10 things i hate about girls


In the  few last entry before,  i mention about 10 things about boys that i hate. So now lets see the 10 things that i hate about being girls. Not that we want to be that way sometimes. Its just GIRLS.. lol.

  1. Clingy.
  2. Emotionally unstable.
  3. Over-protective or in other words get-jealous .
  4. Shopping maniac.
  5. When they fall in love they fall in love too deep.
  6. Cant avoid to have negative pillow talk. (gossiping).
  7. Easily being cheat, hurt and fool when they tend to fall first.
  8. Bad driver.
  9. Talkative and always babbling.
  10. Camwhore.

Eventhough those are the things i hate about girls. I as a girl sometimes cant avoid it. Same goes to boys, even i hate the way they act sometimes but those things that i hate sometimes turns out to be the things that i love. Its a subjective when you wanna talk about love ..

back to the topic..

I hate seeing girls that are soooo depending on their boyfriend. (i hope im not clingy) ;p

I hate seeing and being a girl which is emotionally unstable, sometimes we are too sad and sometimes we can be to happy ;p what i hate the most is when girls tend to fight with each other for a useless boy. (lucky never done that before)

I hate those girls which is soo overprotective and easily get jealous about something that have to do with his boyfriend. Its a good think for you to be jealous. I do get jealous when i see my bf with someone else. Just make sure express it in a correct time, place and situation for your own good. In the beginning boys might find it cute when you are jealous but if its too much they will start to run away.

Shopping, falling i love, pillow talk, easily hurt, babbling is totally normal for girls but i hate it sometimes cause shopping makes you broke. Pillow talk might turns out a nightmare, hurting might makes you loose faith, babbling would chase your boyfriend away, falling in love sometimes would be the biggest mistakes.

Camwhore? . camwhore is okay but just make sure your pride is still there. ;p

Above all of that i hate, i know that if its undercontrol i wont hate it. I hate it when its not undercontrol and i hate it when i just tend to become one of those things that i hate such as falling in love mistakenly, babbling a lot, emotionally unstable, bad drivers, shopping maniac and so on.


i bet boys think the same way too, a pinch  or little of jealousy would be cute (boys think they are being loved), clingy would be nice (boys think they are needed) , shopping makes you the girl of the modern age. ;p


just my two cents thought ;p;p


De Mois said...

Hehe..nice 1. Camne nak ckp omputih ni. Haha..setuju sebab org pompuan mmg mudah terpengaruh kan3.
Cuba ini : http://suarasendiri.blogspot.com/2010/12/rumah-kata-pergi-sekolah-kata-mari.html

RULORD20 said...

girls fighting over a boy is not sext at all (funny though..hahaha)