A special thank you note.

Greetings from Germany, 22:10; 04/July/2011.

Well since i got a little bit time before i call it a night. I just want to let this out from my heart cause I am really grateful and Alhamdulillah i think 2010/2011 had been just very great.


nahh the cherries not ripe yet but it is already sweet ;p

Thanks to my lovely aunt, cause she makes my second trip to Europe region a reality AGAIN. She did it the first time and i had wonderful times (Holland, Paris,Belgium) here in Europe (2008) and got to know and meet up with my relatives in Isle of Wight and Colchester in United Kingdom. Now for the second time she actually sponsored me the flight for my Student Exchange Programme and not just that ;p. Thanks to my beloved parents (especially the shoes ;p) for their support and to my dear professor, Prof. Yuen Kah Hay for his kind help in chipping in some pocket money to me.

Not to forget Herr (Mr.) Michael Wendt and his family for taking me in as a guest at his house and let me experience the feeling of working in an Apotheke (pharmacy). I had great times and experience lots of things this first week in Stadtoldendorf, Germany.

Thanks to MyPSA for giving me the chance to join this programme together with another 5 students (the seats are limited). Im in germany, Hong Huei in Croatia, Mei Kian in Poland, Apip in Taiwan and another 2 im not sure where they are. Thans IPSF.

Thanks to BPhd Germany for accepting my request (i put germany the first choice for exchange and i got it.lucky me)

Trust me without their support and help i wont be in Europe now and be having  my Student Exchange Programme a reality. It need hell lots of money to just fly over to Europe let alone staying here for roughly 7 weeks.

Well anyway god knows how much i appreciate those who directly and indirectly been there supporting me in so many kind of ways.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Dear God, I knew that somehow the rainbow will show up after rain. Forgive for all the sins that i made and You knew what the best for my life.Thank you. Alhamdulillah.