Starlight? =)

huh.. dah nk masuk due bulan aku x post pe2..

antara sbb x post:

bz banget..
cite korea n jepun more important than blogging n everything else..
masalah hati *tgk..asal mslh hati sme pk yg frenship la..adeyh..
mozilla aku wat hal..
lappie buruk aku ni x upgrade2 lagi..ki3x..

antare banyak2 sebab..sbnrnye la..aku terlampau malas tuk melakukan ape2..
ki3x.. nape aku se nk blogging..

aku pening..
adakah aku sudah silap di mane2..
adakah aku yg terlalu memikirkan..
sehingga aku terase ade beberape pasang mata melarikan pandangan..
hahaha..ape aku merepek niiii...
ape pon..
ade org kate..
aku tak perlu fikirkan sgt..
masa akan perbetulkan semula segalanya..

the starlight is a character that im looking for..
i dunnoe who it will be that will shine for me forever..
and become my only sunshine..
when i say i found a starlight..
it doesnt mean it will shine on me forever..
its just a promise i made to only look in the way of that particular starlight..
a person at a time..
and now..yes..i do have a starlight now..
for that..i wont search for any other starlight..

apart of me says im happy about that..
yes..but that is not important for me rite now..
its just a promise that i make for future...
what matters the most now is family,frens, n my stady...
there is just few stars of mine that seems to think ..
im only concern about that starlight..
mybe there are few thing that had change lately..
but its truly not coz of that starlight..
its because those stars doesnt knew who i am before they met me..

conclusion is..
im searching for a sunshine..
but my life will always be among stars..
when a starlight appear..
i grab for it..
but not forgetting the stars that have always been wif me all along..
i want those stars to share the joy that i had when i finally found a starlight..
guiding me to makesure..that starlight can be the sunshine..

but it seems alot that im asking for..
so i guess..
just let it be..

hahahahha..actually if x phm post ni..
dun try to..
coz it was meant not to be easily undertandable..

so..c u l8r~