10 things i hate about boys…

Sometimes, boys can be really irritating and annoying. It sometimes just get on my nerves.

Dominic_Cooper_in_The_History_Boys_Wallpaper_1_1024source: celebritywonder.com

  1. They are manipulative human beings.
  2. They think they are good enough.
  3. They are just and egoistic human beings.
  4. They cant made up their mind.
  5. They don’t know how to appreciate.
  6. They don’t know how to show that they love.
  7. They want everything but they wont give everything.
  8. They loves beauty and can be easily fool by beauty.
  9. They tend to think that they are wanted by girls.
  10. They can just do anything and the girl cant.


its not a bad thing cause…

apart from all the things that i hate about them, there will always be someone that will capture my eyes, heart and loose my senses…

it takes times and people to get that someone.. but i know deep down..

only ONE will remain as the only exception.



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i hope i will find the only exception someday. =)

u can hate so much but there will always be the time u cut a deal for an exception.


Dr Zaira said...

betul betul betul. ada sorang yang tak tersenarai seperti di atas.

elyana yazmin said...

wahhh ececeyh..sapekah gerangannya =)

RULORD20 said...

aiya, girls think the boy is an exception but remember one of the greatest fact: ALL MEN ARE SAME!