i had a bad day.


“Sometimes the system goes on the blink..

And the whole thing turns out wrong..

You might not make it back and you know..

That you could be well oh that strong and I'm not wrong, ahhh...

So where is the passion when you need it the most ?

Oh, you and I, you kick up the leaves and the magic is lost..”

that was just some verse in the song ‘Bad Day by Danial Powter.

Kind off having a bad day today, I’m damn tired though. Maybe coz i just arrived; Kuantan this morning around 7.20am. Its a long journey from Penang from 10pm last night. Well its semester break now for a month but it wont be just a holiday.hmm..

But above of such a lousy, lame and unbearable day which i would consider a very very bad day, I’m glad that i manage to finish reading up some research articles for my research project. (basically doing some literature review to plan my research for final year which going to start soon which is next week). This going to caused me hell lots of work but i don’t mind. I need this for my future. I’m so going to make this work out.Of course there’s a price to pay but it for the better, i mean for the future ;p

“susah-susah dahulu, senang-senang kemudian”

Next semester going to be so damn hectic. I’m starting to feel the heat now. With National Pharmacy Sports Carnival is coming up this January lots of work need to be done for the preparation. My research project, some personal issues that need to be think of which kind off bothering me lately. I thought i wont get distracted by it. I feel bad but i keep asking why should i need to think about it at such critical moments in my life. well that’s life all about. We plan but God know better about the plan.

oowh yeah..when i say ‘personal stuffs’ ..please don’t think it has something to do with lovey dovey stuffs. Lots of people keep thinking ‘personal’ means love. ooh c’mon, there are more to life than just being in love. At this rate i don’t think I’m gonna think about it just yet. Well to be frank,it would be nice to have someone but it wont be fair cause i will be damn bz which will make me becoming more selfish and i don’t want that to happen.Being stuck up with lots of things. I thought it would be just fine…

I’m kind off tired of planning things but it just wont go the way i want it. Always got something that need me to change the plan. Owh Its tiring just thinking about it. Its not that i don’t want to change my plan according to the situation, but there’s another part of my life that needs me to stick to the plan what ever it is in the way. Don’t mean to be selfish but … arghhh see? i’m so stressed up with this whole thing. I feel really bad..i do.. but emm haih.. nevermind..not enough to just that, today was a CRAP! i just wanna lock my self shut in a far far away land… sigh..

I was suppose to fix my schedule for blogging (i told you i want to upgrade it and continue xx + xy), Research, NPSC2011, study, ICT-USM, IPSA and holiday and i already set it up perfectly but now i just don't know whether i can cope with everything. No more holidays i guess and i’m broke anyway. haih.

I plan it so perfectly which i know i can manage it accordingly but when things that is not suppose to be happening, just seems to happen, i just feel so bad, tired, so pissed off with the whole thing especially myself and i am very very frustrated.

Oh shit. I’m dragging the matter..oh.. I just.. hmm..yeah.. IT IS A BAD DAY!


I thought i can do things peacefully but hell no. My life just wont give me a break.Its just crazy how some things never work out.Well its going to work out, its not like I’m going to give up. Its just i need think and work more than I’s supposed to.

Got to go.

saya akan cari masa untuk update, not in the mood to karang xx + xy 18..huhu..


mario said...

harap2 semenya dah ok ye...

Anonymous said...

i'll wait.lol.

mohad said...

salam ziarah