new year with me, jodie, ain and ninie.


Well happy new year to all of you!

“goodbye 2010. you've made me cry,you've let me down. but above all,thank you for all the lessons you've taught me. you've made me stronger than I ever thought I could be.”

what did you guys did for new year?

This is how my 2010 ended. It didn’t start well but it ended beautifully.

Wake up today early in the morning to do some stuffs for the national pharmacy sports carnival and got a call from a friend which ask me to take jodie , the students exchange from UK out while the boys are performing their friday prayers. I’m glad to help around besides its a good experience where i got a new friend all the from UK. Its a short time spending time with her but its a wonderful moments for me. I got to do something different today. Really different ! lol.

I bet that some of my friend go like : WHAT??? SINCE WHEN YOU LEARN TO CAMWHORING?Korang pernah ke tengok aku tayang gambar aku banyak-banyak dekat sini? hahahaha..

I mean this is a totally different kind of thing that i ever did before. Actually i have been looking forward about the photobooth for a long time. ( selalu berangan ingat nak amek gambar in that booth dengan THE ONE someday untuk kenangan kami bersama..hahaha jiwang kan aku ;p)

well today aku dapat merasa la first time doing that with a new friend!

jom tengok!











so im so happy, besides my two friends were there with me, i bought a new pair of sandles (been using toilet slipper lately) and i watch the new movie ‘the tourist’.

Best! pergi la tengok! later will make a review on that movie!! weeeheeee ;p

Oh ya before we us girls went out for shopping, me and jodie went for a bowling with the guys;

apip, shahir,haikal, azim and ammar! so its a fun fun fun!!! day ;p

i think thats all for the intro of 2011! just got back from movie and im tired and sleepy! so good nite!


most of the entry sebelum ni auto update ;p

im actually the whole day bz, those entries was prepared during the SHORT holiday i had last week ;p.


Mario said...

happy new year sis...huhu

♥ ieRa ♥ said...

hepi new year...
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