what should we do?

home alone makes my mind wonder off a lot..
being stuck in this situation is really annoying..
not the part of being alone in the house..
but the fact my mind n heart are not at their normal state rite now..
i wanna keep my mind damn occupied..
so that it wont wonder off even for a second.!

when we are faced with a very serious heart breaks
usually there are stages before we are fully recovered n get back in the game..
but before that..
we suffer a lot..
i knew n definitely understand those stages..
i even help alot to of people to overcome every stages
but me??
i know one day, it will be alrite..
but till than???
this is the moment i really need something to make my mind occupied..
i mybe know the stages n steps to recover..
but im not good at handling it yet..
its like i knew the fact by i cant bring myself to apply it..

its just so tiring..
it used up every energy
this is not good!!

well mybe its true..
its easy to said than done..

i believed..
that im not alone in this world that have the same kind of problem
i wish everyone that are in the same state as me
can overcome their prob..
coz damn it
i truely undrstand..
those feelings like hell!

p/s: i want to invent a pharmaceutical product for sadness..ANTISADNESS mybe.. can ha??
antidepressant bit too serious i dun think im soo depressed =p ..~
just give me novacaine lor~