the never ending story..


it has so much to offer..

every second, every minute and every hour..

Its meaningful..

sometimes, I’m so tired of this life and wish that it will always be a happy one..

but life goes on like a wheel..

sometimes we are on top, sometimes we lie beneath..

but, as time passed by, we rise above of every miseries and sadness and  to find ourselves happy again and shine like a sunshine..

the life that we had, it goes basically the same phases every time..

take time and take a look into your life,

reminisce every second of your life until you find a glimpse of how your life revolved this whole time..

for me,

i knew how my life goes,

I’m frustrated with what my life had offered, I’m so down and sad, I rise above of all problems, denying that happiness would come and suddenly out of the blue..

I found myself to be as happy as a child-with-a-candy again..

Then it goes around again,

but each time with a different situation,

Experience is the best teacher..

My life still revolving with the same phases, but with different and sometimes similar situation,

It makes me stronger but it makes me kind of frightened too..

I believes everyone have the same issues,

I even have few other circles completing their phases around me..

Which sometimes teach me a lot of things..

What i do know, It will never be an ending to it..

unless of course if you die..

but that’s a different case.

Seriously what am i babbling about?

well, at this moment, It came back to the same phase i went through before..


At this moment i just ..

i just loosing faith in life,

not that i wanna die or what-so-ever..

Its just i lost faith with something with someone maybe..

but life goes on as it suppose to be..

Its just a phase which i know someday out of the blue..

I’ll be smiling like no body business again ;p


My English is getting worst. Damn. This is the problem when you don’t practice (-__-“)~


AcanCapik said...

wow, i'm speechless... you are good in english.

dah, tak reti i nak komen english. huhu... be strong dear. life to the fullest. tak best la kan hidup happy je. takde cabaran. =)

elyana yazmin said...

thanks acan =)
kamu kawan yang baek ngee =)