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Its been like zillion years since my last update in this blog so-called-rexienerra.. i dont even bother to browse my blog to see how my blog is doing.. and finally this morning out of the blue i just google it and was shock to see that something is wrong with my blog.. take a look at this picture:



Its like being invaded by virus from mars..er..ok just being mengarot here.. anyway.. since its been like er.. gosh.. i even lost track of when was my last entry..OMG.. oh ya..May (i just google it)..so..its been like..ermmm.around 6 months i guess? ya around that.

During this 6 months..a lot had happen and most of it work and study related .. before that i just wanna recap what had happen in 2010..Around late December2009 and early January 2010 i was so down i guess.. i think according to the entry i post in this blog of mine..in May..I'm still surviving..ya..i don't even remember i post this entry : never ending story in this blog.. gosh..I'm amazed..hahahahha..

but I've gotten stronger..erm..i think so.. anyway..i really lost tract with what had happen in my life.. pejam celik already near the end of 2010.. damn.. this year nothing is special.. oh wait..  should i say getting my butt into USM is a special thing? nope i dun think so.. orite.. now I am officially in USM already still doing the same degree.. FYI getting into USM from ICT is a terrible experience.. i cant recall every details of it.. what i know.. it was so damn busy.. there were so much things to THINK and TAKE ACTION during that time which kinda take up more than 2 months i guess to settle  the issue of transfering to USM form ICT.. Its a long story.. but the conclusion is.. im sorry to say.. “I'm so disappointed with the current system which  is all about business”. i dont wanna comment much on this cause we already settle down now.. final is just around the corner anyway.. and I WANT TO GRADUATE PROPERLY as what they had promised us from the very beginning. FYI eventhough i belajar dekat Island college technology sebelum ni..tapi kami buat degree USM.. so the syllabus is exactly the same with those in USM are studying..so no big deal.. just to say that now.. we get to have lecturers that actually making out final exam question this whole time to teach us.. but i do miss some of the lecturers in ICT.. it was not bad 3rd year in ICT.. we got few lecturers that actually make me dont skip their class..lol..

erm..what else ya.. now busy with National Pharmacy Sports Carnival 2011 arrangements besides final exam.. the other stuffs is almost the same, Quiz, study and assignments.. nothings much i guess..  Oh raya and puasa perhaps.. orite..now i felt like.. the whole 6 months not updating.. i dun think i had something that is special.. how pathetic.. its soooo lame and boring.. but not bad.. i was so busy that i didnt even realise it already getting to the end of the year..

as for the heart of mine that had been torn into pieces..cewahhh hahaha..ok that is just soo gay… haha..im still picking up the pieces..erm..wait..i think it already form the shape of heart but with a lot of patches.. u see ..atleast from december to october i manage to sew the pieces back into the form of a heart.. atleast i have a heart..but its not functioning .. still need time to fix it.. wait..dont ever think i am still upset or sad with the whole thing.. its in the past.. i cant change what ever in the past but i can do something for the future.. i sew the the pieces back into a heart so that actually i can make it function again and this time with upgraded function.. the patches or scars is like a design reminding me of those past that teach me a lot in the sense of living and surviving this life of mine..

i thinks thats all for now.. its i miracle that i update..even my XX + XY story alse tergendala.. cannot be a novelist or movie maker..just end up tergantung..hahahaha.. but will finish it no matter what.. i dun have a heart.. i cant create beautiful stories.. OK thats is sooo just ALASAN..hahahha


sani tensai said...

elyana yazmin...=)

elyana yazmin said...

ye saniman??

kk said...

kene hijack?

Asri Alam said...

ekceli pereka atau designer template tu dah tutup akaun pic kat tiny pic tu. pic yg provide utk template dah takdak so jadi camtu la

elyana yazmin said...

wahhh sasa.. terima kaseh! betul la..ade tgk kt ape ni.. tmpt orang amek template..tapi tak phm ape die ckp..sbb dalam bahasa spanish..phm2 satu due je perkataan..ahahaha..thanks sasa..alamatnye mmg kene template baru je la kan..ades.naseb blogspot skrg ade editor yang mantap gak la..sng..ki3x