new breath for ‘just a dream-nelly’ by sam tsui & christina grimmie.

Ever heard of Sam Tsui? wow you should listen to his voice! its amazing ;p

Picture of sam and kurt

sam tsui

I think so far his the best you tube singer well beside Justin Bieber of course.. i do wonder sometimes why peole like Sam Tsui, Christina and KurtHugo Schneider is didnt hit the market yet.. They have a lot of talents..

looking at a bright sight its a good thing though if you are a youtube singer instead of the one with a record company.. they are more close to their fan..hmm i guess.. not sure though..

but anyway guys..thanks for being so creative and so superb! love to listen and watch your work piece.. keep up!


This is the video that they did and try it guys.. its good!

p/s: been sharing this on facebook! really wanted to share in blog. well this is my first attempt to embed a video in my post.. i really2 hope it works!