Partnachklamm is actually a gorge or in simple words a deep narrow passage, with the mountain stream flow through it. It is located on the south of Germany near the Garmische. We went there directly after we are done visiting Neuschwanstein (refer to my previous entry).


Photos above shows the parts of the road we taken to get to partnachklamm. Faiq told me to pay attention to the alps and as you can see in the photo you can see the great-white-alps. Oh i wish i was there during winter i bet it would be more beautiful.

I cant remember how long it was to get there from Neuschwanstein but we finally reached our destination. We can’t park our car right in front of the gorge so we have to walk there. Again. I could still remember that i was really tired and i was like ‘Faiq! you are killing me’ coz i just walked miles to reach my favourite castle and now i need to walk again but it was worth it. Faiq thanks a lot for the trip ye :)


Yeah finally! we reached our intended destination after walking for a bit. We bought 2 bottles of water. It was getting dark. I am not sure what time it was but it was not supposed to be dark after 9pm at that time. Or maybe perhaps it was raining and this place is actually a forest area so its kinda dark.

Well anyway let me walk you through the gorge ….

DSC02252This is the entrance..

DSC02259Come on in and explore! Enjoy the view from within!


partnachklamm_2Above shows the view from inside the gorge. Amazing and beautiful isn’t it. Praise to Allah the creator for such beautiful and peaceful scenery.



You know what i think its not fair to put it in the frame coz you cant see how beautiful the place is. I’ll put in some of the best photos (the best for me) in solo mode. Have a peak!





Yeah i thinks that should be enough. I got lots more but hey more photos means more time needed to load the entry so you guys probably gonna be annoyed with it.

So that was inside the gorge. Now i am gonna show you the other end of the gorge. We walked for like 1 hour in gorge if i am not mistaken before we find the other end of the gorge. Hmm actually i kinda forget how long it was we were in there but here are the photos…


Above is the view from the other side of the gorge..



That’s me and you can actually see the pathway where we came from,the little road on your right



… and finally this is Faiq the best tour guide ever! Thanks Faiq! I hope we can do this again someday.

Sad that was the end of my journey that they before i go back to Deggendorf with Faiq and on the very next day i need to leave Deggendorf and head back to Stadtoldendorf to Mr Wendt’s house. He is my boss in the pharmacy i worked with during my stay in Germany. I bet you can find more about him in my previous entry last year?

Dont worry i will provide all the links related to Germany on the next entry.

Next entry i will show you what where we stop by on the way back to Deggendorf  ! Thanks again to Faiq for making my dreams come true.

Anyway until then! bye!


Its killing me to write this entry and the previous entry. Browsing through the pictures and select some of it to show in this blog it brings back good memory and yeah of course i am badly missing Germany now. Sob sob..