master of none.

Weird right? How i can involved in lots of things but never a master at anything except for being a master holder of Master of None at the University of Nothing-hamm?


I don’t freaking understand myself. Each time i look at someone else's life, I will start to have this all kinds of feelings. Its killing me. Jealous? yup a bit. In a good way not in a-bad-way-of-jealousy.

Its not that i don’t want to really get involve and be a master at something. Its just.. i never could. I wonder why..

My sister got a thing for music and she’s great at playing Piano and its her hobby. Unfortunately i don’t have the time to attend piano classes since I’m in a boarding school since form 1. I hardly went home for holidays.

I got a thing for sport and athletics way back in primary and secondary school. I was a hockey player when I’m in standard 4,5 and 6. I was in Scouts and got my lencana keris emas. Camping was like my expertise. Being a prefect in standard 5 and 6 was like a bad-ass! we were like the taiko of the school! awesome! ;p oh please take kinda boyish back then ;p

An athlete for my lower secondary school when i was in form 1,2 and 3. I was in Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah and police cadet . Lots of achievement back then especially when it comes to camping. I was one of the athlete in my school and represent my state. My academic was terrific. I knew whats the meaning of pure love, first love at 14teen though never told him about it. Life was fun and full of joy. I was somehow free and i was like flying and soaring high in the sky. That is how i feel my life was when i was in SMK Seri Kuantan. Oh how much i miss it Sad smile. Simple and easy life. Not complicated at all.

Form 4 and 5? I kinda stop sports since my new school don’t really practice sports for girls except for basketball and hockey. Why don’t i join the hockey team? back to the title of the entry. I’m a master of none. I had mastered hockey for primary school and didnt practice it for years and now you are asking me to join the hockey team? naaahhh forget it.

Form 4 was a total doom ( i kept looking back at my old school, was struggling very hard fighting with my own feelings to go back but as usual i cant). Form 5 I’m active in persatuan such as UNESCO and prefect board and got this freaking amazing friends. Awww i love them so much!

Actually the best days during my school times is when I’m in primary and lower secondary school. After that, life just turns out dull. BUT as life always has this magical thing called when u lost something u gain something else in return.

What i get in return for abandoning sports is Salwa Hanim, Piju and Tan as my BFF hahahha besides a total different environment to live in compare to my old school.  Actually its more than that. Its not that i don’t appreciate my friends in the old school but you gotta admitit.. those which we are closed to during form 4 and form 5 will most likely be the best one to talk too later on. Form 1,2, and 3 they are friends but we kinda lost topic when we get together.

See! up to that i already join all kinds of things but still I’m not a master at anything.

Matriculation was a total isolation period. I was in a serious relationship. Somehow i was in my own world. It ends as soon the matriculation session is over. Simply because status issue? duhh. SAD. i had my sad-sulking-crying period and got over it. Oh! this is not the semester-ends-break-up style  alright. He was in polytechnic doing some programme.


Mostly my degree life can be seen through my silly blog. first year was awesome. Second year is a drama. Third year was a survival and splendid. Hold various position and still not master at any. pfft..idiot me.heh. Doing great in research. Fun in the sense my hardwork paid off. Results getting better and better.Projects are coming in.Fourth year (final year)  is on the way.Somehow there are whole here and there in the blog( and my heart too) due to time constraints, mood issue and also other responsibilities that i need to take care off. I’m getting older and life getting tougher. When i get a free time i just wanna rest.

Blogging is something at first for fun, after then its a get-away-from-problem gate, then it got serious and a passion, i was actually planning to be a master at it since I’m not a master at anything yet. Unfortunately, i started busy with my real life and it all goes back to the title of this entry; MASTER OF NONE.

end of story.


I’m just frustrated cause i don’t know what I’m good at… I mean really 2x good at… hmmm


galeri seni ilhamku said...

u are master of pipi.. hehe