2019 : What i feel so far?

2017 i was on top of my game and Alhamdulillah it lead and open up to a new phase of my life in 2018.

I am no longer just a pharmacist at KKM.
I am no longer just a mom.
I am no longer just wife.
I am no longer just a daughter & the eldest in my siblings.
I am no longer just an online business person.
I am no longer just a business leader.

2018 had been really hectic as i venture into a whole new level of business;

A conventional profession service business: Pharmacy.

I addition to above;

I am now working on my own, my own boss, means the pressure is more 🔥
I am also the pharmacist for the community.
I am a boss to a total of 3 staffs at a time which obviously they are my responsibilities. The salary, the leaves bla bla bla.
I am also a mom for all the cats *meow*

Its not replacing any of my previous duty but it was an addition.

So 2018 was kinda finding my steps, fixing my schedule and everything Alhamdulillah towards the end of 2018 i got it all figured it out after having two weeks off from EVERYTHING.

My mind, heart and focus are only for one thing, to serve Allah swt without worrying about nothing.

The two weeks of life that i really missed, that i am aiming and fighting to get back now but only not for just two weeks but for the rest of my life till i die.

This makes me discover back myself.

I felt reborn and 2019 has been really something..

Extraordinary feelings despite of new challenges;

I am more calm.
I am more mature.
I am mastering my time.
I am more grateful than ever.
I am more happier, bahagia that i could not describe.
I sleep better now, no more tidur tapi otak kerja.
Business both are doing great and increasing in terms of performance.

I still have 24 hours.
My responsibilities are not less yet increasing.
But i am much much more happier.

Ya Allah i cant describe everything except Alhamdulillah for everything ya Allah.

All i can say 2018 is nothing but a year where i grow the most personally, spiritually leading up to a great kick off for 2019.

And Allah, He knows what is next that is very dear to my heart to achieve.

That i will cry everytime i look at my VB, 
Cry each time o think of it (even now im crying)
Even when i look at the memories photos of the two weeks that im gone from this ‘hectic world’.

This is my big why and i know i am not stopping till i get it and may Allah grant me the rezki not only in terms of money but to be invited again and again untuk menjadi tetamuNya.

Amin Aminn Ya Rabbal Alamin 🤲🏻

Elyana Yazmin