me in those pictures? lol.. what to do when you are all alone exploring.. Luckily camera is built with self-timer lol..u just need a good place to put your camera ;p

p/s: hah..im not sure to choose for tomorrow activity..to go into the woods to search for mushroom with Mr Wendt or go to Hannover with Marry.. both also i’m interested.. actually i kinda looking forward for the mushroom thingy..i like the woods and the environment.. hah..maybe i let the weather for tomorrow judge for me.