München (Munich),capital city of Bavaria, Germany II

Nymphenburg Castle, Munich

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München (Munich),capital city of Bavaria, Germany I was mainly an entry about the city center of Munich and also the famous Englischer Garten.

After we wondered around the city, we went on to Nymphenburg Palace (Schloss und Park Nymphenburg).

nymphenburg castle

I was speechless. The castle is beautiful and right in front of it it is a huge lake with swans and beautiful flowers, ducks and birds. The castle is already huge and in addition to that it has a big park behind it which god you could just spend your whole day laying there and read books or just chill out. It was peaceful and magnificent.

nymphenburg castle-frontview

nymphenburg castle-flowers

nymphenburg castle-swans and ducks

There are no words to describe about this place. I wish i could have a house like this with a beautiful park. My friend said if i like this , i should wait for tomorrow cause there is a place which is way more beautiful than this place. God can i move to Germany now!

           nymphenburg castle-view  nymphenburg castle-viewfront

Ok i know i’m overreacting but that is the truth. I can just read my book and have a picnic there and i am happy as a bunny.

Ok let us have a peek on the behind part of the schloss.

nymphenburg castle-behindviewnymphenburg castle-behindview+menymphenburg castle-behindnymphenburg castle-fountainnymphenburg castle-beautiful

So that was one of the castle i went to in Germany and coming up next is the BMW museum and the Olympian Park in Munich!

If you guys happen to travel to Germany, hopefully you guys could make a stop here. It is beautiful.



Wafiq Legacy said...

Sangat cantik. Jom kita pindah German dear.. Long live happily ever after.